Beautiful CAT Scanned Guns

We recently wrote about a artist in the UK who x-rayed firearms. A gun enthusiastic and collector from Jackson, Mississippi who has access to a $750,000 CAT scanner emailed us about the gun x-ray photos he prints and sells. The photos are absolutely beautiful.



Houston writes …

This project’s roots go back to a day when I had a receiver shipped to my office. A pair of curious workers, knowing my hobby decided to “take a peek” while not opening the package. They CAT scanned it and sent me the image via our instant messaging system as I was working off site that day. That’s when the lightbulb went off!

I experimented and continually refined the technique to make even more interesting images. I scanned various guns using a variety of methods to produce source images that were then refined. After two years and multiple generations of test prints I have produced what I feel are the best such images ever created. The prints are meant to be framed. They make for great man-cave art and is a very unique addition to any gun room.

The majority of these firearms are from my personal collection but some are loaners from friends. Most are BATFE registered transferable machine guns. The older firearms from WW2 are generally matching numbers (Curio and Relics) originals.Some have interesting pedigrees and stories behind them.

I’m continuously adding new designs as time allows. It’s not a simple process. Once the scan parameters have been tailored for a specific gun and the source images created they are tediously worked on by myself alongside my graphics designer. Then each requires a couple months or more of test printing at a professional print shop with each gun subsequently undergoing many revisions until you see the final print offered here.

I plan on getting one or two of these prints to mount in plain black frames and hang in my office. I just need to decide which ones I like the best. Prints can be ordered from Houston’s Etsy web store or from his website.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicholas Mew

    F%%K I want that Type 96 Machine Gun so bad.

  • FourString

    So bayootiful 😀

  • Dr.Rad

    Those are not computerized axial tomograms (CAT). They are simple xrays, or the use of a CT imager in a topogram/scout mode

    • Brandon

      They could be sagittal recons.

  • allannon

    I’ve been wanting a blueprint- or schematic-style picture or two for my office.

    Thanks for finding some for me. These will work perfectly.

  • Steve Truffer

    TFB, please stop with the popups, jeezus they’re irritating.

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        • Hipster Gunsmith

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      What kind of popups are you seeing? I read whenever I get the monthly emails, and I typically go through every highlighted article contained in the email. I haven’t had any popups (knock on wood).

  • AK-Dave

    I love these! They’re very unique. I’ll be getting these for all of the “gun” guys in my family.

  • Graham2

    This is all very nice but I can’t help thinking that CAT scanner might be better employed helping a few ill people. Just sayin’.

    • AK™

      The scanners aren’t in use 24 hours a day. I’ve asked the techs. They might even go days without using one. Of course I live in a small town,not a major city.

      • BuzzKillington

        Are you the one making these images? If so, could you please do one of an AR (or M4 — whichever is easier for you to get access to) in a SOPMOD block ii configuration? Bonus points if you could do a MK18. You would be guaranteed to get an order out of me. I want one that I can relate to with what I own. I do have a MK18 clone AR. Does it have to be perfect with a DD RIS ii rail? Of course not. But the SCAR photo’s have suppressors and optics. That’s something I would like to see, rather than a stock AR. I love being able to see the internals of the optics and suppressors in those two SCAR images.

    • BuzzKillington

      I’m sorry, but this comment is something I would expect to read on some article linked on Facebook or a national news website, written by a weenie Lib trying to gain some moral high ground with an out of left field comment in hopes to look like they “care.” Do you truly think this guy is setting patients out in the waiting room and telling them to “hold on” so he can take time to make these images? Do you? I don’t know any MTF’s with one of these that would allow their staff to play with the expensive equipment during work hours, rather than doing what they’re paid to be doing. He is almost certainly doing this after hours when they’re closed. Or at the very least when he is off the clock and there are no patients scheduled. That was an incredibly stupid comment. Akin to calling an AR-15 a “Ghost Gun.” Just sayin’.

  • DV

    Super cool

  • Nathaniel

    Now they just need to MRI a few guns!

    • John Kelly

      You can’t…

      • Lammo

        That’s why we need those dreaded evil plastic guns, so we can run them through an MRI. 🙂

      • ShadowHatesYou

        MRI is used on ferromagnetic materials all the time(IE, jet engines and airframes. Actually, whole aircraft at a time) to look for fractures. There are just certain requirements – like securing the item in question.

        • James

          Depending on the material there will probably artifact which won’t let you get a good view of it

  • Ryan

    That HK needs a heavy buffer! 😉

  • Ryan

    Maybe some full-sized decal or magnet versions to stick to the outside of your gun safe? Or a picture frame with storage within for the same rifle shown in the image…

  • Tenacious221

    Is the scanner machine in a hospital?

    If so, how does that work with the gun free zone act?

    • BuzzKillington

      That was my question. I would have to assume he’s at a private clinic.

    • Thracian Beast

      He may be a wizzard


    These are bada$$. Bought one of the 1911 prints for my FIL for xmas. So cool that I ordered one of the AR prints for myself. I also corresponded with Houston and he has plans for a bunch of other cool weapons to get in the scanner.


      Plus the standard frames he recommends are only $20 at Hobby Lobby

    • BuzzKillington

      That’s what I’m thinking about doing. Getting either the 1911, Garand, or M1 Carbine for my Father and Uncle for Xmas. Always good to get xmas shopping out of the way early. Those two love anything firearm related. But it is the uncommon things like this that are always a home run.

  • BuzzKillington

    I would love to see a SOPMOD Block ii clone AR or a MK18 clone AR (or M4 for either). Something with goodies hanging off of it (to include a suppressor and Aimpoint/Eotech/Elcan Spectre) like he has in the SCAR images. For $65 I know I want an AR or M4 image, but I would like it to be more than plane jane. I would especially like it to have something extra that any of my AR’s, like my SBR MK18 clone, has added to it. I have that Mark Fingar from Larue MK18 print with the layout of all of the accessories laying around it. Having a SOPMOD type AR/M4 in one of these images would guarantee my purchase.