CZ P-09 Duty To Be Exported In 2014

Jane’s reports that CZ are planning on launching the CZ P-09 Duty pistol to the export market in early 2014 (they omit to mention it has been on sale in the US and Czech markets for a while now) …

Ceská zbrojovka (CZ) plans to launch its new 9 mm P-09 pistol onto the export market at the IWA arms fair in early March 2014.

The P-09’s roots can be traced back to the widely fielded CZ 75 and, in particular, the P-07 Duty variant that the company developed in 2008. Little remained of the original CZ75 in that design, which features a compact 95 mm barrel, a polymer frame, and uses the company’s new Omega trigger mechanism with a redesigned lock.

It proved popular and has been adopted by several forces, but feedback has led CZ to revisit it as a ‘full size’ service pistol with a 115 mm barrel that has now been designated the P-09 and weighs 840 g unloaded. Some users also requested revised grip dimensions and the P-09 features a new stronger polymer material in the frame and a steel slide.

Thanks to Albi for the tip.

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  • Lance

    Aother version of the CZ-75 soooo?

    • Premek Marek

      Well, no, not even close. Maybe if you said another “blah” polymer pistol, then it would be correct. This does not have anything similar to CZ75 (except for the trigger mechanism the they are now putting in some CZ75s, but it was the other way around – it was developer for this pistol and then retrofitted), not the locking mechanism and certainly not the aesthetics of CZ75.

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