Foxbeard Tactical Magpul PMAG Aluminum Base Pad

Aluminum magazine base pads are pretty popular for competition use, but it seem like no one makes them for the Magpul PMAGs. Foxbeard Tactical is trying to crowdfund one they’ve designed over at Just $20 gets you one of their aluminum base pads if they hit their target of $5,000. Would you use one?


From their page

We realized the need for an aluminum basepad for the AR-15 Magpul magazine (PMag) and set out to create the best one possible. Coming from competition backgrounds we both use aluminum basepads on all of our pistol mags, but for some reason nobody uses them on their AR-15 magazines. The benefits of a custom basepad include faster dropping on mag changes, a beveled rear edge for stabilized prone shooting, a sturdier grip for mag clearing drills, “holes” for mag numbering, and a more durable material that will hold up better to repeated landing on gravel, concrete, etc. We thought of it all and created a package that looks good and serves many purposes in one and now we need YOUR help in bringing this product to market.

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  • Nicks87

    “Would you use one?”
    The better question is: Why?

    • hami

      Dropping handgun mags to a cement floor 3 times each weekly IDPA evening match could necessitate the upgrade to metal baseplates. The same issue could arise to a 3 gun or rifle side match competitor.

      As a consumer i value more options in the marketplace. So i see your “why?” and i raise you a “why not?”

      • Nicks87

        I’ve dropped Glock and Beretta mags on cement literally hundreds of times resulting in nothing but nicks and scratches. I’ve also had pretty much the same results with P-mags. So, no thanks, I’ll keep my 20 bucks.

        • Rob

          ‘Hundreds of times’ is two matches.

  • vereceleritas

    “…but for some reason nobody uses them on their AR-15 magazines.”

    Probably because nobody wants to put a $20 basepad on a $12 magazine. Basepads on certain pistol magazines can extend that magazine past the magwell which could aid in manipulation. Since 30 round PMAGS don’t seat flush with an AR magwell by a longshot, this isn’t really an issue with AR-15’s.

    “The benefits of a custom basepad include faster dropping on mag changes…”

    If we remember our high school level physics, gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate, regardless of mass. Unless it’s acted on by another force, of course. In other words, a heavier PMAG isn’t going to drop any faster than a lighter one. The increased area of this basepad might actually make it drop slower. Not that anyone would be able to tell.

    Sorry about the cynical post, but no, I would not use one. Especially for the asking price.

    • Overthetop

      This isn’t exactly true. The law of nature you are citing is incomplete. You forgot to include “in a vacuum”. In this case a heavier PMAG will drop faster than a lighter PMAG because gravity isn’t working in a vacuum here. While the friction of air is negligible, the friction within the magwell is quite noticeable and actually constitutes a significant outside force.

      Try dropping an empty PMAG vs. a fully loaded PMAG. You will definitely notice that the loaded PMAG overcomes the friction generated in the magwell much more quickly than the empty PMAG.

      That said, I also am not interested in putting a $20 basepad on a $12 magazine.

      • vereceleritas

        That is an excellent point. I will add that the test with the empty and loaded magazine needs to be performed with an open bolt (or slide with a pistol). On a closed bolt or slide, the loaded magazine will drop faster for the same reason a loaded magazine requires more force to seat. The spring tension pressing against the bolt carrier or slide. I performed the open bolt test with both of my AR’s and one of my pistols today and I honestly couldn’t tell a difference between the loaded and unloaded magazine. Of course, the test was highly unscientific and results anecdotal so your mileage may vary.

        The only instance where I see the added mass being of benefit is if PMAGS don’t drop free on their own weight in a particular lower receiver. But then, there are people that actually consider that a defect.

        Either way, I think we both agree that price is the main obstacle for this product. On the bright side, I like their name and logo.

  • Goobs

    I think I’ll stick to Ranger Plates. Cheaper, and actually cushion my magazines when they fall.

  • sneekygreenman .

    See, might just be me, coming from a shotgun and .22 background, but these look pretty decent, i certainly wouldnt mind a bit of extra weight on a P-mag. But as youve all said, $20/16 euro is too steep and considering the only time I’ll be shooting AR’s is airsoft, and an airsoft P-mag is esh…$25-30 i think with exchange rates….Ill stick to ranger plates

  • Gun Blobber

    Anyone else see the irony in an aftermarket company creating bottom plates for Magpul magazines?