Sensied S&F K1 Doorbreacher


Sensied, a Swiss company, is selling a shotgun designed specifically for EOD personnel called the S&F K1 Doorbreacher.  It is a 12 gauge pump shotgun with an 11″ barrel and folding stock.  The magazine holds five 2 3/4″ shells.


The company also sells versions of this gun for competition and other purposes.

Below is a video showing its use as a door breaching tool.


According to a friend who is an EOD tech in the US military, space is generally at a premium in the vehicles.  He said having something compact can be a real benefit.  Likewise, I could see where this would be just as useful for undercover law enforcement or anyone needing a shotgun that can store in a very compact space.

The company also sells a six round shell carrier.  The carrier attaches to the top Picatinny rail, and hangs on the left side of the gun.  It does not interfere with the folding stock.

Thanks to Lionel for the tip.

Richard Johnson

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  • Steve (TFB Editor)

    I love their marketing photos. Especially the one at the top!

    • /k/ommando

      He must be pretty hardcore if he was able to get enough killstreaks for the juggernaut care package.

      • gunslinger

        Just got new intel from HQ. 5 Minutes till bedtime boys!

  • Vhyrus

    I don’t think I have ever wanted a gun more in my life than right now.

  • Patrick Mingle

    Anyone notice in the video (0:50) how the first shot breached opened the door and the second shot just went flying into the room?

    • Michael

      The breach scene sort of reminds me of Fast & Furious 1

  • st4

    Only interested if it comes with the outfit too!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I too want both

    • noob

      only interested in the outfit if it comes with a cooling fan

      • claymore

        They do but it’s an option so don’t cheap out as they get very hot LOL. Most new ones have a separate fan for the helmet/visor as they fog up rapidly due to the physical demands of moving around in one.

  • Here’s a chart from their website.

    • bbmg

      That would be far left 😉

      • noob

        hmm. 3 rds vs 5 rds.

        which is more useful in the role?

        you could go further and have a 5 inch barrel folding-stock break open single shot 12ga that fits in your pocket.

    • Man pippy

      Keltec KSG has much shorter models, so they lose on length in that regard.

  • 12B

    I’m sorry. In what world is EOD breaching doors for CQC? That is a Sapper’s job or maybe a high speed 11B. Not a bomb tech. Fail on marketing research.

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      You should probably check their website before suggesting some sort of research failure, they don’t actually mention EOD blokes breaching doors at all.

      • 12B

        And you probably should have taken your own advice before commenting. It’s all over their website. Fail for you on third grade reading comprehension.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          I’m not sure where you are seeing this.

          On the product page it has two headings. “S&F K1 for Doorbreaching” and “S&F K1 for EOD/IEDD”. Where on Earth does it say on that page that EOD guys will be breaching doors?

  • Beju

    “Quand le danger est immediat” will be my new catch phrase.

  • Totally want one of these, and I am not even a huge shotgun guy. Going to have to deploy the “Honey, I NEED one of these…” line soon… Not sure how I am going to justify a door breacher, but hey… Its worth a shot right?

    • Giolli Joker

      If you need to justify it to your wife: she might get stuck in a room because of a malfunctioning door, you’d need the proper tool to free her in no time… 🙂

    • snmp

      that’s Fabarm clone, but you could, may be take look to the hatstan escort for lower price (other fabarm clone)

  • hkryan

    …heroes in a half shell…

    • gunslinger

      EOD Power!

  • Mr. Mike – SSO

    I do own this SG since more then 10month, this gun rocks……

  • Giolli Joker

    Looks like a Tacticool’d SBS’d Fabarm Martial… sexy indeed.

  • gvass

    rebranded Fabarm shotguns…

  • JT

    Do I have to get all Fat Manned up to use this shotgun?

  • Luigi Clerici

    It is a Fabarm Martial Pistol 11”, made in Italy.

  • gunslinger

    why do i get the feeling from that video it would be something out of a CoD game, commentated by StoneMountain64 (“MOM GET IN HERE. I GOT THE FINAL KILLKAM)

  • Juice

    We have a Dozer coming in!

    • Dracon1201

      Everyone in the corner!!!!

  • claymore

    “Real” EOD or bomb techs don’t breach doors. We send a robot to do it LOL. How would the tech know if the door was wired for explosives when he made his approached and blasted the door open while standing right next to potential IEDs?

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      Nobody actually suggested they did though…

      • BillC

        Uh, this post did, Champ. It has EOD all over it and the d@mn bomb suit.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          If you look at their website and not this post (which I think is fairly misleading in all honesty) you’ll see that they suggest two distinct niches that their product fits in to. A weapon for EOD blokes OR a shotgun for breaching doors. It does not mention anywhere that EOD blokes will be breaching doors.

      • claymore

        NOT saying it isn’t a handy piece for other than EOD work but the Ad clearly has people suited up in BOMB SUITS.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          Yes, because the product is being aimed at EOD types OR those wanting a compact shotgun for door breaching.

  • Giolli Joker

    As Luigi Clerici said, it REALLY is just a customized FABARM:
    (at the end of the article Sensied is mentioned)

  • Nicks87

    Cool pic of the EOD guy but what good is all that gear if you’re not wearing gloves?

    • Anton Gray Basson

      gloves get in the way, even thin ones. Been talking to some of the local police bomb tecs. because of mines and other ordinace that pops up on anti poaching patrols and they say that gloves take away the fine feeling making their task even more likely to end with a bang.

  • Leigh Rich

    I want that neat suit guy is wearing

  • Kyle

    How would one go about purchasing one of these in the US? Are there any online retailers that sell these?

  • Chase Buchanan

    The music in the video stopped as soon as he fired the first shot, and my reaction was, “Oh no, the slug went through the door and hit the CD player!”

  • MK EOD

    I’m a military EOD tech. I’m not sure why the shotgun is marketed as “for EOD”. Many types of disruptors fire various 12-gauge rounds, and there used to be a mount on some robots for a cut down semiautomatic shotgun. But I don’t know of any EOD unit or civilian bomb squad that would have a particular need for a cut-down shotgun.

    The advertising picture is silly. Despite what you saw in “The Hurt Locker”, nobody carries a weapon when you’re in the bomb suit. (That suit is a MedEng EOD9.) It’s about the last thing you’d want to wear in combat. It weighs close to 70 pounds with the helmet, is really hot, restricts mobility, and limits your field of view with the helmet on. It’s to protect you from blast and frag, not incoming fire.

    It doesn’t mean it’s a bad shotgun. It just means that somebody doesn’t have a real great grasp on what the EOD mission entails. They apparently think that EOD guys will walk up to an IED with a shotgun and just shoot it.

    You don’t have to be an EOD tech to understand that that’s probably a poor life decision.

    • Avery

      Don’t they use .50 Barretts for any type of at range demolitions work if they have to use a gun at all to set off an IED or mine? I remember that the Barrett rifles were brought in initially as anti-mine rifles, since the .50 BMG was a guaranteed penetration against the mine casings.