Akdal 1919 12 Gauge “AR-15″ Shotgun Review

Turkey’s gun laws, which allow semi-automatic shotguns but not semi-automatic rifles, lead to all sorts of rifle-patterned shotguns that the Turks use for both hunting and plinking. All Outdoor has reviewed the Akdal 1919 12 Gauge AR-15-patterned shotgun

We’ve all asked for it — an AR-15 format gun that shoots 12 Gauge shotgun shells. It seems like a simple request, but if it was so simple someone would have done it sooner. Ucyildiz Arms of Turkey took on the challenge by developing the Akdal 1919, and they’ve come closer than anyone has before with something feels and shoots like a 12 gauge AR-15. It is not quite an AR-15 format, but it’s really, really close.

Steve Johnson

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  • Julio

    There’s an interesting modified fore-end on offer here: http://www.toothandnailarmory.com/product/TN010XN.html, and I see that a member with the same moniker has posted pics of a collapsible-stock modification on ARFcom.

    • hami

      The stock adapter is listed for sale on that website. Looks like it’s not drop in and there is some modification needed.

  • bbmg

    Not as pretty as this one: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/02/12/12-gauge-ar-10-based-shotgun-now-a-reality/ – but much more likely to succeed if it doesn’t need proprietary ammunition.

    • SLUG36

      Prexis had a short run of uppers. the 12 g fit on a AR10 lower. and the .410 would fit on a standard ar15 lower.

  • sdog

    I have one of these, it sucks, too hard to take apart to clean, lots of cool aftermarket stuff out thee for it, but take down on this thing rivals hi-point quality. I can’t wait go get rid of mine.

    • st4

      Have a pal who pretty much said the same thing about his. Hasn’t looked back after he replaced it with an FNH SLP.

  • Zugunder

    Why not just go with some sort of saiga? Don’t get me wrong, AR-15 good platform, accurate and all… but does it matter when it comes to shotguns?

    • dan citizen

      The Saiga is the definitive assault shotgun. The Akdal is not even close to the Saiga’s capabilities.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Or the VEPR 12, if you don’t mind paying a premium price up front for a heavy-duty, full-equipped Mil-Spec tactical12-gauge straight out of the box.

        • dan citizen

          very true.

          I liked building my saiga, but the vepr is definitely better out of the box.

  • dan citizen

    Let’s keep it real here. The Akdal is pretty much a remington 1100 knockoff action wearing an AR costume.

    This weapon is a poorly designed and manufactured monstrosity without the ergonomics or interchangeability that it’s appearance implies.

    Likely this will go the way of the Volunteer Arms Commando.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Wow, I haven’t heard the VAC mentioned in years! I seem to recall, though, that as long as one worked with their idiosyncrasies and limitations, they could be reasonably reliable and a lot of fun for a relatively low price.

      • dan citizen

        I rebuilt one a while back (middle of receiver gone from a gun buyback) and it seemed practical and well built, but it was no thompson.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    How does this avoid the DD designation that the last few incarnations of 12 ga. AR’s have gotten. (Like the Daewoo/USAS)?

  • Ilgar Değirmenci

    Funny thing is , you can’t buy that shotgun in Turkey AFAIK. They just don’t sell . Or was it UTS15 ?

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Hi, IIgar :

      Could you tell us a bit more about the general criteria for firearms purchases and ownership in Turkey? It’s always interesting to compare the different rules and laws, and the reasoning behind them.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Ilgar Değirmenci

        It was UTS15 I remember , first ; to buy a gun it must have complying parts with the laws here .
        Second , need the approval of Turkish Police (EGM) to go on sale. That bothers the manufacturer ,not the customer. But there is literally NO market for rifles in here , and no proper rifle manufacturers . Because of that only company which makes rifles is state owned MKE , and they screw everything (they came up with a copy of the HK416 and call it the first Designed in Turkey rifle).For the very same reason Turkish companies work mostly for American civilian market.

        (FYI ; 1 USD is roughly about 2 Turkish Liras)

        For Rifles(w/o rifled barrel;shotgun);
        1000 TL* for Permits just to own , if you want to carry it around you have to pay 3000 TL more.

        Rifled barreled Rifles ; , you can’t own one directly , first you need to have permit to have “no rifled barrel rifle” and then the permit for this, which is gonna cost you a lot , about 3000-4000 TL just for this plus another 3000-4000 for the shotgun permit(which is a must) , just for permits,maybe even more. You have to pay 10.000 TL just for permits , let’s say 5000 Dollars , without the rifle itself .And the rifles are quite expensive too as no one buys rifled barreled rifles How sad ,isn’t it .

        Have to be +21 , need to have clear rap sheet , Need have a health examine etc .

        Summary ; You need to have lots of money and bit of “help” from EGM .

        That’s all I know , Maybe the laws changed , maybe I have less/wrong info , But I tried to help as much as I could.
        (pardon my English , I am having hard time translating the terms)

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Hi, llgar :

          Thanks very much for answering my request, and for the enlightening information. It was very kind of you to take the time and make the effort, and I certainly learned a lot more. Please don’t apologize for the English translation — the underlying meaning came through quite clearly! Your help is greatly appreciated :).

          • Ilgar Değirmenci

            Glad I was helpful 🙂

  • Sadly enough, these were classified as an “AR-15 variant” in Canada. Completely different internals, but that silhouette was enough 🙁