TacCon 3MR “Full-Auto” Trigger

Remember the SlideFire stock that allows you to fire your rifle in “full-auto”? Here’s something a bit different. Tactical Fire Control, Inc. will be taking pre-orders on December 1st for their new TacCon 3MR  trigger system. The 3 mode drop-in triggers are made in the USA and got the go ahead from the BATFE. Pricing is not known as of yet. When in semi-auto Tactical Fire Control claims a match grade trigger pull of 4.5lbs. The third mode, according to Tactical Fire Control has a “positive reset characteristic”. It’s technically not full-auto at all, you’re still pulling the trigger once for each shot. Check it out in action below.

Edit: Tactical Fire Control, Inc. is now taking pre-orders for $495.

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  • Nolan

    They are taking preorders at 495. From what I have read it pretty much induces trigger slap.

  • PK

    The Akins Accelerator wasn’t technically a full-auto either.

    • erwos

      If you put it in a complete rest and had something pulling the trigger, it would shoot like it was. The BATFE has been pretty consistent about that standard.

    • BOB

      GAWD everytime something like this comes up people have to bring up the Akins accelerator stock, its like f-ing Godwin’s Law!! WE all know the story, Akins submitted one item to the ATF (it didn’t really work) and manufactured another… its no mystery that it got killed. Every time I see Akins Accelerator mentioned next to some new firearms innovation, I see red and feel the urge to hurl my laptop against the wall.

      • Dan

        The point being made by those who bring up the Akins Accelerator is simply that letters from the ATF have no force of law. They can and have changed their minds.

    • Quietm4

      The ATF letter states that “The 3MR function only semi-automatically during both field test and live firing”. Same with the Atkins. Yes, the Atkins was “broken” during the test, so it did not function as stated. From the video of the 3MR trigger, the user must learn how to use the trigger correctly in order to induce the full auto effect. If the ATF was unable to get the trigger to function as advertised, than they would approve it (just as they did the Atkins). When the ATF realizes how the trigger is being advertised and how it actually works, I think they will be quick to change their mind.

      • Suburban


  • JT

    I guess they want the market segment that kinda sorta wants a slide fire stock, but knows it’s not that useful and has been putting off getting a customs dropin

    • erwos

      For me, this is appealing because:
      1. I can continue to use my preferred stock and pistol grip
      2. It turns on/off with the selector.
      3. I get a really decent semi-auto trigger (supposedly).
      4. It seems to require less of a gimmick in the way of my stance.

      To me, that’s worth $500, assuming it performs as advertised. I have a lower with an old RRA 2-stage that would probably do pretty well with the 3MR…

  • Mkemckenney

    Looks to work on the same principal as the reactive triggers, that have been in the paintball industry for years. One applies just enough pressure to sweet spot the gun and get it to go full auto. Pretty effective with practice.

    Look up Automag RT

    • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

      i was thinking the same thing

    • Chrome Dragon

      Hell, I’ve been kicking around this concept ever since I discovered paintball’s “super-semis”. I just don’t have the engineering know-how or the epic tool shed to prototype one.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Hope it hits hard enough for 5.45 😀

  • Iksnilol

    I hope they make an AK version.

    • james

      You’d probably have to mill an extra selector switch diviot in the receiver unless your gun already has one. Still, I’d love one on my galil.

      • iksnilol

        Explain please.

        Isn’t the 3rd hole on the selector already drilled?

        • Steve Truffer

          Third FCG hole should not be drilled (ATF determination). He means a notch on the receiver to retain the selector lever, otherwise it would just slide about.

          • erwos

            Yeah, I have a Galil with a third notch I wouldn’t mind something like this on.

          • james


          • HSR47

            The notch isn’t on/in the receiver; it’s on the selector.

            The only selector lever that I know to need any kind of special receiver notch is Battle Arms Development’s 60-degree selector.

          • Steve Truffer

            Yes, It is on the receiver. I can see it plainly on mine. Here are some examples from the net: http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x21/clutterbugg/selector_notches.jpg


          • HSR47

            Apparently I didn’t read the beginning of this particular thread carefully enough; You guys are talking about the AK platform, and I’m stuck over in AR15 land.

            All things considered, putting an extra selector notch on an AK receiver should be rather trivial. You should be able to just use a punch to stamp it in, or a dremel to carve it out.

          • Steve Truffer

            Not hard to do, just tricky getting the location right. too high, and its still safe. And it can vary, depending on country (looking at you, Yugoslavia & Poland)

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            A punch would probably be better in this case for a clean, professional-looking, non-intrusive finish — provided the correct location is determined ahead of time, per Steve Truffer’s comment.

