Firefly Sights Now Shipping


The new Firefly sights from WrenTech Industries are now shipping.  The Firefly sights are a glow-in-the-dark upgrade for the company’s existing Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) line of handgun sights.

The Firefly is “charged” from an exposure to a bright light source.  According to WrenTech, a charged Firefly sight will glow “for many hours.”  MSRP is $36 and includes both green and yellow Firefly sights.

Richard Johnson

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  • Lance

    Which gun besides Glock will they be available for????

  • saiga556

    “hold on (insert type of degenerate intruder or rapist here) I have to charge up my sights. Do you have a flashlight I can borrow.”

    I’m trying to think of when my sights ever get a dose of bright light. They usually reside inside one of those really dark things. A holster.

    Tritium inserts are the only way to go. These are a waste of $36 dollars if you ask me.

    • gunslinger

      this. this and this again.

      drawers, safes, closets… very rarely does a gun have a resting spot where it can be solar charged.

      but let me play devils advocate here. suppose you can get a “full charge” on one of these things, how long will it be bright? if a BG comes in at 11, 1 or 3 in the morning, how bright will these be? how long will the glow recharge? does it last a year? 2?

    • hkryan

      Agree! $36 is almost halfway to a set of night sights and this product is only a front sight too! My HK45 came with similar “light sensitive” sights… what a joke!

    • sianmink

      There’s no night sights available yet for some of the pistols ATS makes sights for.

      • saiga556

        Well I guess there still aren’t.

  • sianmink

    Been waiting for a night variant of the ATS sights.

  • bob

    While I like your site a lot, can you please kill the pop-up asking me to like every single article I read? I don’t want to be forced to turn adblock plus back on, but I will!

  • don


  • Dong Blak

    Maybe you can put a chemical light next to the sights.

  • Shwiggie

    While I echo the preference for tritium inserts, if you are not using a light to aim in the dark you are an idiot.

  • Ben 10

    night sights and glow in the dark sights will slow you down. either you you a tac light or you use night vision, if you don’t have either , point shoot.