IWI US Now Selling UZI PRO Pistols

Uzi PRO pistol

IWI US, the United States-based subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries, is now selling the UZI PRO pistol.  The UZI PRO is based on the original UZI submachinegun and is chambered in 9mm.

The guns are shipping with a 20-round and a 25-round magazine.  MSRP is listed as $1,099.

UZI PRO Pistol Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm Para
Operation: Semi-automatic blowback operation from closed bolt
Barrel: MIL-SPEC, cold-hammer forged CrMoV barrel, 4 groove 1:10 RH twist
Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
Overall Length: 9.5 inches
Weight: 3.66 lbs.
Mag Cap: 1-20 & 1-25 rd.
Stock Color: Black
MSRP: $1,099.00

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Drapetomanius

    Unfortunately (given the degraded state of firearms rights in the US) all of the the Mini-Uzi’s best features are off the table for all but the well-connected and super-rich.

    That leaves us a chubby pistol with an unremarkable capacity, and it looks to be missing the requisite threads to make it slightly more fun. That forward under rail is going to land a few uninformed shooters in federal prison as well, I fear.

    I’ll grant you the classic looks and nostalgia, that “second type of cool” is strong, and we’ll assume that they are well made. I’d buy one for upwards of $600. In a free country, this could be a pretty cool gun. If anybody knows of a free country, let me know.

    • Jeremiah Thompson

      there’s Switzerland, but it’s too cold and most of the land is vertical, then there’s Israel, but again not much room to stretch, and they’re starting to loose their guns rights there too. everywhere else where there aren’t any gun laws are third world cesspools.

      • Giolli Joker

        Finland shouldn’t be bad… but if Switzerland is too cold already, you’d better stick with Texas. 🙂

        • LJK

          Yeah, no. If it’s free gun laws you want, don’t come to Finland. The Powers That Be have managed to limit new gun purchases pretty nicely by making the whole purchasing an even bigger hassle than it originally was. And it’s expensive.

          In 1998 we were allowed to buy, own (and carry) a firearm for self defense. Now we need proof-of-hobby for a year or two (which rubs against the laws which mandate that no one has to be forced to belong to any official group, and it’s difficult for people living in places which don’t have registered shooting clubs), and proof-of-sanity from a doctor (which they naturally won’t write, because if anything happens, it’s ultimately going to be their fault) and on top of that, every police station that gives out purchasing and owning permits (we need both, in that order) still manage to be extremely subjective in their interpretations of the law (that is, if you run across an annoying cunt, you’re not getting a firearm, even if everything is kosher).

          It’s now a rich man’s hobby.

          • Giolli Joker

            D’oh… sad times we’re living in…

          • LJK


            It’s utterly ridiculous. We’ve had a long culture of hunting and shooting sports but now the atmosphere is such that you can’t even really tell anyone that you’re interested in shooting sports because it’s not socially acceptable.

            Hell, pretty much the only Olympic sports where we’ve managed to get medals are the ones involving firearms, and our IPSC teams do pretty well in competitions. Generally our sports teams that do well in international competitions are recognized by the press and the government (as is with all countries) but there’s been absolutely no mention anywhere of some shitty gold medals won in Level IV competitions, because guns are scary and loud.

            Some asshole politicians just wanted to capitalize on a couple of tragedies (sound familiar?) and now one of our nation’s favourite hobbies is under attack.

        • a finn

          Finland sucks. You need separate permit for each gun, getting that permit is expensive and takes up to 3 months, and you have to get all kinds of bureaucratic papers and go to an interrogation and so on. It was better before 1998 and even before 2011 but now it’s time-consuming, expensive and humiliating to get permits. Criminals have it easier, they just buy the damn gun.

        • WilliamSI

          hoho my friends, welcome to Austria.

          Shotguns/Bolt action rifles 18+ with no permit requirement
          Handguns/Semi Auto rifles 21+ with permit (psychological test at _your_ doctor choice (its almost too easy…), storage check at home by police (any safe is fine), done.

          Cons: Only specific semi autos allowed (list is not that bad though), ammo is not ‘cheap’ (but neither ‘expensive’ in bulk), carry is very restricted outside home/business/hunting (permit for any carry required, open carry might yield additional issues/fines with police due to “public disturbance”).

          Large issue:

          Pump action shotguns are illegal. Yes, all of them. For everyone. No permits are given out. In any case.

          Theres a good amount of ranges available, building your own is unrestricted as well (fenced and best case lower than surrounding).
          If you get it “police certified” (rather easy, depends on state) other people without a permit can shoot handguns/semis on the range and if you find someone with a legal full auto everyone can shoot it :>.

