Arsenal SM-13 Scope Mount

Arsenal is selling a new lightweight side scope rail for AK rifles. The mount has a picatinny rail for mounting optics. It is CNC machined from aluminum and weighs 5.76 oz.


From the press release ….

LAS VEGAS, NV – After the successful fulfillment of a military requirement, Arsenal, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the SM-13 to the commercial market. This one-piece side-attaching scope mount for the AK variant rifles was born to meet and exceed the toughest objectives put in front of Arsenal, Inc. The SM-13 was designed and manufactured specifically to surpass the following requirements:

  • To come up with a light-weight, precision, and highly rigid scope mount platform for military application:
    The one-piece CNC precision machined SM-13 is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the minimum weight (only 5.76 ounces) and maximum strength.
  • To have the maximum-length Picatinny railing system for attaching top mounted devices, such as scopes, red dot systems, night visions, and magnifiers:
    The over-7.5-inches-long Picatinny rail that runs along the rifle, from the end of the top cover to the rear sight leaf, allows for attaching multiple devices at the same time or one device for the maximum eye relief.
  • To have the lowest profile that adds the minimum to the bulk of the rifle and allows the use of iron sights while the mount is installed:
    The SM-13 follows the contour of the rifle closely. The absolute low profile and the relief cut along the rail allow the use of the iron sights even when the scope mount is attached to the rifle.
  • To have a quick-release attaching mechanism that provides the maximum stability and consistency:
    The SM-13 utilizes the time-proven steel adjustable locking mechanism that allows instantaneous attachment and release of the scope mount without any compromise to the accuracy and loss of zero. Unlike some other mounts that attach to unstable top covers or gas tubes, the SM-13 attaches to the side scope rail of an AK variant rifle, which provides the most stable attaching platform on the rifle.


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  • Lance

    Nice its or very short AK scope rail looks nice.

  • Asdf

    Let me guess. It will cost at least one half of the cost of a cheap AK.

    • Chatterbot


      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Price-wise, close to the top-of-the-line RS AK-300 Picatinny Optics Mounts.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Seems like a well thought-out and well-made side rail mount. The low profile enabling retention of existing iron sight usage as well as potential co-witnessing is great, but it still comes at the expense of quick and immediate accessibility to the operating mechanism of the AK. It looks as if the mount will first have to be removed before the receiver cover can be taken off. On the other hand, it is but a single and relatively quick additional step, so in practice it might not be a real inconvenience or handicap after all, especially given the AK’s reliability and the fact that there would be very few occasions, if any, requiring an immediate, ultra-fast teardown.

  • Ryan

    Looks nice!

    I wonder if there is a set of rings or a red dot base that, when installed, would maintain the ability to see and use the iron sights. Similar to the sight tunnel on an HK claw mount…

    Otherwise it doesn’t seem to be a big deal that the iron sights can be used if only after removing the optics from the rail. Might as well just remove the rail with optics still attached like normal.

    Arsenal has some more photos on their website:


    how does it attach to the receiver?

    • sneekygreenman .

      probably the side mount on the left hand side of the rifle. slide it on, slip the lever round and itll be locked solid. I think at least, someone correct me if im wrong.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        You are correct. Also, most QD side-rail optics mounts designed for the AK family of rifles also have some form of tension adjustment.

  • David Davidson

    I wasted $130 on this rail it would have been a really nice mount but the picatinny is 0.025″ undersized and i cant get any ring i have tried to clamp firmly to it. This mount might as well be made in china and is virtually worthless.