Heckler & Koch HK243 and HK293 (Civilian G36)

Heckler & Koch has applied to the German government for permission to sell a new civilian-legal version of the H&K G36, one that is much truer to the original than the sporterized HK SLR. In Europe the gun will be called the HK243 and in the USA it will be marketed as the HK293.



The rifle is made with parts from the G36, but the bolt and the .223-chambered barrel design are unique. The reason for this is that gun companies in Germany cannot sell “weapons of war” to civilians. This gun has been sufficiently changed that it cannot be easily converted to a military-stye fully-automatic G36.

The rifle will feature a quad rail and a STANAG magazine well that accepts standard AR-15 magazine. Four different types of stocks will be offered, a short fixed stock, a long fixed stock (hunting/SLR style?) and two types of adjustable stocks.

There will be four different model (Compact, Kurtz (Short), Sporter and Long) which vary by barrel length from 8.9″ – 18.8″. It is not clear if H&K actually plan on selling the shorter barrel (SBR) versions in the USA, or if they are just apply for approval in case they ever wish to in the future.



The compact (C) model will be classified as a handgun in Germany and so is the only version not legal for hunting.

Many thanks to our German source for the documents and to Axel for the english translation.

Steve Johnson

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  • 700lover

    Well, I want one.

  • My SL8 conversion suddenly got less valuable, but I really don’t care because this is terrific news!

    • FourString

      Now I understand why HK released those cheap translucent AR mags 🙂

    • Karina

      Doesn’t yours still takes G36 magazines? If so then your conversion is MORE valuable; Truer than a bastardized German-govt-approved-for-dirty-civvies version made to accept STANAG/M16 mags.

      • It does, however the G36 rifles have a replaceable magwell so you can convert to stanags and back. You can also replace the rails with a normal handguard and the optic rail with whatever you would like. The weapon system is surprisingly modular (for an HK, haha).

        • Karina

          Oooh. I had no idea, this is an interesting feature indeed.

        • FourString

          Wow, yeah, that’s pretty sweet. Shoot, now I gotta get one…. >_<

  • Anders Albertsson

    Wait does this mean it will only fire .223 not 5.56? Fail.

    • iksnilol

      Its probably marked like that for import reasons. Look at Saiga.223

    • Marc

      By CIP standards 5.56×45 mm and .223 Rem are synonymous and thus fully interchangeable.

      • Tim U

        So outside of the US, all “.223” rifles are actually 5.56 chambered?

        • B.Johnke

          Jup Nato 5.56 and CIP .223 have max presure of 62.000 psi.
          SAAMI .223 has a max presure of 55.000 psi.
          so outside the US .223 and 5.56 are virtualy the same and can be treated that way

    • Leonard

      My German made AR-15 is also labelled “.223” and does fire either .223 or 5.56 without Problem. As Marc says, by CIP standards they are fully interchangable and, for weird reasons unknown to me, the imperial measurements are more common for German shooters than the mm ones (despite us being fully metric for over a centursy), so they are usually printed on all guns. 7,62×51 always being described as .308 Winchester, for example.

      • allannon

        I’m not sure about Germany specifically, but there are slight but measurable differences between .223 and 5.56x45mm, and similarly between 7.62×51 and .308.

        What I’ve always been told is that a 5.56 will always shoot .223, though automatics may have cycling issues due to lower pressures. (I’ve never seen one unhappy with normal .223 loads.) .223 may or may not shoot 5.56, and as you newer .223 is more likely to have the kind of hybrid chamber that will handle either.

        The oldest .223 I’ve handled is a Remington Sportsman ’78, which is going on 30 years old now, and it’ll handle either. So from a functional standpoint, I doubt there’s much difference anymore. But in theory, one could run across a .223-only gun.

        Similar .308; it’s mostly the same as 7.62×51, but not necessarily exactly the same as.

        In some places you can’t sell “military” calibers to civilians, so perhaps the division is because 5.56×45/7.62×51 are military, where .223/.308 aren’t?

