Australian Authorities Confiscate Rare Submachine Guns

The Australian police recently raided a property and discovered a large cache of over 300 weapons. They discovered everything from Enfields to AK-47s. Among these guns were two rare Australian submachine guns.

The first, the Owen submachine gun (the gun pictured above), was developed for Australian troops during World War II. It was, like many of its contemporaries, a simple 9mm blowback gun that fired from an open bolt.

The Owen gun was replaced by the Australian F1 submachine gun during the 1960s. The F1 one pictured above(third from the right) appears to be suppressed. This is either a very rare and undocumented model,

Hopefully the Australian police are wise enoughto recognize the historical significance of these guns and will donate them to museum rather than destroy them.

Thanks to Jin for the tip and Nic Jenzen-Jones for identifying the F1.

UPDATE: Fixed post.

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris

    proof that disarming a country doesn’t stop criminals from getting guns

    • Anders Albertsson

      More like making guns illegal turns gun owners into criminals.

  • milo

    pictures/ title are not loading for me on this article, i’m not sure if it’s a problem with chrome but i tried checking it on my laptop too.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Same here.

  • James In Australia

    These will end up being destroyed. My guess is these guys (who had over 60 legal, licensed guns as well) probably couldn’t stomach handing them in in 96 for destruction.

  • Blake

    4.2 *tons* of ammo

    If for the purposes of making a simple calculation we were to assume it’s 9mm ball, that’s about a quarter million rounds.

    I’m guessing they counted the weight of the boxes/crates the ammo was in as well; that’s a hell of a lot of ammo…

    • James In Australia

      Metric Tonnes, still a lot of ammo though.

  • Cymond

    Something seems to be wrong with this post. It lacks a title, there are no pictures, and some of the sentences just drop off.

    • I’m not sure what happened to the post but I just fixed it.

      • Paul Epstein

        Not quite there yet, you’re still trailing off when you say “This is either a very rare and undocumented model,”

        Presumably you meant some sort of expedient modification, but whatever you intended to end that sentence with, it is not currently present in the article.

  • Ed

    Your forgetting the idiocy of Aussie Anti gunisum they will melt the guns than save them Aussies politicians hate guns and freedom.

    • Aurek Besh

      And yet for all their hating of freedom, Australia (and their neighbor, New Zealand) achieved higher ranking than the United States on the world freedom index (4, 1, and 7 respectively).

      • nyquil762

        Who establishes the world index? They do.

        • MrHPlus

          Actually, it’s an American (conservative-leaning even) think-tank called the Heritage Foundation. This fact could have taken you all of 1 minute to look up and save you looking like an ignorant jackass.

          • nyquil762

            That was actually my point. Feulner, Coors, Edwin etc. are the “they” they I was referring to. These are either the elite that want to depopulate the world and reduce all of our rights or they are “shills/tools” for the elite that do what they are told. Be well, nyquil762

    • Aussie Gunslinger.

      I think you’ll find the Aussie politicians who are members of the “Shooters & Fishers Party” don’t hate guns, nor freedom. Yes, the major parties have issues with firearms, but not as bad as some in the USA have been led to believe. The most anti-gun party are the extreme Leftist “Greens Party”. And they are on the political decline at the moment. (Thanks to their stupid policies on open borders for middle-eastern “boat people” and tax on CO2.

      • SPS

        “Shooters & Fishers Party” Sounds like a bunch of FUDDs to me.

        • Aussie Gunslinger

          Sorry? What’s a “FUDDs”?

  • j

    If they destroy those…>:-(

  • Pedro M

    That F1 Sub Machine Gun (SMG) has been heavily modified, it looks to me like a home made conversion and modification. The stock F1 has a perforated barrel shroud similar to a Stirling SMG. A suppressor was never standard equipment although SF may have made some local pattern attachments. Also the butt should be attached immediately behind the folding rear leaf sight. That SMG appears to have been extended to the rear and the tape used to fix the butt which is usually held in place by a spring loaded catch. It looks to me that it has been cobbled together, perhaps from spare parts sourced from military stores. Either way, the owners are in a world of hurt.

  • SPS

    “Hopefully the Australian police are wise enough to recognize the
    historical significance of these guns and will donate them to museum
    rather than destroy them.”

    I won’t hold my breath.