          • WilliamSI

            Also big plus against EU and even most of US:
            All knives, no matter of technology and size or material, are not considered weapons in any way until they are used as weapon (makes sense, eh? one wonders who in the gov had a bright moment on that one!) – Owning, Buying, Selling is totally legal everywhere.

            Carry is legal, in any way. technically.
            Open *could* cause issues-> Public
            Usually ends in a warning and nothing else, rarely confiscation (+ later return) + fine.
            Open carry of a toolkit/knive (up to ca. 10cm i guess) is not an issue, at least i never noticed it to be one.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Hi, William :

            Thanks for such an interesting synopsis concerning gun ownership in Austria. What is the reasoning behind making all pump-action shotguns illegal? By extension, are semi-automatic shotguns similarly restricted, or are they acceptable?

          • Premek Marek

            From what I understand, some shooting and political knee-jerk reaction. Semi autos are mostly fine. You can not even enter Austria with pump action shotgun for transit.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Thanks for the reply, P.M. — Certainly seems to be a rather odd legal requirement. There may still be some apparently logical — if skewed — criteria behind it, although this needs to be be properly and fully examined.

          • Jud Roth

            why are pumps illegal where you are from ?

      • Spudro

        AFAIK handloading is illegal in Israel.

      • Tim U

        Israel is not “free” in the firearms sense. Not one bit. It is rare to get a permit for a pistol, and God help you if you want a long gun.

        • MrSatyre

          Isn’t that just the most incomprehensible thing? Of all people who know from experience just how dangerous it is to be disarmed—that they would permit such an anti-gun mindset to exist is absolutely baffling.

          • Tim U

            Oh I agree… but European socialistic thinking complete with civilian disarmament came along with the immigrants who fled to Israel.

      • BOB

        Israel’s firearms laws are very, very restrictive, don’t kid yourself.

    • Cornelius Carroll

      Not sure why the barrel isn’t threaded. I’m not aware of any restrictions preventing a threaded barrel on a pistol.

      • DW

        It does have the barrel nut, which is where normal Uzis accept suppressors.

      • erwos

        That’s because you can’t really field strip it with anything on the barrel. The barrel nut wouldn’t come off.

    • RocketScientist

      Honest question, what did you mean by: “That forward under rail is going to land a few uninformed shooters in federal prison as well, I fear.” Maybe the four hours of sleep last night wasn’t enough and my brains not working, but I can’t think of how/why someone could attach something to the forward rail that would violate NFA/GCA/etc… or am I completely missing your point? Need… coffee…

      • DW

        evil black foregrip of doom.

      • Geo

        It would have to be registered as a AOW if you put a foregrip on.

      • RocketScientist

        Ahhhhh, duh… foregrip. Thanks guys. Brain is indeed sluggish this morning.

    • Premek Marek

      Well, not completely free, but from gun owner standpoint probably better than US – Czech republic. Owning legal from 18 years, concealed carry legal from 21, tests for license are quite easy (theory – know a few laws, terminology and first aid, practical – assemble/disassemble a pistol and hit a target 4 times out of 5 at 10 meters), any pistol, shotgun or rifle is then just a few papers away (for most of the weapons you have to have a permit prior to buying – just bureaucracy, they have to give it to you, oftentimes after about 15 minutes of waiting and you can get a few buying permits ahead of time). Only a few gun-free zones (courthouses, parliament and so on). No capacity limits. About 3% of the population have some kind of firearms license.
      Downside – only official shooting ranges, all weapons must be registered and transfers are tracked by the police and of course EU… Getting permit for full-auto, silencer or laser is quite hard but not completely impossible, JHP bullets (basically anything more effective than round nose) are forbidden

  • Cornelius Carroll

    If only we could get an open bolt version *sigh*

    • Micro Uzis have always been closed bolt guns.

      • Karina

        Completely wrong. The true UZI and all of its military variants (Mini-, Micro-) were ALWAYS open bolt. THIS specific “Uzi Pro”, a damnation if anything, is closed bolt only because the Powers That Be in the US required it to be, as we all know open bolt pistols cannot be produced for the civilian market (Thanks for nothing, ATF). I don’t even consider it a true Uzi, just an abomination made to comply to senseless laws.

        • As an avid Uzi fan I assure you that the Micros are closed bolt guns. Minis and full size guns are open bolt (check out my Uzi article).

          • Karina

            I am absolutely certain to have seen open bolt Micro UZIs before, though. Here’s one legitimate question: would it be possible that both open-bolt AND closed-bolt Micros exist?

            And here is a honest apology; yesterday has been a very tough day and I have been perhaps too snappy or aggressive. Truly sorry if I came out that way.