      • Marc

        It’s labelled “.223” because that’s the name under which the cartridge was standardized with CIP, and this civilian standard is analogous to the NATO standard of 5.56 NATO.

  • Jumpin Jeezuz

    ABOUT TIME, so this will cost what… $4000 per? I’ve been waiting for this since the ’90’s, but I hope the model we can pick up looks more like the original and not that railed abortion up there.

    • Jim Schatz, a 20 year employee has said that, and I quote “You will like the pricing” in a post on HK pro. He has also given some other clues about stuff being released at shot:
      1. It/they are new and folks have been asking for it/them.

      2. You will like the pricing on one or more items.

      3. There is nothing else like it/them on the market.

      4. One key item will be available soon (weeks) after SHOT Show (unlike HKM4/HK416/MR556, MR762, HK45, etc.)

      5. HK is listening.

      6. Its not a G11!

      7. You may spend some money in 2014.

      • erwos

        The big problem they’re going to have is competing with the ARX-100. Hard to believe they’ll beat the Beretta on price, and the ARX-100 is simply a far better gun.

        • I would say their big problem is competing against $700 AR15s.

          • BOB

            agree, I’ll take a dirt cheap, quality (obviously subjective term) AR that I can make into as expensive a rifle as I want over an over-priced Euro wunder-gonne that may or may not still be on the market 10 years from now.

          • TX_PNW

            not even that…. heck… you can get a HIGH quality Wilson Combat AR15 upper for $1,200ish and get a quality lower from some other place… and you end up having a ~$1,500ish AR which outshoots this G36 civi ANY DAY and is much higher quality.

        • Aaron

          I don’t think the competition between the two will be as big as you might expect. The G36 is a popular gun for a few reasons that are simply inherent to itself: it’s a gun with a lot of fans who will like it simply for being unique and “cool looking” or HK. Plus it is highly – and easily – customizable which adds another fun factor for civilian shooters.

          And some people like myself just find it to be a more comfortable platform than the ARX which I discovered feels weird to me. Great controls, but the handguard is awkwardly shaped and sized, and just doesn’t work for me. The G36 just feels more like an ACR, which I prefer.

          I think the ARX buyers will be people who are looking for a great “next gen” rifle to use their AR mags with, while the HK243/293 will be bought up by people who are already G36 fans and will buy it for that reason, so the ARX isn’t even relevant to them.

    • Mike Knox

      It’ll depend on the frame material. If they use the proprietary reinforced polymer, somewhere around $2,500-$3,000. If aluminium alloy, right around $1,800-$2,200. I wouldn’t know about magnesium ones.

      Don’t worry about those handguards, H&K has a lot of options for those..

  • David Sharpe

    If it costs less than $2000, I may think about it.

    But being HK, it’ll be upwards of $5-6000 in Canada.

    • PatrickPM

      No shot its below $2,000

      • David Sharpe

        Why do you say that?

        Maybe you missed “in Canada”

        Well, the MSRP of the MR556 is $3,295, in Canada it is almost $5,000 ($4700)

        • Guest

          I think PatrickPM is saying that there’s no chance that it will be below $2,000. In other words I think he’s agreeing with you.

          • David Sharpe

            Oh I see now, I thought he was saying “no shit its below $2000”

    • Tim U

      100% guaranteed to be over $2k in the US market, probably $2500-3000 is my best guess.

  • Andrey Martim

    Looks good, but the DIY version made by Alex C. is way better…

    • Agreed

    • Thank you gentlemen! That project was truly a labor of love.

      • Andrey Martim

        That conversion was a real G36, that one seems to be a G36, but with lots of bells and lights, as well as rails.

      • Y-man


  • Shooter


  • AntiCitzenOne


  • Drapetomanius

    I was so deeply in love with H&K in the 90s, but the thrill is gone, babe. Can this do anything my AR-15 can’t do as well or better, cheaper and with greater modularity? Methinks not.

