Montenegro TARA TM 9 Pistol

TARA, a company in the small Balkan state of Montenegro, has developed a polymer framed pistol called the TM-9. The pistol has three interchangeable backstraps, a picatinny rail and its magazines hold 17 rounds of 9mm. It definitely bears a resemblance to the Glock 17 Gen4.

tara pistol 1

Thanks to Lionel ( for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike W

    Looks like a Glock and CZ-75 had a baby.

    • Fred Johnson

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Brandon

    The slide isn’t completely square from all angles, which is what Glock seems to rely on for lawsuits. Glock will be very unhappy, but I don’t know if they can press legal action this time.

  • john huscio

    Glock with improved ergonomics…… Hope they send some out our way…..maybe shot show?

  • Lance

    Another Glock clone YAWN. Same design copied year after year.

    • TheGuy

      Your posts remind me of the homeless near my office who are always yelling at someone (or some thing) only they can see in the middle of the street. For some reason they’re always missing a shirt too.

    • DW

      Another “Glock clone YAWN” post from Lance. Same line posted over and over.

    • Karina

      Another terrible Lance post.
      Yawn. Lay off the kool-aid, man.

    • Beaumont

      Lance, please type “I am not a robot”. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Vhyrus

    Do you hear that? It sounds like an Austrian lawyer’s keyboard being furiously thrashed at 150 words per minute.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I thought I heard sometime as I typed up the blog post.

  • TangledThorns

    Looks more like a Steyr M9-A1 than a Glock. Though they all look the same anyways, lol.

  • Blake

    Cue Lance saying “Another Glock clone…” in 3… 2… 1…

    Oh wait…

  • Wosiu

    This pistol maybe looks Glock-like but in my opinion is much better:
    – very ergonomic,

    – very low bore axis (so, less felt recoil, faster next shot etc.),
    – excellent trigger action.

  • strongarm

    Looking for a Glock with second strike capability, field strip without trigger pull,
    ambidex magazine latch and short reset?…

    This is the pistol you want.

    It has real DA lockwork with short reset and a rotating dismount latch giving
    enough motion for sear away on field strip dispensing with trigger pull.

    Just doctor’s order.

  • Anonymoose

    While scrolling down the front page, I glanced at the picture and was like “oh look, an article on Glocks” and kept scrolling, then I realized something wasn’t right with the grip on what I thought at first glance was a Glock 19. Then I had to check this out. I like how it has a Picatinny rail instead of that proprietary crap Glock uses, and the grip looks pretty nice too.

  • Looks like a nice pistol… Glock like, but the ergo looks waaay more friendly… I’d probably buy one if it was priced right and felt good in the hand.

  • hacedeca

    Design forgery lawsuit waiting to happen…

  • Graham2

    TARA also make a gas piston M4 carbine with a polymer lower. It looks nice but I hope they’ve made a decent job of the lower, unlike some…

  • Tommy salami

    Looks more like a XD which is made in nearby croatia. Check out the takedown lever. Ya lever.

  • Guest

    Could’ve at least not used that horrid grip angle.

  • disqus_xRDifJ7vnp

    The are even calling their site