WTF. Firearm Or Cannon?

Al Jazeera tweeted a photo of an interesting mounted weapon built by a Syrian rebel. This single shot rifle (or cannon if its chambered in a small caliber cannon round) has a floating barrel action that recoils against a spring attached to a very heavy tripod weighed down by concrete blocks. It looks like it was originally supposed to be fired from the shoulder, note the original pistol grip and trigger, but now is fired using a cable, possibly a bicycle brake, that connects its “handle bars” at the rear to the original trigger.  he muzzle brake looks like it is much to big. It is at least twice as large as the muzzle brake on the Anzio Ironworks 20mm rifle. The loading/ejection port looks slightly larger than the Anzio.

Anzoi Ironworks Rifle

Anzio Ironworks 20mm Rifle

I think this is either chambered in 14.5x114mm or one of the many Russian 23mm or 25mm rounds. The barrels of anti aircraft guns, such as the old ZU-23-2, that are chambered in the 23×152mm round look approximately to be approximately the same dimensions as the Syrian gun. Syria is a known operator of the ZU-23-2.

ZU-23-2 chambered in 23×152mm

ZU-23-2 chambered in 23×152mm

Thanks to David for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Kralizec

    Looks to me like its one of the homebrew things they’ve been probably cooking up with their ad-hoc gunsmiths. I can’t place a thing on that rifle- looks all freshly milled or beat to form to me.

  • Norman

    More importantly, is that an actual, in-living-color picture of Sam Axe?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      HAHA, thats the kind of gun he would shoot.

  • Syrian Death Star!

  • Mystick

    That looks like a paper thin barrel for 20mm+

    • Patrick Mingle

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Giolli Joker

    I’d bet 14.5 as well.
    The barrel look actually thin for anything bigger.

    Not sure about the recoil spring though, to me it looked like cooling fins, but I can easily be wrong.
    Even the low powered scope is worth mentioning, but it might be a long relief one, not a bad idea if recoil is fierce.

    Good luck to the gunsmith… for the lawsuit from Red Jacket, handlebars on guns were their thing. 😛

  • Ed

    By its caliber its a cannon. But like most of the Islamist invention its crap.More “thunder Dome” like weapons used by one side in a all bad guy war.

    • Ben 10

      Assad is protecting Christians in Syria from the Al Qaida backed terrorists, many Christians from Iraq settled in Syria because of this, not exactly a bad guy, sure he kills the terrorists , but hey i’d say he’s doing us all a favor.

      • 11b

        Which group are you talking about out the 50 or so rebel groups? Because there are plenty of moderate rebels, although I will agree they have lost ground recently to the extremists. That said, Assad is a murderer by any definition; to think otherwise is delusional.

        • gggplaya

          Assad is most definitely a murdering war criminal, but the christians in syria are worried if he loses power, as they should be. Assad has good relations with the christians and protects their way of life. If assad loses power, the muslim groups with terrorists ties will take over, and christians in the area will fear for their lives. I watched a documentary on this on VICE on youtube months before the mainstream news was covering the killings. Vice objectively covered both sides of Assad’s rule.

        • invisible empire

          Who said Assad is a murdering criminal? Our trustworthy US press that touted WMDs in Iraq? And Obama and our traitorous neo-con scumbag pols are not murderers either?

  • Charles Applegate

    Looks about as accurate as a Brady Center press release.

  • Ben 10

    rebels? surely you mean Al Qaida backed terrorists, who want Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to control Syria at the expense of Christians, because Europe wants a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe and Assad said no.

    • Czar Casim

      don’t forget being funded by our tax money (or should I say debt because we don’t produce enough taxes to even support this little adventure). Our good men and women serving better wake the f-up and figure out who exactly they are serving. And here’s a little clue, it aint America… God Bless America and Long Live this Republic

  • wetcorps

    Hellsing anyone? 😀

    • Oh, Police Girl!

      • ArcRoyale

        It looks longer than the Halconnen, but smaller caliber.

        • LCON

          Syrian cosplayer take to the battle. I would tell him its not working, but he might try harder…

  • insertjjs

    The Scope looks soooo tiny

  • Aaron E

    I’d say 14.5 over the 20mm, the barrel just isn’t big enough. How about the distance of the eye relief on that scope! I bet he’s “real” accurate with this contraption. Look close, his face says it all – “I can’t see a damn thing with this thing, oh well, durka durka, mohammad jihad”.

  • antonis maniatis

    EX-CIA DIRECTOR: Bashar Assad Win May Be Syria’s ‘Best Option’

  • Graham2

    Well, at least Muhammad has learnt to shoot from inside cover; a lesson he learnt when Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad and Aktab all got taken out when their muzzle flash was seen by the enemy.
    He’s also learnt to spread some old sheets on the ground to dampen down the dust his supergun kicks up when he fires- too bad it’s his own bedding he’s soiling but to be fair it was probably pretty badly soiled in the first place!

    By the way, that gun needs a bayonet and some paracord.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Nothin’ like a little civil war to bring out the McGyver in all of us……….

  • ryobiwankenobi

    I wonder if the scope is one of those Long-eye-relief scopes that are used on pistols or WW2 surplus rifles with the “no gunsmithing” mounts?

  • abc

    Compared to SERO Gepard GM3M,the barrel length of this rifle is very long.

  • Cymond

    Whatever happened to this? It seems like a lot of people are overlooking the blog’s slogan on this one.

    • Eric S

      It’s very difficult to separate guns from politics, especially when it involves the Middle East. But with that we should be taking notes on how to jury rig anti tank weapons, cause reasons.

  • optac

    Here it is firing on buildings without the scope.

    • optac

      Another view.

  • bbmg

    Looks like it can get most shots around a window sized target, assuming the target footage is really the gun being fired – no indication of range though.

  • anointedsword

    Syrian rebel aka terrorists. Truth, not politics.