Unity Tactical EXO Mount For Weapon Lights

The Unity Tactical EXO is a replacement mount for Surefire’s X-Series weapon lights. The polymer mount adds protective wings over the light switches to prevent accidental activation during storage, which will drain the battery, or during a use, which could alert your target or other hostile actors to your presence.  The mount costs $29.99 and is compatible with Surefire X200, X300 and X300U lights.



Exo-pic6 Exo-pic7

Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    “The polymer mount adds protective wings…”

    and I’m sure it keeps you feeling fresh and fragrant all day long 😀

    • Nicks87

      OOOOOOO baby! That was funny! Thank you.

    • Mystick

      I try not to let my gun get that “not so fresh” feeling….

  • James Bunten

    Heat issues from a can or muzzle break? And is that an AAC can??????