Stag Arms Model 1 Rifle Giveaway!

Stag Arms has partnered with to give you the opportunity to win a Model 1 rifle! Two secondary prizes will also be given away so make sure to share this giveaway with your friends!

Prizes: We will be giving away three prizes.
Prize #1) Model 1 rifle
Prize #2) $200 gift certificate
Prize #3) T-shirt/hat combo

How to Enter:
1. Enter your email

For Additional Entries:
1. LIKE both company pages
2. Share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook

Giveaway ends on November 30, 2013. The winners will be chosen the week of December 1st. Make sure you read the giveaway terms and conditions before you enter.

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  • curry

    cool i hope i win

  • Goran Sablic

    Very good maschine -gun.

    • Leonardo Padrino

      Yeah, “Machine gun”.

  • rath150

    I am old and really am deserving

  • Joe

    So where am I supposed to enter the e-mail? In the newsletter spot, or in this post?

    But yeah, who can refuse a free gun?

  • Reginald

    The link goes to…rifle-giveaway/ — which is invalid. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • I put directions in. Enter the information within the post. Follow the steps and it will give you a congrats you entered.

  • Alex Jablokov

    link takes people to a site that says ‘oops not found’?

  • Eric Dimoff

    Hmm — I think I entered! 🙂 Not sure LOL

  • bobby

    I did a butt load on spam for my friends.. Good luck all..

  • William M. Walker Jr.
  • Thomas Bennett

    very cool!…would love to win this!..


  • Chris Barnes

    I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win.

  • Thomas Bennett

    this would be so nice to win!..shared on all my “social media”…either way the site is great,a lot of great stuff,with info i can actually use..thanks for the opportunity!..greatly appriciated!..:-)

  • alfredo

    I hope I win!

  • Victor Galbraith

    Count me in!

  • Victor Galbraith
  • Charles Dutcher Jr
  • Isaac Abed-rabo

    I subscribed to the newsletter, does that mean I’m entered?

  • Joe

    It looks like the entry box is appearing and disappearing at random times, because I managed to enter properly, refreshed the page like a half-hour later, and found the “Sweet, You’re Entered” box gone before I refreshed it about a minute ago and found it was back again.

  • Charles Dutcher Jr

    ok it worked this time

  • dave

    It only works on internet explorer ! It never works on Mozilla. I had to take the header info and enter it into my IE browser to make it work.

  • schizuki

    How about disqualifying the people who are posting their e-mail in the comments? Anything to improve my chances… bwahaha…

  • Ted Eng

    It won’t accept my email address:

  • V1scera

    Man, not using other social media really limits my chances… FB, no Twitter…..but I’m gonna try anyway.

  • j

    this is crap way to try and do a contest, the submission area disappears as soon as page loads….

    • I haven’t seen that happen. Are you saying the entire page goes or just the entry box? Did you enter?
      It’s the first time we’ve used this service so you don’t know until you try it out.

  • Joshua Oxley

    yes please

  • This is what the entry page should look like. Don’t forget to check the rules box.

    • Camille Marie

      oh yeah? where is it? it sure isn’t showing up on THIS webpage

    • Mike S

      I”m not seeing it either. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE10

    • Bill

      Not seeing it on Safari.

    • Jon M

      Still not showing here. Tried Firefox,IE, Chrome… all 3 not showing where to enter the email address.

    • Scott

      I’ve tried IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari – No entry box.

    • HAHA-TFB

      This is the epitome of marketing fail. No link to where we are supposed
      to enter. No help in the post itself, but you have to go to the
      comments. And what is posted as an image still doesn’t even show up anywhere at TFB or Stag. Try better next time boys, because you tripped and fell badly, and we’re all laughing at you.

      • If you want to gripe at someone try the company we used to create this giveaway. We won’t be using them again.
        We’re trying to fix it ourselves.
        By the way don’t use fake names.

  • Robert Davis

    Fuck facebook.

  • Cameron

    I was stunned when I scrolled down and the comment section had complaints about social media. I don’t have social media either, but what right do you have to whine about a company giving away a free thing? Entitled people have really reached critical mass.

    Thanks to Stag and TFB for the opportunity.

  • Linda Meranda

    All done. Thanks for the chance. Definitely a hubby approval contest

  • Linda Meranda

    I’m not able to pulled up entry form shown, but have done everything else. I usually have no problems with that contest app?

