Guatemala to buy guns from IWI, Glock & Beretta

The Guatemala National Police have decided to purchase $3,792,907 worth of guns from IWI, Glock & Beretta. They will be buying submachine guns from IWI and 9mm pistols from the other two companies.

Apparently the Police purchase came significantly under budget, but the press are blasting them for not enough transparency (you show me a weapon deal, and I will show you a weapon deal that the mainstream press have criticized).

Thanks to the readers who sent this in.

Steve Johnson

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  • tomassino

    oh fuck, Guatemalans write numbers in a weird form

    • Tinkerer

      Guatemala’s currency name is “Quetzal”(symbolized “Q”) which has an exchange rate of about 8 Quetzals per US$. Keeping that in mind, the Beretta price (Q3,623.53) would rate at about US$450, while the Glock price of Q3.426.78 would be about US$428, and IWI’s Q13.334.72 for SMGs would convert into about US$1666.

  • Rich Guy

    Why Glock AND Beretta I wonder? Also, anybody know what models they will be buying?

    • Esh325

      I honestly don’t get it either. I think it would be better to just choose 1 brand of pistols.

    • hallan

      Glock is probably for the tactical teams who don’t need a manual safety and want that rapid fire ability of a Glock.

  • Jonathan

    They’re buying 14,142 pistols from Beretta, 3000 Glocks, and 100 submachine guns from IWI for about 3.7 million dollars. Sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Lance

    I like it give options to Polce members on what pistol they like some like a Striker fire Glock some may want the SADA Beretta 92FS. Cool to see the UZI solder on.

  • Caligula

    It’s noteworthy that they didn’t buy any Taurus garbage.