          • Pedro

            “The UZI submachine gun is blowback operated weapon which fires from open bolt.Mini- and Micro-Uzi submachine guns are produced either in open-bolt or closed-bolt versions; in the latter variation, weapon is equipped with separate striker and additional spring” http://world.guns.ru/smg/isr/uzi–micro-uzi–mini-uzi-e.html

          • Interesting. While I am sure IMI/IWI/Whoever else has made an open bolt micro prototype or two, I have never seen one. After this discussion I have looked into it pretty hard and cannot find any conclusive information on an open bolt micro SMG. Regardless, have some fine Japanese Micro-Uzi gun porn!

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            With regard to Pedro’s reply to you quoting the statement from http://www.worldguns.ru that Mini- and Micro-Uzi’s are available in open- and closed-bolt versions, Max Popenker of WorldGuns is a well-respected firearms historian, author and technical specialist, so I have little doubt that Pedro is correct. You could try contacting Max directly on-line with your questions, as he seems to be quite open and accessible. Perhaps the reason why we don’t see open-bolt versions here is because of existing gun laws? Anyway, I would think that the open-bolt versions are offered primarily for military and specialized LE applications rather than the civilian market.

            Nice post, by the way, and thanks!

    • Patrick Mingle

      ATF put the smack down on open bolts saying they are too easily converted to FA. I believe I read that on here, possibly written by Alex C.

  • Michael Pham

    Without full auto capability, an open bolt, or any true historical connection, as well as that pricetag, I don’t see it selling well. But it does look cool!

  • Eric S

    So it’s an overpriced Mac 10 now?

  • Bull

    i thought the uzi pro should have glock mags? or are i confusing it with some other version of the mini uzi?

    • erwos

      You are thinking of the Uzi Para or “Para Micro Uzi”. It was essentially a unicorn, and was only produced for a year or two. I agree that such an animal would sell tremendously well on the US market in pistol form.

  • JT

    If they marketed it with a “wrist brace”, it might sell well

  • John

    I don’t want this weird-looking, surely overpriced polymer stuff. Just give me a real Uzi pistol that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s really all I want.

  • That Guy

    Does it take the existing UZI mags? Looks like it’s missing the mag release on the bottom of the grip.

    • erwos

      No. But unlike the Colt pattern, the modification does not seem to preclude normal use in a regular Uzi.

  • Tim U

    At that price point, I’ll just keep saving and get the Tavor instead.

    I really was looking forward to these too in a fun factor sort of way. Maybe if they released a detachable stock for them so you could SBR?

  • It may be huge, impractical, and strange looking… But I want it!

    • Yojimbo556

      It has cool factor. And I could even find $200 for the stamp for the stock…

  • DW

    To be fair, if it is mechanically accurate enough to compete with a sig/hk 9mm fullsize, than it can be seen as slightly bulkier version of said pistols with red dot mounts and side-cocking handle included in the package. And the fact that it *might* accept long Uzi suppressors, it is not looking so bad a deal.

  • st4

    Galil and Jericho next please, IWI.

    • TangledThorns

      I have a Charles Daly IWI Jericho 941S in 9mm import. Its my go to home defense pistol as its very reliable pistol. Plus it doesn’t have that ‘Baby Eagle’ crap engraved on it too.

  • We’ll also have a review of this within the next month.

  • MrSatyre

    Okay, turn off your flame-throwers: I’ve never shot a full auto Uzi, but I imagine that it would be a lot of fun. That being said, I don’t really see that a semi-auto Uzi would be fun at all to shoot. The body seems awkward to hold for someone who was looking to do more than spray-n-pray; someone actually trying for accuracy. Is this something anyone here would enjoy shooting??? What am I missing?

    • I do like shooting the full size Uzi and or any with a fun switch. The smaller ones in semi seem to much like an overly large handgun but that’s just me.
      I also have to say the quality is excellent if this is the type of gun you enjoy.

      • Drapetomanius

        I really really like the relatively low ROF on the full-sized Uzi. Easy to modulate, fun to shoot, easier on the wallet, surprisingly accurate.

  • Snozberry

    Masterpiece Arms. Half the price. Done.

  • Alan

    $1299 for a new micro-Uzi SBR isn’t such a bad deal. Good luck finding a functional MP5K for that price.

  • Mike Flohr

    I am looking for a waist holster level 2 for a 9mm mini uzi anybody know where I can get one

  • Mike Flohr


  • Georgia Girl

    I am a 60 year old female who has never liked guns. However, due to the recent state of many scary events in the US, I feel that I need protection. Is the UZI Pro a good weapon for a female who needs a surefire automatic firearm? Is it easy to handle (in the unfortunate event occurs where my life and property are in danger)? If not, what do you suggest? Thanks!