      • HSR47

        This requires absolutely no modification of the reciever.

        The positions that the selector lever will move to are dictated by a simple detent arrangement: There is a spring held in the top of the grip which pushes on a detent which can hold the selector lever in place wherever there is a notch milled out. This kit comes with a selector lever which has a three notches in it.

        From the sounds of it, all you have to do is take off the grip of your AR, remove your current selector, take out you current trigger/hammer, install their drop-in trigger kit, install the selector lever that comes with their kit, and then reinstall your grip.

  • wetcorps

    Lol at this point they might just as well un-ban all full auto weapons and be done with it.

    • BryanS

      They arent banned… just new manufacture.

      Try getting any politician to back “filling the streets with machineguns! think of the children!” no matter how sound the constitutional argument is.. this one is pure politics. And it will be as long as the uninformed voter makes up 50%+, and we have a functioning democracy (I know, representative republic, but the 17th amendment forever changed that idea)

      • Mystick

        Hell, NM semi’s are pretty much out in Maryland now.

        • Ken

          Actually, there are quite a few “evil” semi autos that are still legal in MD. AR-15’s with a heavy profile barrel are still legal for any 18 year old to buy with a 4473 and NICS check. In addition, the Mini-14, SCAR, SIG556, SIG556R, Vz.58, Tavor, and FS2000 are still legal in MD provided they are over 29″ in OAL and don’t have more than one of the following: flash hider, grenade spigot, or folding (not telescoping) stock.

      • HSR47

        Realistically, I think the way we win this in the long run is to change the perception lawyers have of the meaning/scope of the second amendment. A large percentage of judges start out as lawyers, and lawyers in turn start out in law school.

        The obvious answer is to get law professors on our side.

      • KC

        So what would you call the Assault Weapons Ban then? Machine guns are banned. No matter how you want to argue it, I still cannot go buy a P90, an MP7 or a select fire SCAR.

        You could say the exact same thing about politicians arguing over AR15’s in December ’12…

        • HSR47

          So-called “assault weapon” bans are entirely separate from the restrictions surrounding machineguns.

          The former describes cosmetic features (read: guns that are scary and black), while the former deals with firearms that cycle and fire more than once per action of the trigger (read; machineguns).

          In their efforts to prohibit the former, the left has deliberately tried to confuse the terminology. Therefore, it is extremely important for us keep things clear.

          • KC

            I know they’re entirely separate than semi-auto rifles, but my point is from 1994 to 2004 you could not go to a store and buy a new manufactured semiautomatic rifle that could accept a magazine, had an A2 flash suppressor, a collapsible stock and a pistol grip, nor could you buy any newly manufactured firearm that fired two or more bullets with one pull of a trigger.

            In both cases you could not manufacture either “class” of weapon. They were effectively banned. We can’t say that Machine guns aren’t banned if we call the the AWB from 1994-2004 a ban. The only difference between these two in that time frame was that the grandfathered machineguns were on a registry where grandfathered “assault weapons” weren’t.

            I really think we’re not doing ourselves a favor by arguing semantics like these. I think by pointing out these differences we bring attention that machine gun crime is so low partially because there’s so few out there now and they’re registered. Gun control people will erroneously think that because there’s virtually no machine gun crime now or that because NFA items are registered that similar approach to all guns would be a viable solution.

            We’re going to see politicians soon bringing up how “effective” the 1934 registry is and how the 1986 machine gun ban has basically “dried up” the pool of available machineguns. The exact same arguments were being used in ’86 that are being used now.

          • BryanS

            Difference was that the AWB had a sunset, and was easy enough to get around.

            And we had the NRA opposing both… oh. Wait. Nevermind.

          • KC

            we have the NRA to thank for the sunset provision, and as far as my knowledge goes they did bring the machine gun ban to courts after it was signed into law

          • Josh

            “Law” Heh. That’s a good one. I was most disappointed when I read about and watched the actual voting procedure for the hughes amendment itself. It didn’t pass….. FOPA did, but that amendment to it did not. It’s on freaking video, available on youtube, and still no one is willing to contest it….

    • Thomas

      I’m afraid they’d rather ban rifles altogether and be done with it.

      • Jim Copeland

        That’s their goal…

  • Tactical crotch focusing 1:19 aside, great. Will we ever see this in EU? NOPE! 😀

    • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

      Kill the overlords running your feudal system.