    Is there any advantage to that sight rail? It cuts my potential sight radius in half for no apparent reason.

    Do we need 10 feet of rail? Methinks not. Companies like Noveske are moving in the right direction – slimmer, lighter, and rails only as needed.

    Unfortunately H&K is still riding that waning “2nd type of cool” inertia that Tom Clancy gave them so many years ago. Props for the effort, I just don’t see significant advantages here.

    • Why don’t we wait until it hits the market and some testing data on it gets out there before we all pass judgement 🙂

      • Can’t judge it if you haven’t used it:-)

        • Drapetomanius

          Nobody is questioning H&K quality. I don’t think anyone doubts that the level of craftsmanship and precision will be baked in. The trigger will be great, the reliability will be great. The rifle will be shootable. Having worked with H&K products before I can assume that these elements will be in order without picking up the rifle.

          We can see without touching one that it has more rails than I personally need, and these will add dead weight. Some people don’t care, but some of us are weight fanatics.

          It has a sight rail with a high enough HOB that we won’t be able to simply slap an aftermarket BUIS on the end of the handguard, so the sight radius will be less than optimum.

          Is that a removable optic rail? That looks like a seam between the optic rail and receiver. I hope that is the case, because that WOULD be cool. If not, boooooo! missed opportunity.

          The fire controls and mag release appear to be ambi, which is an advantage over most AR-15s at the moment. That is true. It also appears to have a folding stock, which is nice.

        • 306_AD

          Don’t need to use it to know a full quad rail is unnecessary weight.

    • dfg9873

      Do we need 10 feet of rail? Methinks not. Companies like Noveske are
      moving in the right direction – slimmer, lighter, and rails only as

      Until you fire several mags at once and end up with a hot place for your ungloved hand. I mount a Surefire light, VFG and sling socket on my rails. 5 mags will turn the barrel red and make handholding the fore end impossible.

      • Drapetomanius

        You obviously have more money for ammo than I do, or else taxpayers are footing the bill for your training. What I can afford is gloves; especially with the money I save by purchasing an AR15 instead of an H&K.

      • DrBackJack

        Well lucky you! The plastic barrel trunnion will melt long before the plastic hand guard gets hot enough to hurt your hands.

    • Criton

      I’m with you. My love for it is gone. After checking out the real deal at SHOT I’m pretty happy sticking with an AR, SCAR, or most of all my ACR.

  • lookinoutforu

    I’d rather have a broken leg. That thing is fugly.

    • insertjjs

      Its the stock isn’t it? That is what I’m hating. If it had a standard G36 stock, it would look a lot better. And maybe a nonrailed G36 style fore end.

      • lookinoutforu

        Agreed! Just about anything an be done with polymer “furniture”, these days. I’m not knocking HK firearms’ reliability or functionality.
        The rail over the receiver looks to be very tall. I wonder if it can be removed and replaced by a lower one. It looks like it would be hard to get a good cheek weld when prone shooting.

        • insertjjs

          I can deal with the scope rail and the feet of Picatinny Rail. But that stock is atrocious. Maybe the SL8 conversion kits will be compatible. If the price is right and can make it look right. I might be interested.

        • Mike Knox

          Not to worry though, H&K’s got a lot of accessories for the G36 that’ll fit these new ones. They include Colt carbine stock adapters and sliding wire stocks like those on the G3.

          The rail carry handle actually is clamped on the German equivalent for a weaver rail..

          • lookinoutforu

            Good deal! Changing stuff around to suit individual preferences is what it’s all about, for sure! I’d lose that rail handle quick. A sliding wire stock kit would really get me interested in this firearm.

  • 11b

    Sweet, sweet Jesus. Start saving now though, it will cost at least three children and one leg.

