New Apex Tactical Products

Apex Tactical Shield Trigger

In the company’s fall newsletter, Apex Tactical announced they were working on several new products.  Among them is a replacement trigger for the Smith & Wesson Shield pistol.  Apex Tactical stated this trigger is an “utmost priority” for the company, and they hope to release it by Christmas 2013.  Expected MSRP: $76.95.

Other products the company is working on:

  • armorer’s block tooling plate
  • magazine extensions for SIG Sauer, Springfield Armory XD, Smith & Wesson Sigma, and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols
  • extractors for Glock pistols chambered in .40 S&W and .45 ACP

Richard Johnson

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  • Sid

    Because S&W does not sell those guns with a trigger already installed?

    • LT

      They’re not all that good. The Apex kit is the best replacement on the market.

    • APEX action kits make the M&P much easier to shoot well. The trigger comes out at 4 pounds with a short reset and smooth pull. I’ve even heard to them as a 1911 trigger for a plastic gun

      • gggplaya

        I have the duty/carry apex trigger in my M&P, it’s the tits. A night and day difference from the factory trigger. Extremely smooth up until you hit a well pronounced sharp wall, when you hit that wall, you know it’s only another mm before it trips. Then after the shot, the reset is well defined and extremely tactile in feel, very pronounced. The factory trigger was very mushy, it was hard to feel anything, almost like the break was floating around somewhere. I was never consistent with the factory trigger. $100 is not alot to spend on a trigger when it makes the gun shoot so freaking perfect.

  • Mercaptan

    Still waiting on an M&P 9mm FS barrel… or did that get shelved indefinitely?

  • Ryan

    $76.95 for a trigger? Must come with free next day air shipping and a sticker…

  • Thom

    Really wish they would make a Glock trigger of similar quality. I’d buy one for each Glock I own.