Recover Tactical CC3 1911 Grip

Recover Tactical is now taking pre-orders for their new CC3 1911 Grip. Made out of polymer composite and weighting in at 80 grams, the new CC3 grip is an easy to install universal fit two piece grip system that adds a 4.5 cm long rail to your 1911 pistol. MSRP on them is $49.99 shipped (within the US) and they’ll be available in black, olive drab and and desert tan. The new CC3 Grip was designed by Tamir Porat who designed the Tavor rifle currently being used by the IDF. They’re made in Israel and come with a lifetime warranty.


According to Recover Tactical it takes about 3 minutes to install them with no gunsmith or permanent modification required.

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  • Gunhead

    Very cool idea, but the grip pattern is ugly as sin. Shouldn’t be hard to fix with a Dremel though…

    • Hunter57dor

      call me crazy, but i kinda dig it. not classic 1911 beauty, but it’ll do.

      • Gunhead

        Oh i love the silhouette, it’s just the little wavy embossments I don’t like- but Glock people have been sanding and stippling for years.

  • I like this very much as i was toying with the idea of having a small steel rail spot welded to a 1911. For $49 i can try the feel with my light attached without permanently modifying the gun.

  • GhostalkerS

    This is actually pretty brilliant… And the designer has some credibility too. Nice.

  • floppyscience

    That’s actually pretty cool, and I’m usually skeptical of the tacticool stuff that’s always coming out of Israel.

  • smores

    JMB is rolling in his grave. I did not need to wake up to this. As a gunsmith, I will say that anything that takes three minutes to fit to a 1911 is suspect. if you want a low-capacity Springfield XD-M, get an XDs and waste your money properly.

    • Mike

      And Daimler is rolling in his grave over power steering on the new Mercedes S500! How dare they!

    • Mike

      And Daimler is rolling in his grave over power steering on the new Mercedes S500! How dare they

      • smores

        Terrible analogy. This is more like an APC universal wing that ricers and other morons stick on their trunk with double sided tape.

        I have no problems with modernized 1911s (I’ve built 3 on Caspian railed frames) but this just looks cheesy. I thought clamp on conversion kits were for Ruger 10/22s.

        A Dawson rail is pretty easy to add (relatively inexpensive to have a gunsmith do it). I’ve installed a couple and they have held up well.

        • TenD

          So your issue is the appearance and its 49.99 price tag. Got it.

        • Gauge

          More like a wing attached to a classic muscle car. Honestly, if you want your rails, beaver tails, extended levers, etc, get something designed more recently. Let the old war dog retire in peace. Looking at you USMC…

          • gunslinger

            the AR15 didn’t have rails. look at how it evolved….and it’s over 50 years old

          • Gauge

            Had we kept the M1 Garand and just slapped on rails and a synthetic stock, I’d agree with you, but with the AR, you’re talking about a design almost 50 years newer than the 1911. For the 1911’s size, weight, capacity, complexity, and cost, I see no advantage over a more contemporary design. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re cool, just that they aren’t what I consider, “daily drivers,” in this day and age. 🙂

    • 2wheels

      JMB is sleeping just fine I’m sure.

      This is far from the worst 1911 aftermarket part I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t look like it’ll mess with the function at all (besides possibly holster compatibility)..

      If someone wants a light on their 1911, say for nightstand duty or whatever, I wouldn’t call them traitors for buying one of these. Sure it’s a little fugly… I like my 1911s with wood grips and blued steel… But if it works then who cares?

    • Matt

      Oh man, you mean innovation is bad? Where would be be without browning and HIS innovations. You realize the 1911 of today is very different from the 1911 of, well, 1911? They have made a lot of improvements, and weapons designs will keep improving. If you want to bitch and whine go over to the old folks home and sit in the corner.

    • Hunter57dor

      you are right. how dare they make a new product for an old frame many people probably already have and want to outfit differently?


      • smores

        Maybe I’m jaded but a wise man once said: “The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten.” I can’t see this holding up well. It’s a chintzy mod for people who don’t have much to spend on range toys.

        • 11b

          So you’re assuming it’s low quality because it’s inexpensive? It’s only cheap in price because it’s made from plastic. Plastics are pretty strong these days as well- my 20 dollar Daniel Defense foregrip has lasted 3 years and two trips to bad countries. Also, the Tavor is quite reliable (and quite plastic), and this guy designed that as well….

  • Michael

    Brilliant simple idea, can we have it for the Browning High Power please.

  • TCBA_Joe

    That’s actually very cool. I’ve got a Kimber just asking for this.

  • A.g.

    I like the idea, but could it be possible to use existing kydex holster with it, I mean without the light of course ?

    • gunslinger

      i was just going to ask how the range of 1911 holsters integrate with this? IIRC, 1911 with rails, have the rail a bit higher on the frame. sure it’s maybe a half inch, but still.

      anyone with backup?

      • Risky

        You may or may not have an issue with the rail but you’ll definitely have an issue with the trigger guard. I’m fairly certain you would need a kydex holster custom fitted for this setup.

        • sam

          yeah or something like one of those universal cordura holsters.. which is definitely not as sleek for concealed carry.

  • J. Grigg

    Thats pretty cool. Good luck finding a holster to fit.

    • Brad Marshall

      Fobus EMC fits like a glove.

  • sam

    i think this is brilliant for people who like to keep a classic style 1911 but occasionally want/need their tacticool options expanded upon, awesome!

  • Zius Patagus

    I bet if it had the name MagPul on it you naysayers would be whistling a different tune.

  • spencer60

    That is brilliant!

  • Mystick

    I see I have a new item for my Christmas list….

  • Tim U

    I think it’s a good concept. Gives XDM type grips to a 1911 for those who wanted something a little more aggressive, and gives a rail option to those who didn’t have one. And since it’s from the makers of the Tavor, I’d count on it working just fine. The Tavor is a proven platform.

    If I had a 1911 that could accept this, I’d seriously consider it.

  • Esh325

    Isn’t the whole point of the 1911 that it has that nice steel feel in your hand that balances nice? And with this it kind of defeats the purpose where you might as well just get a polymer pistol.

  • st4

    This reminds me of a rail add-on that used the slide stop to hook in. LA SWAT used to use (if I recall right) them when they converted 1911’s for their own use. Seems like a handy, cost-efficient invention to add a rail without any permanent modifications, just as the company describes.

  • Nicks87

    Nice, more plastic I can stiple.

  • wojtekimbier

    50$ for two formed pieces of polymer and six screw? That’s 15$ for materials, production and shipping + 35$ for a cool design, am I wrong?

    • Bob

      Do you have any clue how much a mold costs for injection molding? Could cost anywhere from $50,000 – $100,000. And Hogue grips are much cheaper?

    • JD Shevell

      So you’re saying that making money from a cool design is abad thing?

  • yair

    gadol tamir! kol hakavod

  • MaCo166

    They’re even making Filipino 1911’s now! Lawd, lawd! Whatever, I say, whatever is this old world a comin’ to? You old timers can keep your Harry’s method, or your Ayoob. I want a light on my gun whenever I kick down a door and go looking for the bad guys. I also prefer a 9mm 1911. Guess that means I’m all kinds of stupid crazy.

  • SGM

    Nice, I like. What good holsters will work with this mod?