  • Christoph Bücker

    Looks nice!
    Btw, it is “Kurz” not “Kurtz”

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Damn, how the hell one of the coolest gun could be more tacticool…?
    German does too great work, even in the 21st century.
    Send these rifles to all the war zone now, so soldiers start watching their own beautiful gun and stop the fights forever.

  • Lance

    I agree with drapetomanius it wont be better than a good AR-15. But this is long over due. Hope they make one w/o those crappy quad rails like a real Budenwher G-36 on the outside. I just wish it didn’t have a HK price tag you can buy a lot of AR-15s and AKMs for one HK rifle.

  • Sulaco

    So its not importable to the US, right? and even if it was it would be neutered to a ten round (or less) mag…

    • Moose

      Why would they give it a US specific designation if they didn’t design it to be imported? Also it appears to be required to have a .223 bolt and barrel because German export law doesn’t allow weapons of war to leave the country (like 5.56). It takes STANAG mags so it doesn’t matter if it comes with a 10 rounder if you can just go buy literally tons of pmags or even emags if it does ship with the normal g36 magwell since magpul makes their own version too.

    • yo388

      HK will just make it here to avoid 922r.

  • TangledThorns

    I’d like one but doubt I can afford it.

  • st4

    MP7 now, please!

    • Karina

      But but, what about it being made only to drop terrorists and unsuitable for dirty sporting civilian hands? :p

    • Since the MP7 is a very new weapon system I highly doubt the German government would allow the export of it. However, due to the United States laws it could be imported as a pistol. The question is, who wants an extra large pistol that shoots a proprietary round?

      • Troy Emge

        They’ve already exported piles of them bro beans. Considering the state of the art in small arms is essentially figuring out the best ways to repackage 1960s firearm technology it is not exactly sensitive stuff.

        • They are allowed to export them to government entities only. The German government’s firearm export laws for civilian use is stacked against weapons of war for us civvies pretty heavily.

          • Alex

            I’ve got one MP7 and another en-route. I think there’s a huge market for a “civilian” MP7 just like there is for a pistol MP5 and MP5k. Sig is making there new MPX in a pistol format and I can guarantee you those things will sell…especially if they add the Sig Brace on them.

          • I would buy one as I am a collector, and other collectors would as well, but it would be a hard sell to your average sportsman or hobbyist. The SP89 was not exactly a hot seller either. Out of curiosity, where are you located?

          • CanadianGunslinger

            There are a very small number of semi auto MP7s owned by civilians in Canada, somehow they dodged German export restrictions. Last I heard they were going for around $10 000 a piece when up for sale.

          • iksnilol

            Norway is where I am located, good regarding laws except for some stupidites. Said stupidities are usually about shotguns (no detachable mags, or 5+ round mags out of the factory).

          • Alex

            I’m a dealer FFL/SOT our of florida. The guy who invented the SB15…and you wrote a not so great write up about! 😉

          • Kronvold

            You invented the SB15? If so… thank you 🙂

          • iksnilol

            The question isn’t whether it will sell, its about whether the German government lets them.

          • And that said I doubt they will allow it

  • Alexander

    I wonder which parts will be interchangeable with my SL8…

  • derfelcadarn

    Look at the weapon pictured here, what could be the reasonable scenario for all the rail surfaces, emphasis on reasonable. We use high tech composite materials to lower weight so that more whiz-banger doo-hickies can be added like in a six year old’s wet dreams. It is that the American shooter no longer possesses the ability to shoot ? What happens when the whiz-bangs cease to function ? Get real people !

  • JT

    hmmmmm. Maybe I’ll start hating them less.

  • Leonard

    I have two notes:
    1) Kurz is German for short, not “Kurtz”.
    2) As far as I know the Waffengesetz (German gun law), there is no prohibition to use the compact version for hunting. What you might be confusing this with is the minimum barrel length of 42 cm (420 mm) for sports shooters, so both the Kurz and the Compact version will not be legal for sports shooting but only for hunting.

