RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners

RamRodz is a new company producing barrel swabs made out of bamboo with lint-free cotton heads. It is a nifty concept. I could definitely use something like this in my gun cleaning regime. They will be available at retail stores early next year.




The press release …

Woodstock, NY (December 17, 2013) – RamRodz™ Incorporated announces a revolutionary NEW line of gun barrel and breech cleaners. RamRodz™ provide a simple-to-use, all-purpose cleaning system that eliminates the need for cotton patches, rags and attachments. Mounted on 8″ flexible bamboo handles and available in five common caliber sizes, RamRodz™ are ideal for cleaning all internal gun parts including barrels, bolts, slides, chambers, breeches, magazine housings and more. They feature specially designed industrial cotton tips that absorb solvents without dripping, expand deep into the rifling grooves and release solvent only when pressure is applied.

“RamRodz™ provide a far superior cleaning performance than existing methods without the splatter or mess,” explains Ian Vinci, President of RamRodz™. “They are a disposable, inexpensive and versatile innovation that allows the user to clean areas of a firearm that simply cannot be reached with other products.”

Available in six sizes including .22, .38/.357/9mm, .40, .45, .50 and a special 3″ breech cleaner model, RamRodz™are perfect for cleaning virtually every component of a gun. A slow and tedious job is now faster and easier than ever before.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    I use a metal stick to push a piece of old sock. Is that no longer in style?

  • gunslinger

    it’s a giant Q-tip. (Q-tip is a registered trademark of whatever company it is registered to)

    i use the standard cotton swab for small detailing of my guns (slides and such) but can see the advantage of a larger swab for barrel cleaning.

    what’s a cost of 100 vs. the cost of 100 patches? (or bulk or w/e)

    • DanRRZ

      Dan from RamRodz here.

      A little background on us, we started RamRodz as a sister company to IPA (tool manufacturer) where we developed swabs for mechanics/industrial users. For years we used them on our personal firearms, and found they worked great. We decided to go for it and bring our little secret to the gun crowd since you really cannot find sturdy swabs for sale in a retail setting.

      The caliber sized swabs are far more convenient than patches for attacking the barrel, and Gunslinger as you pointed out you can detail slide rails as well as barrel links, bolt carrier groups, gas systems etc with both the breech cleaners and other caliber sizes depending on the application.

      MSRP is $8.95/ bag and quantity depends on size:
      Breech Cleaners: 800
      .22- 300
      .38/.357/9MM- 200
      .40- 100
      .45- 75
      .50- 75

      • Robert

        Where do u get link-free cotton?

      • hkryan

        $8.95 per bag of 75-800? That’s not bad at all. Like gunslinger, I also use normal cotton swabs but can definitely see the benefit of a rigid handle and multiple sizes.

        I’m looking forward to trying these!

  • We’ll be doing a complete review of these interesting cleaning tools shortly.

  • Dave

    Id like to see how it stays together in the infernal abyss that is the m16/ar-platform star chamber, then my cash will follow.

    • DanRRZ

      The .22 cal swabs do a great job on the AR lugs. We are having a “bring your guns to work day” on Friday to shoot some videos, and I will make sure to shoot a clip of that aspect and post it to our youtube page.

      • noob

        oh you meant “create a video clip” of that activity. for a minute there, I was wondering why there were no “IT’S CALLED A MAGAZINE” comments replying this after two days.

  • allannon

    These look exactly like the electronics swabs we’ve been using around the lab for years.

    The ones we use aren’t called “ramrodz”, though.

    • DanRRZ

      Those may have been ours too, our main company manufactures tools and equipment for automotive and industrial markets, and the swabs have been out in that format for years.

      You would think swabs are pretty simple to produce, but we have spent a lot of time experimenting with different grades of bamboo to keep the handles flexible and also to develop a winding process to make a tough head. Also these have been tailored to individual calibers as well.

  • PeaverBogart

    Why not buy a bag of cotton balls and a package of bamboo skewers, then just twist the cotton onto the skewers.