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  • Blake

    While on this thread, here’s the most amazing pumpkin explosion I’ve ever seen:

    But the crazy folks that put together the Punkin Chunkin contest every year up in Delmarva are not to be underestimated:

  • gunslinger

    holy crap
    he must have spent over $2k on ammo to carve that pumpkin!

    ok.. i kid..i kid..

  • Cymond

    Did anyone else find this … unimpressive?
    It’s basically a near-constant view of a guy shooting, with occasional cut-away shots of either uncarved or fully-carved pumpkins.
    IF they actually carved these pumpkins with gunfire, then it would have been nice to actually watch the progress. As it is, it could easily be staged.

    • Klavirni

      It might have been more impressive if they hadn’t faked it. If they hadn’t been so boringly obvious, it might have been interesting.

      If you’re into pumpkin massacres, just watch hickok45. He doesn’t suck. Sorry, Silencerco. I want an Osprey like people in hell want icewater. But that doesn’t make this video any better.

  • Alex

    No one will top hickok45’s annual pumpkin carving videos.