    Being less than 60 cm long overall does indeed make the compact version a handgun by German law, but you can also go hunting with a handgun…though in theory you may use them only for self-defense shots against attacking animals or for “finishing” targets that you only injured with your rifle (“Nachsuche”).

    • Sebastian

      The “C” model won’t be legal here. Handguns (or guns classified as handguns) using centerfire ammunition with a caliber less than 6,3mm are forbidden in Germany according to the firearms law.

      Hunters will be able to get the “K”, “S” and “L” version, sport shooters will only be able to get the “S” and “L”.

  • dfg9873

    Yes, I could see myself with one of those. Provided it doesn’t cost $5000.

  • Ben Enjerry

    As ugly as ugly can get. Looks as comfortable to hold as a cheese grater.

  • Tim U

    Too bad the price point will be so over-the-top it can’t compete with anyone but the die hard HK fanatics.

    9 years ago, I would have loved one of these. But I don’t see what it can get for me these days over anything else on the market for far less cost.

    Also, not a fan of the .223 chamber. I’d much rather have a proper 5.56 chamber for being able to use the widest range of ammunition.

  • patriot89

    looks like poop , will cost like gold, probably be as fun to shoot … as poop

  • pwrserge

    It’s a good start. However, I would have preferred the original optic as an option and a 5.56×45 chambering. Hopefully, they will fix this the way SIG fixed the 556 family to add a true 550-esqe SA rifle.

    • B.Johnke

      as told above. if it is chamberd in CIP .223 its the same as nato 5.56 so u can use both

      • pwrserge

        Actually, you CAN’T shoot 5.56×45 out of .223 chambers. (.223 out of 5.56×45 chambers is OK.) The NATO 5.56 round uses a similar case, but overall lengths and pressures acceptable for 5.56 chambers can cause a catastrophic failure in a .223 chambered gun.

        • Marc

          That’s true for SAAMI specs, not for CIP specs. CIP spec .223 is interchangeable with 5.56 NATO. HKs are made to CIP specs.

          • pwrserge

            I notice the CIP pressure standard is higher. But the lead length is still not the same as 5.56.

          • B.Johnke

            As i say before. CIP and NATO standarts are within eachothers tolerances so u can fire both. alot of rifles here, for example my proarms armory MK3 is marked: .223/5.56×45 wich means… no diference. the only thing would be the thicker walls of NATO brass but this doenst concern me when using factory ammo

          • pwrserge

            As I pointed out the pressure test is the same but the chamber lead lengths are not. An incorrect lead length can still cause a failure with some factory 5.56×45 loads

          • B.Johnke

            not sure but the funny thing is i never heard if this problem outside of the US. Im from germany and noone here has any problem using one or the other.

          • pwrserge

            The pressure is 99%+ of the issue, but if you use exotic 5.56×45 loadings (Mk 318 Mod 0 for example) the short lead length can cause the cartridge to fail to seat properly.

  • Cpl. Ivan

    Perhaps you Americans would like some more plastic on your Nazi guns, yes? Cpl. Ivan will help you, I have welding torch and many many zip ties. Will put handguards on handguards, then line the gun with capitalist rails for many cheap red dot sights made by enslaved Chinese. Perhaps we can put handles on the front, yes? How many would you like, partner? Two at least, perhaps three, yes. Cpl. Ivan has your gun right here. Give me $5000 and I will write Nazi company names on every part. Then a RUSSIAN man will show you value of American paper and use your dollars to urinate on.

    Of course I kid you, friends. This rifle is beautiful, perfect example of over-engineered technology and probably will work great for your tactical operations in gun range theater of operations. Make sure to bring extra batteries.

    Myself, I stick with perfect technology as simple as possible, KALASHNIKOV AUTOMAT RIFLE MODEL OF 1947. Rifle made of solid steel, still weighs 6 kilos less than Nazi space gun, and works even in the rain!

