Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

Caldwell Choronograph kit

There are a variety of chronographs on the market designed for shooters.  Some are more accurate than others, but all of them seem to have clunky interfaces that use archaic technologies like RS232 ports.  The new Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph may not be the perfect chronograph, but might offer some advantages over existing units.

The unit can connect to a device running iOS such as the iPhone and iPad via an included audio cable.  Shot data is displayed on your iPhone, and the free app allows you to save data on the phone, export it via e-mail or both.  Since the interface does not use a proprietary Apple cable, I would expect that an Android app could be developed for the unit as well.

Caldwell claims the chronograph is more accurate than competitors due to a circuit with a relatively fast processor, advanced data interface and the ability to calibrate it after the unit is assembled.

Caldwell Choronograph

Standard data is measured and calculated including velocity, average velocity of shot strings, standard deviation and spread.  Also recorded are environmental conditions.

Caldwell will offer the unit as a stand alone unit that includes a carry bag and sun screens.  Additionally, a premium kit will include a tripod and light kit.  The light kit is mandatory if you plan on using it on an indoor range.  No MSRP has been announced, and the units should ship in 2014.

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  • Bruce

    Awesome! Instead of using an open interface we’ll use a proprietary one! Why didn’t I think of tying my product to only one other company! That said, it looks like a nice chrony with any easy to read display.

    • RocketScientist

      It uses the standard 3.5mm TRS port (headphone jack) not Apples propietary data/charging connector. “Since the interface does not use a proprietary Apple cable, I would expect that an Android app could be developed for the unit as well.” So the only thing keeping you from hooking up an android/windowsphone/windowspc/linux/fortran/whatever based system to it is software for your device to interpret the signal coming in that TRS port. Given the love the developer community has for android and the open nature of its code, I don’t see it being too long before there is an app on GooglePlay for that. Or you could write one.

      • Callum King-Underwood

        its probably bit banging TTL serial over the mic channel anyway. UART RX on a headphone channel and UART TX on mic channel are both well documented hacks on android, iOS, OSX, windows and linux. With an external level converter that can even become a full RS232 port if you wish (which I would hazard to call archaic)

  • gunslinger

    no bluetooth connectivity?

    no android love?

    sorry, that’s a big old down vote in my eyes.

    • bobomatic

      usb cannot travel over 15′ of cable. bluetooth jacks the price way up. headphone jack works with any smart phone. pretty cool I’d say.