New Gamo C-15 Air Pistol

Gamo has announced their new powerful C-15 Air Pistol, designed for plinking and training. It fires Gamo PBA Platinum .177 pellets (4.7 grain / .30 gram) at 450 fps. That is a significant amount of muzzle energy, far to much for play shooting at humans (ie. definitely not airsoft compatible). From the press release …

Gamo Outdoor is releasing the new and powerful new Blowback™ series Steel BB pistol, the C-15 air pistol, both perfect for target practice and short-range varmint control.

The C-15 is a compact design pistol able to shoot 15 steel BB’s with one magazine, featuring a Weaver-style rail for mounting tactical accessories.

C-15 Specs
– 450 FPS
– .177 Caliber
– Compact design, smooth steel barrel
– Steel BB pistol
– Semi-Automatic Blowback action
– 15 steel BB magazine capacity
– 1 Year Limited Warranty

The MSRP (from the press release) is $118, but Gamo is selling it on their website for $99.99. Gamo’s Black Friday sales can be found here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Karina

    450 FPS? That all? This is the power of an NBB H&K P8 replica I once owned – yes, airsoft, but CO2 powered, and non-blowback means no gas loss for “cycling” the slide. Hurts like a bitch under five meters, I was restricted from using it as typical sidearm distances, and pierced full soda cans from 5 to 10 meters… through and through. Magical little thing this was! Doesn’t beat a real firearm for punching paper and cans but I still respect it for the fun it gave me (don’t we still all love our first air rifles and .22s even after we have the bigger toys? To me airsoft is a good gateway to real steel.)

    The real reason you shouldn’t play “shooting at humans” with this is because 450 fps propelling a metal projectile hurts and penetrates a fair bit more than 450 fps propelling a plastic projectile.

    On a side note, I am fairly amazed at the MSRP and the even lower retail price. I know a LOT of airsoft replicas that cost more than that.

    • bbmg

      Velocity isn’t everything, everyone loves to advertise muzzle velocity without quoting pellet weight which is completely meaningless.

      Gamo for example advertise spectacular speeds with their Raptor PBA pellets, which weigh 5 grains in 0.177″. This is impressive at short range, but the poor ballistic coefficient makes them virtually useless a longer ranges. Heavyweight pellets in this caliber can be over 3 times as heavy.

      Still, Gamo is a business and this stuff sells, good luck to them. Spain’s economy can definitely use the help 🙂

  • bbmg

    450 fps with a 0.177″ steel BB is 2 ft lbs of muzzle energy. Suggesting that this is suitable for “varmint control” is extremely irresponsible.

    You might kill a rat if you shot it in the head at close range execution style, but not much else.

    • Karina

      Agreed, but I’ll lump it under salesman pitching. We’re more responsible than that, yes? Speaking of, what do you (or would) use for vermin control? I came across a box of .22 LR ratshot once, I was wondering if that would be suitable.

      • bbmg

        Disqus seems to have eaten my reply, I’ll try again:

        I have dispatched rats in a domestic situation (ranges under 10 feet) with a Beeman P1 spring air pistol, which has 3 times the muzzle energy of the subject of this post but still won’t cause significant damage to the furniture,

        No personal experience with ratshot but going by the excellent review on the box’o’truth, I wouldn’t use it for anything bigger than a small rodent at very close range:

        • Karina

          Thank you very much!

        • Anonymoose

          I once shot a dying bat in the head with a Crosman PRO77 at point blank range and it took 4 shots before it stopped twitching. It was pretty awful considering I was trying to put the thing out of its misery to begin with. 🙁

          • bbmg

            Just because an animal is twitching it doesn’t mean it is conscious or in any sort of pain, you can literally blow a rabbit’s brains out and it might still kick for quite a long time after. Pretty sure in your case the first shot must have ended its misery.

      • Blake

        Spring-loaded “Lucifer” brand old-school wooden mousetraps, with fresh multi-grain bread as bait (the more aromatic the better). Mice love that bread so much that they’ll gnaw through three layers of paper and shopping bag to get at it. The traps break their necks instantly so they don’t suffer much, and you know where they die so you just check the traps every day, throw them out, and rebait. No poison or sticky traps, and no mice going off & dying someplace where you can’t get at them.