    • pwrserge

      Fun fact Ivan, even your countrymen don’t use the AK-47 anymore. (Or its direct successor the AKM) The AK-74 series uses a 5.45×39 round that is ballistically very similar to a 5.56×45 NATO. Reliability is a matter for maintenance and proper training of your troops. Sure, I would not hand an M4A1 to a half drunk Russian peasant either. However, with proper maintenance and training the M16 family is just as reliable as uncle Mike’s wonder gun and far more accurate. Oh… And you will loose on the weight argument the second your add a kilo of wood for the stock.

      • The Forty ‘Twa

        I don’t think that was meant to be taken so seriously…

        • pwrserge

          Actually, it’s fairly mild for the usual AK vs M4 vs OTHER flame war.

          • iksnilol

            Wooden stocks from what I have seen dont weigh much more than “polymer” stocks. Carbonfiber and other fancy stuff, sure, but good old plastics, nah.

            Besides, you need a wooden stock to break face of enemy instead of face of enemy breaking your plastic stock.

          • pwrserge

            That’s just silly. If I’m in range to hit my enemy with my rifle, I have made a grievous tactical error. Besides. Sap assault gloves work better.

          • Cpl. Ivan

            While you use your big American words…WOODEN STOCK TO YOUR FACE, CAPITALIST!

            I then use your tactical gloves for tactical operations in my own pants. Then perhaps I urinate on your wallet. Have not decided yet.

          • pwrserge

            Silly Ruskie, you’re supposed to SHOOT the enemy with your gun, not use it as a club.

          • Jess-Avery Affentranger

            You go, comrade!

      • Austin
  • ClintTorres

    I’d love to finally own the gun I’ve drooled over since it was introduced…the G36, however, over time, I’ve come to realize it’s nothing more than idolatry. It’s so true that the HK293 will not do anything more than an AR-15.

    ARs come in some many shapes, size and chamberings it’s mind numbing…I just got the Brownells AR-specific catalog and it’s nuts. The AR has every possible application covered too. Configurations? Pre-built, DIY, complete lowers/uppers, stipped lowers/uppers, piston, DI, .22 conversion, etc. It’s crazy…crazy good, that is. I can hardly fathom, from a functional standpoint, why would someone need anything else.

    That said, I’ll be the first one in line to buy one…when it comes out in 6.5 Grendel (FTW!).

  • Jeremy Star

    If they had done this years ago I might have been tempted. Now that IWI is making and selling Tavors in the US, no thanks! I’ll take the ergonomics of a bullpup over the ridiculous price H&K will charge any day.

    • alicestar6

      I agree with you about the Tavor but the fact that its going for $1800 puts it right in H&K’s usual ridiculous price range.

      • Jeremy Star

        Buddy, have you priced any H&K tactical rifles recently?

        H&K MR762A1 Semi-Automatic 7.62mmX51mm 10+1 Capacity 16.5″ B – $3687
        H&K MR556 Semi-Automatic 223 Remington/5.56 NATO 30+1 Capacity

        We’re talking about the company that sells polymer pistols for twice the price of anybody else, including Sig.

  • Masoo2

    Am I the only one that thinks this is one sexy gun?

  • Mike Knox

    By the looks of those screws, It’s like they’ve got intechangeable barrels somewhere down the line..

  • IWI Likes Me

    HK Civilian R&D Department:

