ATI/GSG MP-40: More Info and Shipping Estimate


American Tactical Imports (ATI) showed the .22 LR GSG MP-40 at the 2011 SHOT Show, but has yet to deliver any to the public.  But, it looks like that will change in the coming months.

As you might imagine, there has been pent-up demand for such a gun.  Unfortunately, US gun control laws makes the sale of an exact clone difficult, as the shoulder stock plus a shorter than 16″ barrel makes the gun a “short barrel rifle” (SBR) and subject to additional scrutiny.

ATI will address the SBR issue by offering two variants of the MP-40:  a rifle version with a folding stock and faux suppressor, and a pistol version with an original length barrel and the stock permanently locked in the folded position.

ATI states the guns will be available in the Spring of 2014.  No MSRP was announced.

Richard Johnson

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  • Bruce

    I’d rather have it in 9mm, at least I could get ammo for it.

    • zeos

      i was about to say the same thing

    • Juice

      9mm would also feel more ‘authentic’ than .22.

    • wetcorps

      It would definitely be more stylish than today’s pistol caliber carbines ^^

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Couldn’t they just hack the stock off, remove the fake suppressor, and sell it as a pistol? Or does the magazine well count as a forward pistol grip, rendering it an AOW?

    • tehlulz

      can you read?

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        Haha my bad. Thanks for the friendly jab.

  • Maxpwr

    Since we have to live with the 16″ barrel without going the SBR route,, I’d prefer they just put a 16″ exposed black barrel on it rather than add a stupid looking suppressor on the end. I’ll buy one even with the fake suppressor, though, if that’s my only standard option in the rifle format.

    • Cymond

      The false suppressor is probably removable (they usually are), so you can probably just remove it and have the barrel cerakoted black.

      • Maxpwr

        According the the original article on this firearm posted last year on this site it said the suppressor would be permanently installed so in this case they probably aren’t removable. Just wish they’d leave it off because a suppressor on an MP40 is no more “authentic” looking than a 16″ barrel. Just give me the 16″ barrel.

      • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

        No they are not my friend I brought a .22 Mp5 with a fake suppressor and it don’t come off my friend it will be a welled to the gun just like the .22 MP5 at the big 5 stores

        • Cymond

          Well that’s just really dumb. They should be removable. I know most of the original GSG-5 shrouds were.

      • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

        No my friend with these new gun the suppressor ant be remove I brought a MP5 with a fake suppressor and u can’t remove it without messing the weapon up and yes it’s a .22 caliber and I just got the AR-15 in the .22 caliber

  • BryanS

    Hopefully our children will look at these replicas and their faux suppressors and pinned stocks the same way we look at the 1980’s versions of muscle cars… The horrible creations based on stupid regulation.

  • Cknarf

    It would sure be nice to get these in something other than .22.

    Still pretty badass if you ask me.

  • JT

    Can’t they get around the legal caliber issues somehow?

    • Maxpwr

      This company only makes firearms in .22 so no, they probably have no intent in making it in any other caliber. The only way to make a rifle version in 9mm is to make it in the US. A 9mm pistol version with the stock welded closed could be imported, but mostly likely an entirely different company would do that if there was enough interest. If you wanted an all steel pistol version 9mm MP40 imported from overseas that looked and felt like an original MP40 (minus the stock) it would probably cost a couple thousand dollars.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    GSG has been making .22LR replicas of well-known full-caliber military weapons for awhile now. The quality and durability of their products is well-proven and they provide a very cost-effective way for gun owners to enjoy the look and feel of weapons that are otherwise too expensive or too difficult to obtain. Too bad they have to compromise to a certain extent regarding authenticity to meet BATFE regulations. Still, I’d give them an “A” for effort and creativity.

  • David Sharpe

    I’d love to see this here in Canada. Hopefully it will be made available.

  • charles

    time for the atf to wake and let the people have their ww2 semi auto clones with no stupid restrictions this technology is over 70years old

  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    If we push to have it in a 9MM they will make it cause I just don’t see them just making it in a .22 no way and if I’m wrong then shame on them cause they suppose to give what the ppl want I will take it in a .22 and 9MM both would be just fine but the 9MM greater so make it for the ppl who you want too but it

    • Cymond

      American Tactical Imports brings in guns from several manufacturers in a variety of calibers, but GSG only makes guns in 22LR. Any other caliber would require a significant change in materials and manufacturing methods.

      As another example, look at Umarex (Walther P22, HK MP-5-22, Colt M-4 22, HK-416 22, etc). Rimfire guns in 22LR are on the upper end of their power spectrum. Umarex also makes airsoft guns. There’s a pretty big difference between rimfire guns made from polymer & zinc alloys vs a serious centerfire made from stamped steel.

      On a personal note, please consider using punctuation.

  • R105

    Can they make a MP-40 in 22LR in the original German WWII configuration for someone who don’t mind paying the $200.00 tax stamp to the BATFE to own one legally?

  • R105

    Better to have a folding stock MP-40 with a 16 inch barrel than a hokey flash suppressor. I would pay the $200.00 BATFE tax stamp fee to have one made in the correct WWII configuration myself.

  • dmcgraw7

    I almost like it, but that faux suppressor is dopey. It could have been great without the stupid regulations. I’ll wait for the pistol/pinned stock version. GSG should also make an M3 Greaser.

  • dsm7

    I want to love it, but the faux suppressor just makes me cringe. I will however buy the pistol version as soon as it becomes available. Soon I hope.