Compact Trigger Tyme Training Pistol

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme

LaserLyte introduced a new training pistol that is a compact version of the existing Trigger Tyme trainers.  The new compact guns are roughly the size of the Smith & Wesson Shield and Springfield Armory XS-S pistols.

Unlike an actual striker fired pistol, the Trigger Tyme trainers do not require the user to cycle the slide to reset the striker.  Chris Cheng gave TFB readers a full run down of the existing LaserLyte training system, including the Trigger Tyme here.

MSRP on this unit is $49.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • john

    A good blowback airsoft pistol is a better training aid. My XDM is indistinguishable from the real thing when you hold it. Even the trigger is the same. I got it for $100 at

    With airsoft you can use standard paper targets and it recoils.You are not limited to an expensive laser target