    Marketing- “Good morning everyone, so you know how we think civies suck and we hate them?”
    R&D- “Yeah?”
    Marketing- “So we need to change that image, (groans) only slightly, only slightly (applause)”
    Marketing- “How about we take the G36…”
    R&D- “The one that melts?”
    Marketing- “HK rifles don’t melt, but yes, that one *whispers* fire that man”
    Marketing-“And transform it into a civilian rifle”
    R&D- “Didn’t we already do that with the SL8?”
    Marketing- “Yes, but this time will we will paint it black and remove the thumb-stock”
    R&D- “Should we still leave the inability of the rifle to accept anything other than 10 round mags?”
    Marketing- “Yeah, lets keep that feature, also if you can add a wonky new stock…and if possible make the barrel longer than necessary, with a ridiculous RIS…you know for the tacticool crowd”
    Former R&D employee- “What about the melting feature, keep that?”
    Marketing- “Again, our rifles have never had any problems, ever. period.”
    R&D- “Question, how do you plan on selling these too, I mean considering with the failed success of the Civilian UMP and the SL8…”
    Marketing- “Isn’t there a new, uh, some call of honor… something or other?… some new Call of Duty coming out?…”
    R&D- “Yeah, they pretty much release those every year, they don’t change anything they just slap a new label on it, and it sells like bat-sh!t crazy.”
    Marketing- “Yeah, that’s what we’ll do, we’ll put a military ninja guy on the cover holding our new rifle, don’t forget the balaclava”
    R&D- “Price?”
    Marketing- “Let’s start in the mid $4K, see what we can do”
    Marketing- “OH, one more thing don’t forget to make it .223, wouldn’t want anyone using any 5.56mm or anything”


    • You may not know about it but that old you suck and we hate you? That gets deleted whenever it’s posted.
      Yep I took that last line out instead of deleting the comment.

      • WE DON’T TAKE MONEY! (mostly)

        Yeah, bear in mind who pays the bills around here…

  • Nicholas Mew

    I am waiting Germany….

    • Mazryonh

      Wasn’t the historical StG-44 very flawed due to “wartime expediency”? If anyone were to release a modernized version of it they’d have to change quite a few things.

  • Mazryonh

    This new G36 variant looks so tacticool it could be an XM8 (too bad that was never adopted, along with its PCAP system that wouldn’t need re-zeroing of sights and accessories mounted to it).

  • MoPhil

    Honestly: the G36 is a model which was invented in the 80’s and put into service in the late 90’s.
    Why in Gods name would I want to buy a rifle, which probably has the same technical deficits like the G36, about which some German newspapers and even an official document reported? There are models on the market, which are cheaper than this “civilian-G36” ever will be. I.e. the SCAR 16s, the ACR and the Sig 516, the last one as modular as every other AR-15.

  • Sam W.

    The German word meaning “short” is “kurz”. Although you make the same hard ‘T’ sound as if you were saying “Kurt’s”, there is no ‘T’. I don’t know if the use of ‘kurtz’ in the post was an accidental keystroke, or an honest mistake. I, personally, enjoy these little seemingly useless tidbits, so I like to put them out there for anyone else who does not and/or may not know.

    Great post and great news! So looking forward to this..

    • oshaunal

      The author was likely influenced by the name Kurtz, which is an older spelling. Way back when, it was common to see extra, unnecessary consonants after diphthongs (auff) or other consonants (Kampff).

  • David Mac

    I might be missing something…don’t get me wrong I love H&K…but the emperor has no clothes.

    This may be the single ugliest rifle I have ever seen. It looks like an SL8 conversion. The stock is awful, the forearm is nuts and what’s with the flash hider…

    And why not put on the optic rail as the G36 has on it?

    No thanks. I will keep shooting my SL8-1.

  • Peter Payne

    I may want an SL-8 to convert to the G-36, this weapon will be neutered to appease the German government.

  • Ra

    More overpriced HK garbage. :facepalm:

  • Ethan

    Ooo, i really hope these hit the Canadian market, Would be completely epic if they hit as a Non-Restricted firearm as well. if not i can always go buy the HK SL8.

  • Zip

    I’ll believe it when I see it for sale as Ive said I have a cousin who works for Hk and they say crap like this all the time but 90% of the time they never come to pass specifically with HK.

  • TX_PNW

    great. and what can a civilian G36 do what a Colt LE6940 cannot do?
    let me think… probably costs a few hundred $ more at least, unlined barrel, POI shifts when the gun is hot after 2-3 mags in fast fire, lack of 3rd party parts, hard to install scopes/sights due to carry handle…. looks like a winner…. 😉