The New Leupold TS-32X1 Reticle


Leupold announced a new reticle that is designed to help shooters make precise shots using holdover rather than dial adjustments.  The new reticle is called the TS-32X1.

According to Leupold, it works in this way:

A heavy post and thin stadia crosshair features 1-MOA hashmarks on both the horizontal and vertical lines. Every other hash mark on the horizontal stadia is slightly longer, providing quick and easy 2-MOA measurements. Every four MOA is indicated by a number.

The vertical stadia is also set up with 1-MOA tics and longer 2-MOA marks. In addition, every fourth mark is numbered, all the way to the complete 32-MOA elevation range. Wind dots in the lower half of the reticle are spaced in 2 MOA increments, both vertically and horizontally.

The TS-32X1 reticle is available as an upgrade to new scopes ordered through the company’s custom shop.  The upgrade will cost $129.99.  Older scopes can be retrofitted for $159.99.  The reticle is currently available for the VX-3, VX-III, Vari-X and Mark 4 4.5-14 LR/T scopes.

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  • Mike N.

    How are they not getting used by Horus? Is it because it’s in MOA and every Horus reticle I’ve seen is in mils?

    • JT

      I would imagine there will be a lawsuit regardless. Basically, an infringement has occurred even if Horus’s patent claims (and they have several patents) don’t exactly match the elements of the infringing device, through what is know as a “doctrine of equivalents”, if the patented invention and the allegedly infringing device or process are sufficiently equivalent the court can rule that there is infringement. Leupold may wish to drive the small guys out of business by costing them sales and forcing a legal defense. Of course they may have licensed a Horus patent to produce this but I doubt it in this case because they did not mention it. I am not an anti-business person but this stinks and I hope they get their heads handed to them in court.

    • Laserbait

      Maybe Horus’s patents expired?

      • JT (the not real JT) ;)

        Does not appear that way. The earliest patent assigned to Horus appears to be issued in 2002 and the term of a patent is 20 years from the earliest claimed filing date which was in 2000.

    • Bill J

      I would be shocked if there was not a lawsuit. In fact Leupold has licensed some of their scopes to use the Horus Ret. That will just make the claim so much easier to Horus to win.

  • JT (the real JT)

    So this is what they do when they can’t offer more than one stupid reticle on their Prismatic Riflescopes? Seriously I want one, but the reticle looks like they copied it off a nurf gun.

  • Marc

    yuck, degrees.

  • gunslinger

    enter the Konami code, an you can play dots against your spotter.

  • Matt1a2b3c

    5 yrs late to the party, copied a cluttered design, lack of availability….good job leupold, watch your market share slowly dwindle…