New Henry Rifles for 2014

henry arms

Henry Repeating Arms recently announced several new guns that the company will make in 2014.

One of the newly announced guns is a deluxe engraved edition of the .44-40 original Henry rifle.  This will be a limited run of 1000 guns that have a American walnut stock and engraved hardened brass receiver.  MSRP will be $3,495.

Another of the new guns will be the American Farmer Tribute Edition.  This rifle will be part of the Golden Boy .22 LR line and will have farm theme embellishments on the gun.  MSRP will be $1,020.  A second Golden Boy tribute gun will be made for coal miners and will sell for the same price.

Oil workers will be commemorated in the Big Boy American Oilman Tribute rifle chambered in .44 Magnum.  This gun will have embellishments similar to the Golden Boy tribute rifles.  MSRP will be $1,450.

Richard Johnson

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  • I have been putting off buying a Henry 22 caliber lever action rifle for several years now. 2014 seems like it may be the right year to buy!

  • Asdf

    $3,495!?!? And I thought $1100 for a Uberti was bad.

  • Roo

    Good lord! Their rifles are beautiful, but that is just overpriced. Also, the popup to subscribe to the newsletter is VERY off putting. Please, reconsider it.

  • Clint Notestine

    probably will never be shot… so pointless

  • Steve Truffer

    Dear lord, stop with the damn popup…

  • Kyle

    I think they should be fielding more of their .45-70 rifles before they make any ceremonial guns

  • Jeff

    Just bought my first Henry, a Big Boy, looks beautiful. Haven’t shot it yet. I am gearing up to cast my own bullets, haven’t done that for many years, the fun has begun.was excited to see the return of the original Henry. But at 3500 I will move to my other wish list gun, a sharps rifle customized the way I want it. Hope Henry comes out with a standard version in other calipers. Why give only 1000 people a safe queen when tens of thousands want to shoot one.