SI CheckMate Compensator

Strike Industries have added a new compensator to their line of muzzle brakes. The SI CheckMate Compensator, named after its close resemblance to a castle chess piece, is a single baffle brake with an offset top port optimized for right handed shooters (lefties, this is not for you). The four serrated V-shaped prongs offer some flash reduction and can be used for glass breaking or other tasks that require a sharp end.



A Youtuber did a review of here …

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  • ithejury

    Looks awfully similar to the Rainier Arms XTC.

  • DW

    Always wanted to play chess with choke tubes and muzzle brakes.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Great minds think alike. I emailed them to say I want to see that chess for sale. Those other pieces resemble shotgun choke tubes.

  • Jackie

    Nice aggressive looking. It should preform the same as other one baffle compensators.

  • Laserbait

    Made in taiwan?! I’ll pass…

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      You probably wrote that on a computer made in Taiwan 😉

      • Laserbait

        True, but I have no choice when it comes to computers. There are none made in the US anymore.

        But with muzzle devices, I do have a choice. And I’d rather keep supporting American manufacturers.

        • Sam Hernandez

          Strike Industries is an American owned company. Taiwan is our ally. Taiwan can produce the same level or quality for less than the US. Taiwan is not China. It is a technologically forward, highly-educated Democratic society. Would you complain if they were made in Switzerland or Germany? No, I didn’t think so. What you meant to say was “I’d rather keep supporting white folk”.

  • schizuki

    I already have a compensator. It’s a Harley with loud pipes.

  • Suburban

    King, queen, rook, bishop, knight, pawn, /castle/? <:-)

  • guest

    This compensator porn has to stop. And the sooner the better.

    Someone needs to one day to a proper, impartial, measured test including at least the following:
    1) Several types of ammo shot from same rifle
    2) Acoustic measurements for all comps from various angles (operator-end, downrange close, further out, and on the sides),
    3) Same thing – camera shots of all angles to measure flash
    4) Same thing again, with a LUX measurement device, to back up photos with numbers.
    5) All numbers presented on charts and 360-degree graphs.
    6) Recoil measurements
    and finally side-by-side comparison of all acquired data.

    Until that is done this “oh look we have prongs that look so cool, barbs, teeth, the finish etc” porn is going to continue and people will continue buying stuff that just looks “aggressive”, or “bada***” etc. This seriously has to stop. This is some consumerist show-off obsession fed by too many manufacturers who sell nothing but GUNPORN… until someone actually confirms/busts their claims of performance.

    • I imagine several writers would take that on except for a few things. The cost of several types of ammo, buying a LUX device, device to measure decibel levels, recoil measurement device.Then buying 5 or 6 comps at say $100 a pop. That’s most likely upwards of $1200 at the very minimum.
      While it would be great to do these test the expense is far more than we could spend on that type of article.

      • guest


        I remember reading someplace an article about ammo wear, you probably know the one that my memory fails to remember, the one where they shot three different rifle’s barrels out with three types of ammo – that’s what, 5000$ minimum? Maybe more. I am not saying arrogantly that someone should do this and not care about the money, what I am saying is that kind of definitive testing is needed and until that is done then unfortunately all comparisons will be on the amateurish level of many Hi-Fi system enthusiasts – by very, very biased “feel” and “sense”. Shooting is a science and it requires the due diligence that comes with it.

        • Cymond

          Yeah, that was a major test funded by Lucky Gunner Labs. It probably helped that Lucky Gunner is an ammo shop, so they basically donated some of their inventory. I believe they also financed the cost of the carbines, but I may be mistaken.

    • SI RD

      Hi there, I am one of SI R&D members. This comp took us half year from design to product. We use high speed camera and accelerometer to find the best combination. Even more, we compared our products with others.
      We know what we are doing and there are a lot of data support our products.
      Please come to join our facebook. We always post our testing progress on FB and discuss with our fans!

      • guest


        I am not using Facebook anymore and don’t plan on going back to it, so unfortunately I can not join your page. I have to be honest and say I did zero research on your company and your product, but I trust your claims about research you did and all the effort you put in it.
        But unfortunately, and this is an unavoidable fact, every manufacturer places their products in a favourable light compared to others.
        Buyers need a definitive, impartial test done by a third party, and as Phil here said if he would do a test that would require money. Perhaps you should send him his comp, and if every other manufacturer does likewise their test would be less costly and more likely to take place.

    • wetcorps
  • BillC

    I have never ever been attracted to any product by Strike before. For some reason though. I want this. It’s at the top of the Christmas list I gave to my wife.