Winchester Train and Defend Ammo

Winchester W ammo

Winchester announced a new line of ammo called “W Train & Defend.”  The ammo is designed to offer consumers a simple approach to handgun ammunition selection.

The new line of ammo consists of four calibers and two options in each caliber: a training round and a self-defense round.  Both loads are supposed to be ballistically identical.  Initial caliber choices will be .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .38 Special.

From Winchester:

With the growing number of ammunition choices at the retail counter confronting the influx of first-time gun owners, Winchester Ammunition has created the new W Train & Defend™ brand which provides a straightforward process when choosing training and personal defense rounds.

The W Train & Defend ammunition system is designed to provide threat-stopping power with less recoil to the shooter.  The system pairs its range-ready Train rounds with technology-driven Defend rounds, both designed to limit the recoil felt by the shooter. This system provides a perfect solution for new shooters, especially women, who are interested in training to become proficient with their personal defense ammunition.


Richard Johnson

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  • Geoff a well known Skepic

    Reboxing cheap ammo from the WWhiteBox line and raising the price? Geoff Who notes it is marketing that drives the world.

    • J.T.

      Yep. All they did was took either the 147 gr. PDX1 and 147 gr. WWB and downloaded it so it is 40 fps slower. Sounds like a great way to save money on powder to me.

  • bbmg

    I note that the 9mm “defend” ammunition weighs 147 grains according to the box, this would make it subsonic – does it reliably expand as a hollowpoint while penetrating deep enough?

    Well, if it’s similar to the PDX1, it probably does:

    Sorry for being quick to judge, Winchester.

    • sdelcegno

      147grain for 9mm is the best you can use. It goes deepest and expands the most reliably.

  • JT

    IDK about reduced recoil .380 JHP. Those .380’s need as much getup and go as they can get. A lot of people only shoot FMJ in that caliber

  • FedUpWith30CentsARoundAmmo

    Why can’t manufacturers just give us 10 cent per round ammunition! I don’t want novelty gimmick ammo, I want cheap plinking stuff! I saw an add probably less than ten years old advertising Wolf 223, 1000 rounds for 89 bucks! Bring that back! Shooters are being forced out of their hobby because of these outrageous prices, wouldn’t it make sense to retain your customer base ammo manufacturers?

    • Formynder

      A large part of the price increase is simple inflation, thanks to the fed flooding the market with dollars. The next largest cost increase is probably the increased cost of copper. Ten years ago the price of copper wasn’t high enough for people to try ripping wires out of outdoor a/c units and such.

  • Verner

    This actually makes sense. Having identical felt recoil and similar ballistics in your training and carry cartridges is the way you should practice anyway. And it’s perfect for begginers who don’t know a lot about ammo selection (yet).

  • Lance

    What no .45 Auto?????

  • Lance

    I still prefer Federal HST and Hydra shock over Winchester HP brands.

    • JT

      Good luck finding it in a store. That’s the good stuff though. At least DHS thinks so