New .22 LR Magazines from Plinker Arms

plinker arms magazines

Plinker Arms announced the company will be making two new .22 LR magazines.  The first is called the .22LR Universal.  These mags are made of polymer and are designed for SIG Sauer, DPMS and CMMG rifles.  Shooters will have a choice between 10- and 25-round magazines in black, OD green and flat dark earth.  MSRP will be $24.99.

Plinker Arms notes:

The Universal .22LR Magazine will not fit the Colt .22 Umarex rifles, Tactical Solutions, HK or other Umarex rifles.

The second new magazine is called the .22LR Upper Conversion Magazine.  These will be compatible with the company’s new upper conversion units.  The mags will be available in 10- and 25-round models, but in black only.  MSRP will be $24.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • Safetythird

    D’aww, look at that .22 mag, it thinks it’s a STANAG!

  • derlukas

    Gosh, I wish there were reliable BX25 alternatives that looked like this

  • Rob

    Calling something “universal” and then listing everything that it doesn’t work with seems a bit odd.

  • Suburban

    So the .22 “Universal” mag is CMMG compatible, so it is an Ceiner/Atchisson pattern magazine? But not compatible with the CMMG Last-Round-Bolt-Hold-Open widget?

  • Joe C Connolly

    hi looking for a –22 high standard pistol–not revoler

  • Shawn Firmin

    Any idea if these will work with the Bolt hold open on the CMMG kits?

  • Sulaco

    Would this work with an M4 22 by Chiappa?

  • Erik in Texas

    Now, if only they’d make a 20 rounder that LOOKS like the 20 round magazine…