AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounting System

The folks at AVA Tactical have developed a slick looking light and accessory mount for the Benelli M4 Shotgun. The ultra low profile mount is suitable for flashlights sized from 0.8″ to 1.035″ and does not need to be removed for field stripping. It weights 2 oz. and is manufactured from Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminium. Its only downside is the price, at $179.99 it is not cheap.

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Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    Ah, but does it fit a Gerber LMF II Infantry 10″ knife? ;P

    Gerber LMF II Infantry 10″ knife
    Gerber LMF II Infantry 10″ knife
    Gerber LMF II Infantry 10″ knife

    • bbmg

      Darn, so copy-paste *was* working after all…

  • Vhyrus

    If you own a benelli M4, 180 bucks for a light mount is probably well within your budget.

  • Fred

    Less Expensive than a Railed Hand guard for the M4. providing more function, in a more ergonomic package. Yes, it’s not pocket change – but making anything for a Benelli M4, which is a very small market, is not cheap to do.

  • TikiTantrum

    Looks a lot like the Elzetta ZSM.

    • Joel

      There are many, many barrel / mag tube clamps. Nordic, Mesa, CDM, etc. The key difference with the AVA is that it does not clamp to the magazine tube of the Benelli M4 which would prevent it from being field stripped without the use of tools.

      ARDEC Solicitation DAAE-30-98R-0401 states:
      “maximum 60 seconds to dismantle the weapon”

      The Benelli M4 Super 90 achieved this result in testing in 45 seconds. The Elzetta, or any similarly situated mag tube clamp would prevent this from occurring and therefore it would not be within military specification.

      The AVA was designed with this in mind and instead clamp to the barrel hanger and does not interfere with the assembly or dis assembly of the firearm.

      Users additionally benefit from the accessory rail which maintains zero through a field strip and the Quick Disconnect Sling boss. Not to mention the light would be held in much tighter to the firearm chassis than any magazine tube clamp device known.

  • st4

    My own m4 quickly became a safe queen the more familiar I became with AR’s. It looks like a nice accessory though had it still been my, ‘bump-in-the-night-go-to-weapon.’