Print a Replica Glock Pistol

A Russian blogger posted photos of a Glock replica he printed using a 3D printer. The internal parts are all modeled reasonably accurately and it functions like the “real steel” would.




If you printed this pistol using a 3D metal printer, and loaded it with real ammunition, you would probably end up with an expensive paperweight at best, or a hand grenade at worst. I would not be surprised if the designer had intentionally altered the dimensions to prevent a casual user from creating a functional firearm. The tolerances may be fine for ABS plastic, but are probably not good enough for rigid metal.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the printing files for this pistol can be downloaded here. If you print of a replica, send us an email with photos of it.

Steve Johnson

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  • flyingburgers

    And remember, if you print it in black or an otherwise real-gun color, it needs a blaze orange barrel plug (15 USC 5001)

    • BOB

      only if imported.

  • Jonathan Davis

    That would make a great training prop for anyone brand new to guns instead of a real firearm with those pop cap dummy rounds. Could teach basic firearm handling skills and practices with such an apparatus.

    • Icchan

      As well as maintenance and care for an armorer. “Replace this part” or “diagnose this problem” things could be made very simple and a hell of a lot less expensively than working on the real thing.

  • Avery

    Don’t think there’s a download link anywhere on that page. Not unless it’s hidden somewhere.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Link updated.

  • PatrickPM

    glock lawsuit in 5…4…3…2…1

    • allannon

      I was going to say the same thing about media reaction and misinterpretation.

  • Matt Ware

    I would love to see this thing fired using live ammunition. Definitely with a remote fire rig, though.

  • Matrix_3692

    I’ll be waiting for the news that some idiot printed the gun, loaded it with on the shelve ammo, and tries to impress the someone by firing it without any safety precautions.

  • Mystick

    Well, there is at least the printing of probably-functional magazines.

  • SpazC

    It would be interesting if you could use it as a trainer.

    Not knowing what plastic it is off hand, I’d still try loading those plastic cases with a primer and a hot glue bullet. Heck, the slide might be light enough that the primer could make it cycle.

  • Aaron Russell

    In poverty conditions people can make any firearm after they’ve received an original for casting. Guns couldn’t be easier to make, especially nowadays. The possibilities are truly limitless.

  • Lance

    SO now there is the infamous “Glock 7” that kept the anit gunners up all night in the late 80s. LOL

    • nadnerbus

      Bruce Willis tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen…

  • Doopington

    Holy crap, this looks like so much fun. I’d love one of these as a toy.

  • Steve Truffer

    TFB, You did what TTAG did. You found what was made damn near a year ago from DEFCAD, and post it like its new. The guy said it was SLS with some liquid polymer. Not gonna print that on a home printer. He also said it broke after a few dozen hand cycles. This is like when the MSM discovered the slidefire… 2 years after the massive publicity stir.

    • Really just about any article on 3D printed guns is relevant. Legislators banned them for 10 years in a vote taken a few days ago.
      In order to be legal they must contain a minimum of 2.7 ounces of steel.

  • JT

    For all the new 3D designs, practically nobody is testing them. Can’t somebody give them a ranch or a large farm or a tract in the desert for an hour? Obviously not this one, but the dozen other designers in the US

  • noob

    huh. now that’s what I call “non-adjustable sights”. not dove tailed, but made from the same material as the slide.

  • classIII

    Printing a gun means nothing if you cant print a barrel or fire control parts. It is easier to just buy a glock than it is to buy a printer, printer plastic “ink” and make it all work. If you want to make a gun seems like you could cast a mold and pour or inject a resin. Congress is either scared and ignorant scum or they complicit at trying to take away our rights against the constitution and tyrants that need a wake up call.

  • jerseydave

    “In the Line of Fire” 😉

  • RPG

    Which Russian blogger? could you show the link? Thanks