How-to Jump Start A Car With an AK47

The AK47 and all its variants are among the most iconic rifles in history and have been the workhorse for many countries around the world for decades.  They’re cheap, simple, reliable and can jump start your car in a fix. No really, check out the video below. Don’t try this at home though, I’d suggest keeping a set of jumper cables in the trunk and joining AAA.

Ray I.

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  • bbmg

    Disappointing, I thought they were going to use the muzzle blast (a la coffman starter: ) but no, they are just using them as conductive pieces of metal.

  • gunslinger

    so the debate continues… ain’t no-one seen an ar jump start a car.

    (although i can see someone spoofing this for an AR to jumpstart a tank or something)

    • Hunter57dor

      well it could happen.

      remove pins, take upper receiver, touch end of upper and end of barrel walla.

      alot shorter that way of course… but it works.

      • Beaumont

        Actually, it’s “Voila”, not “walla”.

        • hkryan

          He meant Walla Walla, WA. 😉

  • Cpl. Ivan

    Americans could start very small car using poodle-dog rifle AR model. Perhaps a Lada or Fiat (which confused American government officials call “Chrysler”). These womanly cars would not need man’s rifle to start.