The TOFYJ-30 Project

A very prominent member of the /k/ weapons board (anonymous forum) sadly passed away recently. In tribute to his friend, a member of /k/ is designing a rifle that can be built entirely of handtools. His design is a straight–pull tactical-looking rifle which can be adapted to a wide range of calibers. All the parts for this rifle should be purchasable online and finished without milling or welding. Once the design has been complete the designer plans on making the blueprints free and hopes that the community will start designing improvements.


The progress of this project, still in its early days, can be followed at Tumblr.

A couple of months ago, I found out that the man who got me into mechanical design many years ago passed away. This is my goodbye gift to him, the TOFYJ-30/12. It’s a multi-caliber (.308, 7.62x54R, and 12 gauge, depending on barrel and extractor) straight-pull bolt-action garage gun that uses heavy gauge tubing as a receiver. At a bare minimum, it requires no milling or welding (I’m building the prototype exclusively using hand tools) and parts readily bought online. In accordance with the mannerisms of the man this project is devoted to, the blueprints will be available for free. Once the blueprints are made available, I’ll be encouraging the community to add to the number of parts- new magwells, new bolt designs- I’m sure a semi-auto one could be built. I want this project to grow. I want this to be a collective thanks to a great man.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • William Smith

    I’ll be looking forward to the blueprints!

  • Lance

    Be careful the ATF likes to catch people who make mistakes like this do homework and be careful.

    • Ryoh

      He already has. Read the threads sometime.

  • Ken

    If it fires from an open bolt, then it already is guaranteed to be not approved by the ATF. All open bolt firearms are deemed as readily convertible to full auto.

    If it’s straight blowback, you may want to consider not using such high pressure cartridges as the .308 or .7.62x54R, though the 12ga will be fine. You’ll want a fairly heavy bolt and a rather stiff spring. You should be able to safely fire lower pressure rounds ranging from .22LR all the way up to .30 Carbine via straight blowback if you get the bolt mass and spring tension right.

    • bbmg

      Straight blowback has been used for 20mm cannon…

      • Player_L

        BBMG: What you say is true, but Ken´s point remains. The design you are showing uses a very stiff spring and a very heavy bolt. It is, also, a mounted weapon, so recoil is not an issue.
        On the other hand, a rifle firing .308 would be quite heavy to lug around, and have a very brisk and strong recoil. The sheer weight of the weapon should help manage it, thought.
        As a sidenote, I´d most assuredly not want to shoot a 62,000 psi round out of a handmade barrel…

        Since the military use of such a weapon is nil, so why not design it around a more “benevolent” round such as .22lr or 12ga?
        The builder´s challenge still remains.

    • Bjørn Hjelmerud

      If you ever find yourself in a situation where you NEED to make something like this, you probably won’t care what the ATF thinks.

      • Player_L

        You said it, Bjorn!!!!!
        If you ever need to manufacture a rifle in order to wage war against US military, what you actually need is a wheelbarrow to carry your balls around.
        Seriously speaking, except for criminals, terrorist, or very small scale insurgency, homemade weapons are useless.
        I´m sure there is someone willing to sell you an Ak and bullets for half what you´d spend buliding a sten.

    • Tetsuzou Kamadani

      Bolt weight for a semi-auto direct blowback .308 gun is in the neighborhood of 16 pounds or so. F/A open bolt weight is cut down by a good chunk, but I don’t intend to release blueprints for that- I wouldn’t trust a .308 open-bolt gun anywhere within 30 yards of myself, but that’s just me.

  • Tetsuzou Kamadani

    Hey, I’m amazed this got picked up by TFB- I greatly appreciate it.

    In regards to the comments, the TOFYJ-30 is not open-bolt, it’s straight-pull bolt-action. I’m sure someone could make an open bolt version, but I won’t be. It was originally going to be semi-auto, but I live in California and that wouldn’t fly too well- I’m sure one of the first community-made versions will be semi-auto, though.

    I haven’t talked to the ATF about this, but instead talked to the CA DOJ and they very begrudgingly told me what I’m doing is fine. As long as I don’t trip up and send the blueprints out of country, I won’t be in violation of the ITAR (that’s how they gave Cody Wilson hell, if memory serves), but I’m pretty sure the instant I spread the blueprints around stateside, someone will hop behind 7 proxies and put it up somewhere else.

    • JT

      7 proxies 😛 I’ve got Norton

      • Tetsuzou Kamadani

        I’m fairly certain that while Norton may protect you from malware, it will not, however, protect your door from the ATF if they think you’re in violation of the ITAR.

        Keep your dog at someone else’s house for a while if you end up doing that.

        • JT

          lol. I took Computer Science 3 and have over 9000 hours of esperience A cat is fine too

          • Goober

            The “keep your dog” comment is in regards to the BATFE and nation-wide LEO habit of killing pet dogs during the service of no-knock warrants.

    • Bubba

      As far as I know the ITAR only applies to blueprints “of military value”.

      So it would be illegal for you to publish a full set of F22 Raptor blueprints online, but as far as I know small arms are OK. There are already a bunch of forums which publish blueprints for small arms way more useful to enemy forces.

      • Tetsuzou Kamadani

        Again, I’m just trying to cover all of my bases here.

      • Goober

        I’d think really hard on that one… ITAR restricts most of Magpul’s products from being exported (especially their training videos).

      • gunfighter911

        I have an FFL type 07 ITAR is a registry that whether you make or sell ANY product you have to be in.

  • JT

    I always envisioned the day that 3d printing and hardware store enginuity would come together to produce something. This looks like it will bring things closer to that day

  • iksnilol

    To the creator of this:

    Would it be possible to position the magwell/magazine to portrude from the bottom? I know I would like something like this in 12 gauge, using Saiga 12 mags (maybe integrally suppress it ?)

    • Tetsuzou Kamadani

      The side mounted magazine is a leftover from when this was going to be semi-auto- the entire lower side of the receiver was to be occupied by the piston assembly. Anyhow, I’m sure it could be done, and Saiga magazines were to be the default for the 12 gauge version anyhow.

  • BOB

    Looks almost open-bolt *evil* 😀 *evil*

    • Tetsuzou Kamadani

      It’s worth noting that the pictures given aren’t the current blueprints- the current version is striker-fired straight-pull.

  • S O

    How to gun drill the barrel and add the grooves with mere hand tools?

    • Tetsuzou Kamadani

      If you really wanted to make a .308 barrel from scratch, there are ways to rifle it- I remember reading something about a guy rifling barrels at home with a garage door motor assembly. However, the 12 gauge version is the only version that can be easily made without the use of a purchased barrel.

  • Tetsuzou Kamadani

    I’d like to take a minute to invite any question or concerns to either my tumblr questions box ( or to my email ( after which I’ll be making a big FAQ post on the project blog. I’ll be addressing things like the whole idea of it being open-bolt, or what kinds of magazines it will take (those seem to be the most asked questions) along with a few regarding safety and legality.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Player_L

    A trigger would be nice…

    • Tetsuzou Kamadani

      The CAD mockups shown are about 3 weeks updated (the second photo is even older, from before the integrated barrel shroud), and are missing crucial components like the striker, trigger, mainspring, striker spring, extractor, extractor spring, and front trunnion, locking latch, latch spring, and charging handle assembly.