  • Daniel Carr

    I want to enter… but I can’t, no box!

  • Roo

    STILL no entry form on this page. I’ve tried 2 different computers and 4 different browsers.

  • Dan K

    No entry form – I signed up for your email notifications by mistake. IS there a good link?

  • Trisha Scott

    I see no where to enter. looks like im not alone on that. do u have a link to the entry form?

  • We have had some difficulties with the program we signed up to use for this giveaway. We have contacted the company concerning the problem. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Denise Connolly

    Great Christmas gift for the man I love!

    • big daddy

      We need more women like you.

  • XM16E1

    Nice prize, too bad its not extended to readers of TFB who can meet ITAR export requirements. Good luck to all the entrants, someone’s going to be really happy.

  • Sadler

    I’m failing to understand why you have to be 21 or older in order to win a long gun. It’s the same in every other contest too. Oh well, good luck to those entered.

    • That’s just the law. Some states go lower in age but we have to make it fit all state laws.

      • Sadler

        I am unaware of any state that requires you to be 21 to purchase and/or own a long gun.

        • Jack

          Must be 21 in California.

          • Sadler

            Unless the law has changed there in the last 18 months (since I moved to Arizona), that is untrue.

          • They are working on being something like 23 for a handgun. I don’t know how that’s progressed though.

            Illinois and the District of Columbia has minimum of 21 age on purchasing long guns.

        • California and about three others that I don’t recall right off.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    @ Denise Connolly & Linda Meranda :

    I honestly hope your respective husbands truly appreciate and understand how incredibly lucky they are to have supportive and understanding wives like you. Wishing all a meaningful and wonderful winter season to come!

  • JLR84

    I miss the days when you could enter drawings without “Liking” things on Facebook.

    • True—I don’t think you have to like Facebook unless you want extra entries

    • Matthew Alexander

      Really!! I hate FB and will never be able to enter contests that support it!

  • Thomas Bennett

    man i want this soo bad!..way behind the eight ball in preparedness..make great addition for so many reasons..did i mention just how bad i would like to win this!hope admins take notice..:-)..thanks again for great guys are the best..great info,everyday..

  • kelly Nicholson

    I need this before barry the kenyan bans them

  • Rob Donaldson

    never win, but its hard to resist! Semper Fi

  • alihaider

    This my 1st. experiences in such kind of giveaway.Thanks a lot for the opportunity so created by your good offices.

  • Thomas Bennett

    i am here am here for my daily,shameless display of begging & letting you know just how badly i want this..will make a youtube video to prove real ppl win!..don’t think my nose can get any back tomm when i think off seriously you guys are great!!:-)

  • Jamie

    Why isn’t the entry form coming up?

  • Thomas Bennett

    i’ll like all sites they recomend if i win this beast..

  • lefty22

    Is the form messed up or is it me? Can’t seem to find it?

  • Dan

    The entry page has been messed up for a couple days now, any idea when it will be fixed?

  • Angelo

    The page will not let me sign up.

  • FuddyDuddy

    what link to press to get to the page to sign up for the contest?

  • Wanda Clark

    Thanks for the chance to win this is sweet

  • tim royster

    i need this rifle and cant afford to buy one any time soon i love stag rifles

  • Dan McIntire

    Sure would be nice in my stocking this year!

  • Stonewalker

    I live in CA and have purchased from Stag before, they have a “CA” version of most products – so am I eligible to enter this contest?

  • walkthewalk

    the entry page is still down. wish i was here when it was working!

  • fandangoforever

    As a Canadian owner of a Stag-15, I’m always disappointed to see contests in which Canadians are not eligible. I’ve always considered myself extremely loyal to the US. I see the US and Canada in a big brother type relationship (no, we are not the big brother). I know there are likely many reasons why we are not included but just feel the need to express myself.


    Where should I fill in my personal information like house address?

    • HOORAH

      hmm and for another question! Is this event available for other countries?

  • William McKinlay

    It says +1 entry for each friend you refer, then it shows a link. But the link doesn’t lead anywhere. Am I supposed to copy/paste this link to all my friends’ pages?

  • Allen LeClaire

    This would make for a good Christmas.

  • Tommy J Eversole

    liked shared

  • Mary

    Heck with a gift for my husband… if I win, it’ll be for me!

  • mrr

    I don guess i just get one entry cause i dont tweet or face. to bad for u cause i have many gmail friends