      A man with a gun is a CITIZEN, a man without a gun is a SERF.


      • Lurgubbe

        Keep in mind that most of us had conscript armies, we all had guns, just not in our homes.

  • james

    That “full auto” mode doesn’t look very drop safe… what’s the trigger pull on that mode?

    • littlefoot12

      It’s still 4.5lbs. The carrier travels back strikes the hammer, the hammer goes down and strikes the pin that was pushed into position from selecting the third mode and forces the trigger back forward. The hammer pushes back on the trigger with more than 4.5lbs so your finger follows the trigger forward and when the bolt is back into position you are still pulling with the needed 4.5 lbs of force to release the trigger allowing rapid fire. Reducing the trigger pull to below 4.5lbs in the third mode would require disconnecting the original springs. It looks just as drop safe as any other ar15

  • MZupcak

    I was hoping it’d cycle faster in “auto” mode, but it’s still very cool. I’d rather have one of these than one of those hideous slidefire stocks.

  • Komrad

    Isn’t this the same idea as a Hellfire trigger? Or am I missing something?

    • Steve Truffer

      Hellfire used a spring to rebound the trigger. This uses the bolt to force the trigger almost to its reset point. Relax a bit, then pull.Takes out almost half the travel, and one of the two motion reversals.

      • J.T.

        So they are charging a shit-load of money for something that causes trigger-slap. Better let all those AK owners who have replaced their triggers to get rid of the slap that those old parts they threw in a bin are now worth hundreds of dollars.

        • Steve Truffer

          Looking at the model on their site, I’d say there’s no slap, it just uses the force of the action cycling as a momentary, high strength trigger spring to slide it forward. Besides, the Crapco G1 triggers didn’t reset, they just hurt.

  • Shifty Bitwise

    Ug. Ersatz “full auto”. I rarely used the “auto” position in the military and the ammo was free.

    • allannon

      It’s something for shits and giggles, not “use”.

      I’d buy one if it were $200-250. For $500, though, I could finish a good chunk of my second build.

  • Ian

    I wonder if this will run with a spikes .22 upper?

  • Jeffrey Witkin

    MSRP is $495.00! They are no friend to the me.

  • Jeffrey Witkin

    MSRP is $495.00. That is disgusting!

    • ClintTorres

      $495 is nothing compared to the cost of the ammo you’d burn through

      • anonymous

        If only they made one for the S&W MP-15/22.

        • brianparker

          If only they made a belt-fed version.

          • Hawk_TX

            You could pair it with a Ares Shrike upper and have all the rapid fire belt fed fun you could afford.

          • Jeffrey Witkin

            I don’t mind some one making on me. That is how they eat. I object strongly to someone getting rich off me. I only hope the copy cat company ( don’t kid yourself there will be one) has my philosophy

          • Jc


          • Jc

            There is a belt fed upper for the ar15

    • ForTehNguyen

      your alternative is $15,000 lower

    • BryanS

      Compared to any other good quality trigger, in an industry that walks eggshells around public opinion and a regulatory agency that plays by no one’s rules?

  • LRB

    Pretty sure I could run a CMC 3.5lb flat trigger just as quick. MSRP $179 vs $495 for this one. Another day another “tactical” gimmick.

    • Jim Copeland

      I agree.. Geissele makes some good ones too..

  • PatrickPM

    Looks like a waste of ammo

  • JPTX

    Interesting! But I hear 450$ is a price range. Cost too much for me. I dont shoot much at current ammo prices. I’m not going to suddenly start shooting more, at a higher cycle rate, PLUS Pay 450$.

  • Southerner

    This is a positive trigger reset mechanism. It is not a full-automatic system.
    TBF should use correct terms when describing innovative firearms technology.

  • Jeff Smith

    Is the price tag on these items (slide fire stocks, if I remember correctly run around $300 and this is nearly $500) a hedged bet that the ATF could reverse their ruling and shut them down? It just seems like way too much money to pay for these types of items considering that the MSRP is several hundred dollars more that a Geissele match trigger.

  • Cjw2

    This thing convinced me to buy the CMC 3.5 Flat Trigger today. 85% as fast for 30% of the cost.

  • case

    they didn’t even spell “approved” correctly at the end of the video

  • JS

    Questions for first review:
    1. Can it work in large pin Colts? Looks like only mil-spec pins.
    2. Can most AR lowers allow rotation to 3rd position if they don’t have markings?
    3. Would the non full auto lower receiver block need to be milled out?
    4. Would running suppressed have enough recoil impulse to reset the trigger?
    5. Would an AR 22 conversion have enough recoil impulse to reset the trigger?
    6. Would it work with S&W M&P 15-22 direct blow back bolt?
    7. Would it work with 9mm ARs?
    8. What would happen if you combined this with a slide fire stock?
    9. What would happen if you lightened the trigger pull lower than 4.5lb?
    10. Will any FA selector switch work? Aka ambi.

