DoubleTap Defense Pocket Pistol Now in .40 S&W. Conversion Kit Also Available.

DoubleTap Pocket Pistol barrel (.45 LC / .410)

DoubleTap Defense have just announced the availability of the DoubleTap Defense Pocket Pistol chambered in .40 S&W as well as a .40 S&W Barrel Conversion Kit so that existing Pocket Pistol’s can shoot the .40 S&W. To concert a pistol all that is required is swapping out the barrel (pictured above).

DoubleTap Defense, LLC, a firearms design and manufacturing company, announces the addition of new calibers for the patented DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol to include the .410/.45 Colt and the .40 S&W. DoubleTap Defense will unveil the new calibers at the 2013 NASGW Expo & 40th Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.

The new .410/.45 Colt and .40 S&W calibers will be available in the DoubleTap™ pistol model and as a Barrel Conversion Kit. The new .410/.45 Colt caliber for a 2.5-inch cartridge has become a popular self-defense and home protection cartridge readily available and affordable for the average citizen. The new calibers expand the variety of ammunition that can be used on the aluminum or titanium 5/8″ slim, no-snag frame and allow customers a greater choice in preferred ammo usage for their personal protection.

People have reported that the .45 LC version kicked like a mule. I don’t think .40 S&W would make it more pleasant to shoot. On the plus side, there is much larger range of .40 S&W ammunition out there compared to .45 Long Colt and .410.


Steve Johnson

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  • vcdl

    I know that the recoil could be horrible, but, for versatility, why not make the conversion chambered for 10mm?

  • floppyscience

    A .357 SIG kit might be cool… that’s a great cartridge out of short barrels.

  • bbmg

    Why not chamber multiple smaller rounds, like say 22LR – I’m sure you could fit eight of those in the barrel block – and have the trigger fire them off in sequence. You’d get higher hit probability and less felt recoil with the shots spread over a longer time, though I,m not sure if it would then be legally classed as a machinegun.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      thats a good idea

  • sauerquint

    This site could do a shoot out test between this little thing and a Bond Arms derringer. I think that would be an interesting side by side comparison.

  • kingghidorah

    How about 7.62×25, 5.7 or even weirder, 5.8x21mm just to be different? I’d buy one!

  • neoconfection

    I won’t be satisfied until they release one in .450 Nitro Express.

    • El Duderino

      Put a giant muzzle brake on it, Multicam paint job, and put it on the cover of SWAT Black Gunz that RECOIL Magazine and all the mall ninjas will put in special orders for their DoubleTap .450 NE…