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AR Rifles

Impressum Media announced the company is now shipping the AR Rifles Digital Guide.  The new DVD has more than 1300 different AR-style rifles listed in a searchable database with photos, specifications and schematics for many of them.  The AR Rifle Digital Guide is published by the same company that publishes the Firearms Guide.  The cost is $15.99 + shipping.

I previously reviewed the second edition of the Firearms Guide, and was not impressed by it.  I found that the included material appeared to be mostly photos and information taken straight from company press kits with little original content.  I hope that the AR Rifles Digital Guide offers more original content that that.

The format – a Windows only DVD – is curious in 2013.  Most consumer devices and many computers do not have an optical drive and/or run Windows.


Richard Johnson

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  • 9mmLargo

    Yep, Windows only and/or optical media-only aren’t a formula for success.
    Doing both implies:
    – disproportionate ratio of knowledge about firearms vs. electronic media, and/or
    – this specific format is providing at least the illusion of copy protection (DRM).

  • gunslinger

    nice. so instead of going to wikipedia,, here, youtube or any number of sites found through google, i can pay to use this?