    High-ish end after market trigger $200 + selector switch $50 + $200 tax stamp not that bad compared to $15k registered FA.

    • Tenacious221

      2 – rotation depends on the selector, not the reciever. A round hole is a round hole.
      4 – I believe suppressors usually increase back pressure because of trapped gasses.
      5 – It is reset by force of the hammer, so it depends on how your 22 conversion works.
      7 – almost certainly yes
      8 – same thing…maybe with some irregular rhythm
      9 – same thing…
      10 – *shrug* depends how they made this thingy. I’d guess no initially, but they’ll probably have one eventually.

    • JS

      These guys are responsive

      Questions for 3MR trigger:
      1. Can it work in large pin Colts? Looks like only mil-spec pins. We have a version for large pins but it is not for sale yet.
      2. Can most AR lowers allow rotation to 3rd position if they don’t have markings? Yes it is not your lower it is the selector that allows that.
      3. Would the non full auto lower receiver block need to be milled out? No modifications are necessary.
      4. Would running suppressed have enough recoil impulse to reset the trigger? Done it, it works.
      5. Would an AR 22 conversion have enough recoil impulse to reset the trigger? We have not tested the conversions yet.
      6. Would it work with S&W M&P 15-22 direct blow back bolt? Tried it last week too fast and the selector needs to be redesigned.
      7. Would it work with 9mm ARs? See #5.
      8. What would happen if you combined this with a slide fire stock? I am not sure but I think the moving stock would take over and our trigger would be dependent on it for speed.
      9. What would happen if you lightened the trigger pull lower than 4.5lb? It affects the balance between the rate of fire and the and accuracy.
      10. Will any FA selector switch work? Aka ambi. No but we offer a lefty and we are working on an ambi.

  • I would rather have Jerry Miculek’s trigger finger than this. 😛 [humor, not criticism]

  • John L.

    that was a sweet slo-mo slide…

  • me

    Looks like an easy DIY job

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    My wife watched the video and commented that they should call it “Faux Auto”…..Safe, Semi, Faux.

  • andrewwww

    ummmm…so this is just a really light trigger with a “positive reset characteristic”..that allows you to shoot it really fast or almost* bump-fire it?….kinda cool, but alot of the comments here are treating this as if it were an actual full-auto trigger assembly

  • aorobert

    If you use this with a slidefire what happens? 😉

  • Red3833

    Can I own this in California ?

  • tuska1

    I wonder how much faster this really is compared to normal. The vid does not really show (too much slow-mo and reg speed video) that the firing is THAT much faster, when compared to normal semi-auto, though it looks like it is faster.

    Also some of you are talking about how it cost too much. When compared to a
    bump fire it is not that much more, and looks like it works far better. But really how often do most items meet the msrp?
    But I do agree if it were 200 or 300, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!
    For 500, if it works as advertised, I would love to have one, but I’ll wait until some reviews come out on the product.

    One last thing, if this works buy it while you can, before so redic politician
    tries to get it banned!


    I have one and wish I had ordered 100 so i could have them on hand for my customers. Orders taken today should be delivered in 6 weeks, they sell as fast as they shoot! GET YOURS AT LINCOLNCOUNTYGUNS.COM THANKS GREG

  • davis98

    If anyone wants one better order now……. They look to be a well designed trigger. Would make a great trigger for semi auto just due to the heaver springs.

  • Matt

    Horrible customer service from Tac-Con. I was a pre-order on the first day. I called and was told I would have it before Christmas. Every week after I have called and been promised the next week. The maker of these triggers is selling them in bulk to dealers and others and the people that ordered them directly from their website are being put on the backburner so they can move orders of 40 triggers at time to others. I have been put off and lied to from the maker of this trigger, Robert. I will be posting this up on every place that reviews this trigger. Customer service and being truthful to your customers is going to make or break this company. They have had excuses ranging from credit card processors, to being told that the triggers were built and boxed up but not labeled for shipping, now the last time I called I was told he was building my trigger right as we speak. The LIES continue. DO NOT buy this trigger from the company or the website unless you want to be treated poorly.

  • Johnny Wang

    Done did and ordered can not wait to try it out! 🙂