The New Tula 5.45x39mm ADS Rifle

Russian Special Forces have not given up on the underwater machine gun concept. The new Tula ADS has just been declassified and put on display at the Interpolitex 2013 expo. reports

The weight of the machine gun with the grenade launcher is approximately 4.6 kg. The ‘ADS’ uses bullets of 5.45х39 mm at a firing rate of 800 shots/min with the aim range on a land of 500 m.   The rifle’s effective firing range underwater when using a specially designed cartridge is about 25 meters at a depth of 30 meters and 18 m at a depth of 20 m. The new underwater cartridge is externally very similar to standard 5.45×39 ammunition except for a different specially calculated bullet shape. The bullet length is 53.5 mm compared to an overall cartridge length of 57mm.   As compared to the Soviet underwater assault rifle APS that was designed back in 1970s, the new ADS is no less efficient when firing on land than a traditional Kalashnikov. Firing 5.66 mm caliber steel bolts, the APS with its non-rifled barrel is somewhat inaccurate on land. Out of water the APS’s lifetime was only 180 shots with an effective range of around 50 meters.   Completed in Tula in 2007, the ADS machine gun has undergone successful tests in naval special units in the Russian Defense Ministry in the North, Far East and the Black Sea. Rosoboronexport is promoting the new weapon for export.

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  • Wosiu

    Nothing new, ADS is known from a few years and never been classified.

  • Nicholas Mew

    Some video.

    The Tavor can suck it.

    • Jon Ugalde

      You can’t do this kind of afirmation basing only in the little information you can find in internet

      • Anon

        Clearly you’re new to the internet. I know a guy who got his degree of conspiracy theory only after a few minutes of YouTube footage!

        • Jon Ugalde

          No, I’m not new to the internet. The point is, if I leave this comment without reply some people will read it and write about it in other forums, afirmating they’ve heard it from a “expert”.

          Ignorancy is like a snowball falling in a slope, if you dont’t stop it as fast as you can it will transform in bigger and bigger.

          • Oli

            ‘Ignorancy’ lol!

          • Jon Ugalde

            Thanks Oly

        • Peter Balzer

          he’s not new to the internet. what always gets him is irony and sarcasm, it would seem 🙂

    • Vhyrus

      How bout you bring your ADS to the range and I bring my Tavor and we will see who shoots tighter groups.

      You DO have an ADS, don’t you?

      • Jon Ugalde

        I’m sure you haven’t had a ADS in hand also, so neither you could do the afirmation Nicholas has done.

  • bbmg

    The critical development was not the gun but the ammunition.

    DSG have developed supercavitating Multi Environment Ammunition in a range of calibers that give almost any small arm the ballistic capabilities of the ADS:

    Of course it doesn’t mean that any weapon will function reliably underwater, but specialized weapons like the APS are a thing of the past.

  • Cymond

    “The rifle’s effective firing range underwater when using a specially designed cartridge is about 25 meters at a depth of 30 meters and 18 m at a depth of 20 m.”

    So it has a shorter range in shallower water?

  • MC Robust

    Well… that is… pretty darn nifty!

    Where do I get one for my fishtank?

    • Anonymoose

      I need one to keep in the shower in case someone breaks in while I’m in there.

  • Masoo2


  • Jon Ugalde

    Does anybody have any visual information about how ADS’s extraction works?

    • bbmg

      The rifle is based on the A-91 bullpup so it should work in the same basic way in terms of action (but with more corrosion resistant materials, porting to eliminate air pockets and an adjustable gas system depending on medium use).

      Like the FN F2000 or Kel-Tec RFB, the rifle ejects the spent cartridges forward through the tube above the barrel. It can be seen towards the end of this video:

  • Sulaco

    Wait, its effective range is 7 meters LESS at 10 meters shallower? How does that work? Been a diver for 40 years and it normally works the other way round…