Ruger LCP and LC9 Now Available With Viridian Products

Ruger LCP Viridian

Ruger is now offering the LCP and LC9 handguns with Viridian green lasers and tactical lights from the factory.  The pistols, offered exclusively through TALO Distributors, will ship with a specially designed pocket holster that works with the Viridian Instant-On activation system.

Ruger LC9 laser

Viridian announced the Reactor 5 green laser for the LCP and LC9 several months ago.  Ruger offers Crimson Trace and LaserMax lasers as factory options, but the Viridian is the only green laser offered for the guns from Ruger.

Richard Johnson

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  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    I need another baby 9mm like my glock 19 I can just put it in my pocket

    • hami

      Glock 19? You have some big ass pockets.

  • Asdf

    You know, if they made a single action version of the LC9, I’d own one.

  • avconsumer2

    Here’s hoping these work out better than my (and others that I know,) experience with their C5L’s.

  • Ben 10

    yum yum, we need more green lasers for guns.

  • Loanshark

    If they made an LC9 that had exactly the same safety features of the LCP,,, I’d probably own 2 of them.