New Reloading Components from Hornady

cartridge cases box

Hornady Manufacturing added a number of reloading components to its line-up recently.


  • .338 caliber, 285 grain A-MAX, BC: .720, SD: .356, MSRP: $50.59/100
  • 8mm, 170 grain SST, BC: .445, SD: .233, MSRP:  $42.08/100


  • .275 Rigby, MSRP: $50.59/50
  • .50 BMG Match Grade, MSRP: $131.92/20
  • 7x56R, MSRP: $50.39/50

neck wall thickness gauge

The company also added a new neck wall thickness gauge.  This gauge “helps identify neck thickness variations so you can sort and measure case necks or verify your neck turning operation – ultimately enhancing accuracy.”  It measures down to 0.0005″ and retails for $53.17.

Richard Johnson

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  • RogerCapiche

    “7x56R” Should that be 7.7x56R, a.k.a. .303 British?

    • neoconfection

      Yeah, very odd.

  • WPZ

    Now, if you could only find Hornady components for sale somewhere, besides .375 rifle bullets and other such.
    Haven’t seen .357 XTPs in so long I can’t remember what they look like.

  • Lance

    Darn still no brass case reloadable 5.45x39mm? That sucks!!!

  • neoconfection

    Wasn’t Hornady’s mantra through the ammo shortage that they would be producing a greater quantity of fewer items? This seems very strange to me.