New Lapua .308 Special Ammo


For 2014, Lapua will introduce a new .308 Win load the company says is specially tailored to shorter barreled, semi-automatic rifles like the AR-10 and SCAR-H.

According to Lapua, the load is designed for optimal performance from barrels as short as 12″ and as long as 20″.  The load uses a 170 grain FMJ-BT bullet and achieves 2460 fps from a 16″ barrel.  A low flash powder used in the load.

The company claims this round “routinely” produces sub-MOA groups at 300 meters with “quality auto rifles.”


Richard Johnson

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  • hkryan

    Any idea on MSRP? Getting my arm and leg ready…

  • gunslinger

    what is a “quality auto rifle”

  • Would love to get my hands on some of this if it is affordable when it comes out, I am always looking for good ammo for my rifle, and unfortunately accurate with a bolt does not always translate to accurate with a semi-auto.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I’ve got one even better. How about a 308 round you can shoot in an AR-15. Seen a guy with one at the range not too long ago. You just have to change the upper.

    • Cymond

      This blog post is referring to .308 Winchester. The .308 Arrow is a little-known cartridge that will never be a commercial success. Everyone who wants a 30-cal AR-15 is choosing the 300 Blackout.

      • hkguns

        No they aren’t.

        • Cymond

          Then please tell me, what are they choosing?

          ok, I admit that “everyone” is hyperbole, but I do believe that 300 Blackout is dominating the 30-caliber AR-15 market.

  • Lance

    So about the same as M-118 Sniper ball Military ammo then. You forgot M-14 on your preferred gun list for this ammo.

  • Thatguy

    I’m a little confused by the market on this one. FGMM is already they go to ammo for 308 match ammo and it very attractive on price. For people who are shooting significant amounts are already reloading and tuning the load to their rifle.