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  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Uhh, that doesn’t look anything like a shotshell, or any other type of cartridge. I mean, it’s kind of a neat design by itself, but I don’t see “firearm related” AT ALL when I look at that thing.

  • The_Sargentos

    If one wanted shotshell-resembling brass shot glasses, couldn’t one just buy a bunch of brass shotshells at a rate of a dollar or two apiece?

  • Clint Notestine

    looks like some kind of plumbing tool

  • Alexander

    Steve, you always take pride in your integrity as a blogger….

    If you want to be able to keep doing that, you should remove the subscription begging that pops up every article.

  • Blake

    Flashlights, packs, knives, etc: Yes

    $75 shotglasses?


  • dan citizen

    I think I get it… This is a gag article. It can’t be real because A) it doesn’t look at all like a shotshell. B) There are already shotshell shot glasses that look good. C) The price is ludicrous.

    Well, funny prank. Next time wait for April 1st.