Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler

franklin arsenal rotary tumbler

Franklin Arsenal announced the company would be releasing a new rotary tumbler in 2014.  The tumbler is specifically designed to use stainless steel media rather than corn cob, walnut or other traditional media.

Tumblers are used by reloaders to clean and polish brass.  Many tumblers are upright, vibratory units.  Generally, heavy duty units are configured as rotary tumblers like this one.

Franklin Arsenal states the unit will process up to 1,000 pieces of .223 brass at a time.  No suggested retail price was announced.

Richard Johnson

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  • Julio

    Looking at the build (plastic), and FA’s typical pricing, this could get a lot more people into cleaning with S/S media. I look forward to seeing how they price it.

  • Mike N.

    It’s hard to tell but judging from the size of the knob the main tank looks to be about the same size or smaller than a Thumlers model B. Hopefully it should be under $150 — a Thumlers model B can easily be had for $185 and is all metal. Mine has been extremely reliable and has cleaned thousands of cases in the two years or so I’ve had it.

    Give It’s estimated size I highly doubt you can process 1000 pieces of .223 at once. With 5 pounds of stainless pins, the practical maximum in a Thumlers is around 100 pieces of .308 sized brass or 200 pieces of .223. Any more and you slow it down and peen the case mouths as the cases collide with each other.

    • JaxD

      I’ve been using my model B for 23 years. As a jeweler and reloader, it gets run often. The only thing changed in all these years are the drive belts. It is indestructible.

    • Dave Harris

      It’s twice as big as the model B

    • Dave Harris

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I bought their euro version(220V) vibratory tumbler and rotary media separator. They both work great!