Manta M700 Sound Suppressor Covers

manta cover

Advanced Innovation and Manufacturing announced the company will be selling Manta M700 suppressor covers in 2014.  The covers are designed to fit over 1.5″ diameter suppressors and protect the shooter from being burned.

According to the company, the covers will also reduce the IR signature of the suppressor.

The M700 covers can be trimmed to fit short suppressors, or linked together for longer ones.  This allows the shooter to custom fit the cover to his or her rifle suppressor.

The below video shows the M700 in use.  It definitely looks like it does what it claims.

No MSRP has been announced.  While the initial suppressor covers will fit 1.5″ cans, the company anticipates releasing additional covers for other popular suppressor sizes.  A variety of colors are expected to be offered as well.

Manta Sleeves

Richard Johnson

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  • Awesome! My g5 has burnt my hands a few times, and has all kinds of stuff melted to it (including some Glock from where a friend laid his on it).

  • hkryan

    Always practice safe suppression – use a rubber! 😉

    • noob

      it looks disturbingly like a fleshlight.

  • gunslinger

    gonna burn some dust.. eat my rubber

  • Man pippy

    They should make a front guard for the AK with this material.

  • Julio

    If these keep the heat from your hands, they also keep it in the suppressor, which doesn’t sound like a particularly good trade. The words “wear gloves” spring to mind. These should go down a storm with the “softers”, though!

    • bbmg

      My thoughts exactly, insulating a suppressor seems to be a good way to accelerate the degradation of the internals during rapid fire. The fact that it is ribbed (for her pleasure?) doesn’t counter the fact that the material is a poor conductor of heat,

      • noob

        I wonder what the side view looks like through FLIR after sustained rapid fire? could mask the signature, or does it still glow?

    • DieHard-Hans

      The gloves method works for small amounts of sustained fire. With longer testing, and sustained fire the silencers become outrageously hot and I’ve seen 2nd degree burns even with gloves.

      Best method is to keep your hands away from the silencer.

    • José Pulido

      I think the huge benefit that’s being overlooked is not in deliberately grabbing the suppressor, but in dropping your rifle to go to a handgun, and not having to worry about/be distracted by the can branding your thigh, which could save your life in a tacti-cool scenario.

      Any quality suppressor should be a-OK to take unrealistic abuse to the tune of dumping more mags than even most soldiers would carry, faster than they would ever shoot.

      A suppressor’s a tube with baffles in it. If it’s built correctly, it’ll be fine with cooling down a little more slowly. This idea is not new, the KAC NT4 had a sort of heat shield, however ineffective it was after a short while. The beating and heating it takes from being shot probably dwarfs the decreased cooling of this sleeve.

  • Alex Nicolin

    Less heat out means more heat stays in and cooks the baffles, springs and other components faster.

    P.S. Who holds the rifle by the end of the barrel like that in real life?

    • GunPHD

      I own one and it will move the heat out both internally and externally, it just keeps it at a lower temp on the outside – more surface area = more cooling, The shape looks like the old type 3 machine guns where it acts like radiator fins. I bought the bowers and wraps and neither works as well as this.

    • GunPHD

      Also, on the second point, I think the video was to demonstrate you can hold onto a 800 deg+ suppressor. I doubt anyone would want to hold their hand purposely that close to the muzzle.

    • José Pulido

      Less heat out means dropping your rifle to go to secondary doesn’t result in a burned thigh when you go to dance class with Travis Haley or whatever which would be a harbinger of a distracted and dead fighter in an unlikely gunfight.

      It adds minimal bulk, weighs nothin, and lets you not get burned… unless you’re REALLY worried about your can falling apart, or worried about looks, I don’t see what’s not to like.

  • nester7929

    I’ve never had a problem with my suppressor burning me, and I’ve never really felt the need to use it as a grip when firing. Still, it might be useful if you wanted a suppressor to be the same color as the rest of your gun.

  • Llewellyn Franks

    Exactly what I wanted, a koozie for my rifle!

  • Mike

    It acts like fins on a lewis gun.

  • hagge

    You would perhaps want this for a lr bolt action rifle to minimize heat mirage from the suppressor.

  • iksnilol

    If you are holding your rifle by the suppressor you are doing something wrong.

    • José Pulido

      Pretty sure he’s just grabbing it to demonstrate how cool it is… I don’t think any group of people actually grab it, though there’s always the exceptions.

      I think the actual benefit is not being burned by the rifle in a stressful situation, unless you train yourself to never-ever let the rifle touch you no matter what(I’ve never met anyone who did that.)

      • iksnilol

        But if you shoot enough to heat the gun up like that then insulating the suppressor cant be goid for it.

        • José Pulido

          Probably not good for it, but it’s a tube with baffles in it. If it’s not spot welded, and made from recycled tin cans, it should be fine.

          Suppressors get stinking hot very quickly, and dissipate heat incredibly slowly, regardless of the sleeve. You don’t need to shoot a lot at all to get them burning hot.

          If it makes you feel any better, the sleeve would burn off long before the can could ever get hot enough to warp or damage welds.

          Shooting more than a few rounds a minute isn’t good for a bolt or barrel either, but I guess it depends on whether it’s a firearm you depend on, VS whether a firearm you want to keep pretty or got passed down by O-pa.

  • AKSapper

    Ordering one of these for sure . My YHM 3100 got to 530*F after 60 rounds ..burned my gloves ( I used a digital lazer thermometer before anyone asks) …Thanks for helping us in the NFA world spend cash …honestly this is a glove saver

  • Stan the man

    If this is such an issue, why not just use exhaust wrap? I think it would look a little less….dildoey.

    • José Pulido

      Form follows function….