Armenian Rifles Chambered in 300 BLK


Aspar Arms, an Armenian company, is chambering two rifles for the .300 BLK (aka .300 AAC BLACKOUT) cartridge: the AS300 and the ASR300.

The AS300 is an integrally suppressed AK-style rifle that is adorned with a variety of rails and has an adjustable length stock.  The barrel length is about 9.8″ and the gun has an overall length of about 36.2″.  The rate of fire is listed as 500 rounds/min.


The ASR300 is a bolt-action rifle that is also designed for use with a suppressor.  The gun uses a folding buttstock and a seven round, detachable magazine.  Barrel length is only 9.8″ and the suppressor adds another 10.2″ to the length.

Richard Johnson

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Well… I want the hell out of that bolt gun!

  • M. Toroian

    Are these going to be available in the US? Armenian small arms on the civilian market here are pretty much nonexistent AFAIK. Given that I’m of Armenian descent, along with the fact that I love all things AK, I’ve got to own one of these.

  • bbmg

    Interesting choice of caliber. The Russians developed the “уменьшенной скоростью” subsonic round variation of the AK round as far back as the 1960s, which fired a 7.62mm 193 grain bullet at 950 fps and would be broadly similar to the 300 Blackout in terms of performance, given the latter’s subsonic load fires a bullet just 27 grains heavier and 60 fps faster.

    The Soviets went on to adopt the necked out 9mm variation of the cartridge which in its “ball” SP-6 load fires a 260 grain bullet at 920 fps, due to the performance of the 7.62mm being “inadequate”. Given its good relations with Russia, presumably Armenian industry would have access to this caliber. Is it simply courting Western markets, or does the Blackout perform better?

    Certainly with a sectional density 18% greater and muzzle velocity 90 fps higher the Blackout should have a flatter trajectory and have better long range accuracy, though presumably in terms of damage to animate targets the 9 x 39mm has the edge due to its larger bullet.

    TL;DR, I want one of each!

  • hami

    I heard Will Hayden invented these

    • big daddy

      It’s neva been done be4.

  • iksnilol

    What is the point?

    You can handload 7.62×39 to subsonic and have the same if not better ballistics than .300 Blackout. This is like converting a 5.56 gun to 5.45 only this doesnt serve a purpose but make it more expensive.

    • bbmg

      If you’re selling this to a military or law enforcement entity, they will be more likely to purchase something that doesn’t need handloads. Besides, presumably if it can take 300 Blackout, then converting it to 5.56 NATO should only require the swapping out of a few components.

      • dilby

        Swapping from a 30 caliber to a .224 on an ak is very different than with an AR styled rifle. It would not really be worth the effort.

        • iksnilol

          Especially when you consider that the Russians have made a subsonic load for the 7.62×39. So straight out of the factory you have both supersonic and subsonic ammo.

          Not hating, I think it is cool but pointless. Why pay more for a relatively rare caliber (+ rechambering current guns) when you can just buy subsonic ammo?

          • bbmg

            Do the Russians still make subsonic 7.62 x 39 cartridges?

            This is their baby now when it comes to suppressed assault rifles and urban sniper rifles:

          • iksnilol

            I believe some units still use subsonic 7.62×39, but I cant prove it.

        • bbmg

          What I mean is that the 300 blackout was made to fit easily in platforms made for 5.56 – so it would appear to follow that an AK that can take 300 blackout would also be easy to convert in 5.56

    • vanaheym

      I think, that heavy 220Gr bullet shot from barrel with 1:8 twist will have better ballistics, then heavy (even handloaded) bullet, shot from native AK barrel.

  • The bolt gun actually reminds me of the WW2 British De Lisle Commando Carbine.

    • bbmg

      There are “modernized” versions of the De Lisle available:

      A recently released rifle that looks worthy to be a successor to the notorious silent carbine in my view is the McMillan CS5:

      • Nice! While doing research for a novel a couple of years ago, I went online and found that there were, here and there, companies that made custom De Lisle reproductions or kits. I had a “modernized” De Lisle with a bipod, low-power optic, and folding stock make an appearance. Been a “bucket-list” gun of mine ever since.

      • wetcorps

        A synthetic, railed DeLisle? Now I’ve seen everything.

        Look at what else can be found on their website:

        I tend to mindlessly hate on “tacticoolized” guns, but this thing is so ugly and impractical it becomes fun (which is what it probably was made for. I hope.)

        • bbmg

          No matter how many rails you add, it does nothing to increase the design’s usefulness. The fact is that the 45 acp chambering is a terrible choice, given the bullet’s poor sectional density and aerodynamic shape.

          What is wanted is a long heavy streamlined bullet, and in this regard the 300 Blackout seems like a very good candidate to feed the De Lisle’s spiritual successor.

          The question is, can it be as quiet? It’s hard to tell from video but the De Lisle certainly seems quieter, in spite of the larger bore:

    • Michael

      How about a bolt gun with threaded barrel in pistol calibers that accept Glock mags. I have the Savage MK11 in .22lr with a 16 inch threaded barrel, the same gun in 9mm or 45acp would be great.
      Would love to have a De Lisle Carbine, or something similar

  • Cornelius Carroll

    You had me at “integrally suppressed AK”

  • Miško

    Aspar Arms also makes this M93 Black Arrow modernization

  • Jilu Khan Spandiary

    How, odd.

  • Anonymoose

    They also have a DMR version of the AS300 called the ASS300.

  • vanaheym

    Just curious, what is effective range of weapon with such short barrel, chambered in .300BLK?

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I noticed that ASPAR has fitted out its rifles with Israeli-made ( mostly FAB Defense, plus some CAA ) furniture. Note the FAB Defense Model UAS buttstock on the ASR300.

  • Esh325

    I honestly don’t see the point at all when the 7.62×39 and 9x39mm are thoroughly entrenched in the AK platform.

    • The intention is probably suppressed CQB, which is where the 300 BLK really excels (or so I’ve read).

      • Esh325

        So does the 9x39mm.

        • I agree, but that’s all it’s good for. The 300 BLK has more versatility as far as super and sub sonic offerings.