CH Rapid Release System Holster

Fobus Holster

Fobus Holsters introduced a new line of retention holsters for Glock and Heckler & Koch handguns.  The new holsters, called the CH Rapid Release System, uses a paddle device on the exterior of the holster to release the gun during the draw.  The system appears to be similar to the Blackhawk SERPA.

MSRP is $39.99.  The specific models of Glock and H&K pistols these holsters will fit were not announced.  Fobus expects to release models in 2014 for the Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield Armory XD, Beretta PX4 Storm and Taurus PT 24/7 Gen 1 handguns.

Richard Johnson

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  • Joe Philbin

    Any word on release for 1911 models?

  • David

    Friend don’t let friends carry Fobus

  • JD

    Looks safer than a SERPA, but at a price point only about $15 shy of an ALS.

    • Nicks87

      Yeah looks like it puts your trigger finger closer to the slide and away from the trigger guard (where it should be) when operating the release. I’m surprised Fobus beat Blackhawk to the punch on this one especially after all the complaints.

  • Lance

    Yawn another SERPA knock off.

  • Sam Cadle (TFB)

    I will stick to my SERPA… Been 6 years, and still a great holster. Every time I find something new and exciting and try it, I still end up back at my SERPA.