9mm iPod Case

The website ShapeWays allows designers to sell their 3D-printable products. When a customer orders a design, Shapeways prints it on-demand and cuts the designer in on the profits. A reader emailed us about a nifty iPhone case with integrated 9mm cartridge holder listed on the site . If you are packing a 2-round derringer pistol, this might just be the case for you!

Thanks to Antonio for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • antonio guns

    i think it’s only for iphone 5

  • gunslinger

    wasn’t this the same company that shut down a bunch of “vendors” because they were making gun parts (which were legal to be made)

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Will they make a seven round NY compliant version? I’d hate to get arrested for possession of a high-capacity phone.

  • Lance

    What no 5.56mm IPhone case???

  • wetcorps

    While they were at it, they could have made one where the bullets fit vertically so you could use your phone as a C96 stripper clip.

  • joe mama

    i’m all for this, if it could fit iphone 4s