A shotgun shell loaded with plant seeds

The Flower Shell is a 12 gauge round, claimed to be in development by a Scandinavian design firm, that is loaded with seeds instead of shot. Their website is very pretty and loaded with language such as “Instead of less life, The Flower Shell evens out the effects of regular ammunition”, which I guess is true if you are a tree hugging hippy who thinks plants are people too.


A lot of their marketing materials contains poppies …

They even have a video of someone firing a shotgun at his feet …

Either we are being trolled or this design firm is hoping an ammunition maker is crazy enough to purchase the rights to their name and design.

Thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • plumber576

    I think this could get me into gardening. I hope they make some shells that shoot something edible.

  • Bob

    Well.. won’t have to bring flowers to the funeral.

  • magnetik

    wonder if there is fertilizer shot.

  • BenVenidos

    How about 00Buck Orange seed shot. Then whatever you shoot becomes the fertiliizer

  • Karina

    Shotgun versatility reaching new heights. I find it funny more than anything.
    Next up: the Happy Meal shell, delivering food one 2 3/4″ shell at a time. I bet I can jam a few fries in one if I really tried.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Flower Power of a different kind.

  • KLP

    Wonder if it’ll work with coriander and anise seeds. If you pack sage tightly enough it could work as wadding. Some quail out there is gonna be seasoned and harvested at the same time.

    • Anonymoose

      Add some rock salt and peppercorns, and maybe garlic seeds too.

      Coming soon to a spice aisle near you!

    • sianmink

      Season shot is already a thing.

  • Jeff Smith

    After watching the Demolition Ranch YouTube channel, I’d be willing to bet these have the potential to be lethal (or hurt like hell) at close range. If you haven’t seen their “custom shotguns loads” videos, check them out!

  • David Sharpe

    What’s the point to this?

  • Ben 10

    for killing flies?

  • Julio

    Sadly, I can’t find the link, but there is -or at least used to be- a project to seed desert areas (where simply broadcasting seed onto the surface would fail) by shooting them into the ground using special .50-cal projectiles fired from a a M2 mounted in the door of a helicopter. No. Really.

    • Graham2

      This may sound like a load of bull but it really happened and I know the guy who came up with the idea. His name is Ivan Williams, an inventor, sculptor and all round genius. He even showed me some of the seed carrying .50 calibre projectiles that housed the seeds.

  • wetcorps

    Will flowers grow out of your pores if you survive being shot with this?

    • dreadnought

      must be how Harold came about, the master shot him in the head with one of these shells!

      • wetcorps

        F.E.V shotshells? Now this is mean.

      • iksnilol

        1 Internets for Fallout 1&2 reference

  • common sense

    “Instead of less life”, the “life” here does not necessarily have to be a human life. After all plants, animals and humans are all lives

  • verymiddleeuropean

    To me its just a one of Public Relations gigs coincided with some more serious political actions, playing the evergreen association: “gun bad, green is good”. (Especially green, as in greenbacks). There is a project of of European wide purge of guns in hands of common citizenry, concocted by one Cecilia Malmstrom, a comissioner in EC. This bright gal, seeks love, peace and own advancement through disarming those reactionary hunters and sportsmen. You all know – only to stop violent disorganized criminals from killing those poor babies from multicultural families with Kalashnikovs (or 22s, or flintlock muskets – they all are dangerous in plebeian hands). Gone be all these so called “collectors”, with their arsenals of “military weapons” which of course confirms their insanity and murderous intentions.

    Just check out this one: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-13-980_en.htm and this one: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-13-980_en.htm.
    Previously European Comission tried to justify projects of new regulations with biased survey, so called public consultation – but as it turned out, aprox. 80 % of respondents were against establishing new and stricter rules. So now, there is not a word about public opinion, only some banalities about the need of widespread discussion between LE agencies, victims of gun violence, NGOs, manufacturers, and possibly some “users” ( gun user sounds just like drug user, or is it just me?).

    Perhaps some creative copywriter got juicy grant, and there you have it. There will be more of these in the future. Share life with shells – what a fruity idea.

  • DW

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”~ Thomas Jefferson
    I think he would approve this product.

    • Appalachian Boy

      “Bone Meal” is often added for plants so you can work that coincidence out…

  • MZupcak

    Shotguns that fire poppy seeds? That’s just what the middle east needs!

  • Appalachian Boy

    …..I hope you already flowers (bad guy wtf?)….because ‘sooner’ or …later they’re going to grow on you.
    If this plants flowers/vegetables(even just for wild animals but is that baiting a trail huntinwise?) and the shot can still clear our briers like a 12 guage loaded with dove and quail does, I’m all for it. Once you vaporizer the thorny branches and the rest fall to the ground, the shotgun becomes a great trail blazing gun. Having someing planted in the path if it doesn’t cost a lot is worth doing. Seeds can survivor Forrest fires so there is making through the process. Now if you loaded them up with poppy I wonder what the criminals prole test will come up positive for. Just say is all.

  • Some Rabbit

    Mixing seeds with lead shot means the seeds will be crushed on firing. So in effect, they only act as a shot buffer. Might improve the pattern but nothing more.

  • Andrey Martim

    Smart, also a good marketing strategy.

  • George H Hill

    Reap what you sew?

  • schizuki

    Either way you’re pushing up daisies…

    • ArcRoyale

      Damn, you stole my joke.

  • Jeff

    Wow maybe kids should use this when they do their school rampages….

  • Sulaco

    Hmmm, considering live plant tissue vs. horrific G shock, not good.

  • SouthPawByNW

    Won’t the flowers be considered invasive species for some parts of the world? Might have good intentions, but sometimes there is a reason why no one has done something like this before.

  • Roo

    Ammo for hippies? Never thought I’d see the day.

  • Shevrock

    I was picking up some 12ga birdshot for plinking and was talking to an older gentleman for a bit. e told me he, and his grandfather, loaded their shotguns with okra seeds and rock salt. I don’t eat okra, but those seeds are big and ugly,add in the salt and you’ve got one bad guy who wished you had gone lethal.

  • Tuulos

    How to get men interested in gardening. Or at least planting flowers.

  • Stannous Flouride

    I was thinking it would be an improvement on lead shot for target shooting or small game hunting. The long term effects of lead in dead/dying animals have already had a negative impact on vulture and condor numbers.
    Personally, I think humans are dumb enough with out putting more lead out into the world.