        This setup caught six of the little buggers trying to get into the garbage can under my kitchen sink in a week. After that either we thinned them out or they got the message. Seems like they come back for more when it starts getting pretty cold outside.

        Plus it gives you another good reason to have fresh bread in the house &ltgrin&gt.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Gamo are marketing it as such. I never hunt with air guns. I have updated the post.

    • Jeff Smith

      Perhaps “pest control” is a better term. I lived beside a field and would use an air gun in the 450-500 range to kill rats/crows within about 50 feet. With something that small, you’re bound to hit vitals, but I wouldn’t use it for anything larger than that.

    • Blake

      Personally if I needed to dispatch pest birds & such in the backyard in a semi-rural situation where shot drop isn’t an issue for a few hundred hards, a lever- or bolt-action 22LR rifle loaded with CCI CB or Aguila colibri does the job very nicely (just be sure your rifle can feed 22 shorts). It makes less noise than an airgun, and feels & works like a real rifle (because it is a real rifle).

      Notice I said “rifle”; they’re still loud enough with a pistol that using them without hearing protection is bad for your eardrums. Also you shouldn’t use them in semi-auto actions as they don’t have enough power to cycle the action, and the “half-blowback” creates more noise and could cause other problems. Semi-autos just aren’t designed for use with cartridges without enough oomph to cycle the bolt.

      • Jeff Smith

        I actually bought a bolt action Glenfield 25 specifically to run Aguila Colibri. Out of a rifle, it’s actually much quieter than a Daisy powerline air rifle (the kind you pump 10 times) and unbelievably quiet from a friend’d 26″ barreled gun. I only paid $100 for the gun, so it’s not a bad alternative to buying an air gun specifically for a “pest” problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the gun/ammo combo for something possum/raccoon sized.

        One note on the combo, be sure to check your bore after firing the “primer only” ammo out of a rifle. They note on the Aguila box that there is a danger of the bullet not having enough power to leave the barrel, and, if you fire a normal .22 round behind it, you may end up with a kaboom.

  • Giolli Joker

    What an ugly grip design…

  • Firearms, not toys.

    This blog ( is about firearms or toys ???? Please change the name …

    • Jeff Smith

      Air guns are definitely NOT toys. They are also great for target practice in city limits and incredibly inexpensive to shoot.

  • Freddo

    Here we go again another GAMO…. GAMO the Spanish the maker of overpriced
    rubbish. They are the Tuarus of airguns(actually they are worse). The money
    that Gamo should be putting into R&D and production they all pump into
    marketing (this is probably why they approached this blog). Their marketing in
    combination with high profit margins for retailers and their silly ‘tacticool’ designs
    make that they sell well. The truth
    about airguns is that there is so much better out there even for the money. There some exceptions though. For example the Gamo compact is a decent air pistol (however
    the Weihrauch HW40 &75 are far better). The original 1250 Hunter and Gamo
    Dynamax (a value PCP) both of these are produced by daughter company BSA. There re far better
    American, German, British, Russian, Czech and even Chinese airguns out there. And if one insists on going
    Spanish; Cometa. I think that it is great that TFB reports on airguns, but please
    look into other makes as well.

    • bbmg

      Agreed 100%, I have owned products by Weihrauch, Air Arms, Daystate and FX and, if one is allowed to use a Spanish scatological metaphor, they can all squat over and defecate on the dross that Gamo manufactures.

  • Nelson

    Have you seen the thanksgiving Sale they have? AMAZING!

  • fasdf

    This shit has gone to far, they tested a bb pistol with pba pellets to get inflated velocity claims. How would you even load one of those pba pellets? Would you try to muzzle load it? Why would the test the velocity with something that can’t be used easily with the pistol? Next thing you know someone is going to claim their .22 rifle can fire bullets at a higher velocity by managing to shove .22 magnum ammunition into it.

  • Chrome Dragon

    Single action?

    Double action?

    Looking for a semiauto airgun with a single-action trigger that eats cheap commodity ammo – so 12-gram powerlets and .177 BBs. All I want is a crisp trigger. Is that really so much to ask?

    (Umarex would say it is, but…)