CWA EXoSKELETON GSG and Sig 1911-22 Slides

The GSG .22lr 1911 is a pretty neat pistol, unless you’re one of those purist who thinks John M. Browning’s gift to mankind should only be chambered in .45acp. That’s a topic for another post. With the rising cost of .45acp, .22lr versions of the 1911 have been gaining in popularity. Just like with many other popular firearms, the aftermarket is starting to come up with new parts and mods to trick out the GSG 1911, as well as the Sig 1911-22 which is essentially the same pistol. CW Accessories makes some pretty cool parts for the GSG 1911, their newest is the¬†EXoSKELETON slide.


One of the downfalls of the GSG 1911 is its slide. The cast made slide just isn’t durable. It dents and scratches extremely easily and has been known to crack. CWA’s new EXoSKELETON slides are CNC machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum billet and hard anodized. CWA skeletonized their new slide to reduce weight, opened up the ejection port and strengthened a few key areas to ensure their slides would last much longer than the factory GSG slides. The new CWA slide will be available in two configurations, one that will accept the factory sights and one that will allow you to mount a red dot sight. Pricing hasn’t been announced, or a release date, but CWA has a sign-up form on their website¬†to keep customers in the loop.

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  • Kyle

    This is welcome news. The slide on my GSG came new from the factory with pitting and other blatant imperfections. Far from the highest quality. Maybe this CWA slide will also help alleviate some of the FTF/FTE problems I’ve had with my pistol as well. I know these types of things are inherrent to .22LR, but my GSG rarely comes out of the safe because it seems like I always spend more time clearing jams than actually shooting it.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Why would anyone buy a pistol with obvious casting flaws? Is this one of those cheap west Europe name brands with low bid east European parts? Geoff Who wasn’t all that impressed with .22LR clones. Especially since he got suckered into a Walther P22.

  • skibum92

    Will someone please make a replacement slide for the SIG Mosquito? Mine broke into several pieces and SIG wants $300 to fix it.