ISP Adopts SIG P227

SIG P227

In some ways, the US law enforcement market is a bellwether for handgun trends.  In the 1980’s, for example, law enforcement began to move en masse to the semi-automatic pistol and much of the buying public did as well.  Some would say the early adoption of the Glock pistol by several police departments, helped launch that company as a major player in the firearms industry.

SIG SAUER announced the Indiana State Police (ISP) adopted the new P227 pistol as the department’s new duty gun.  Does the adoption of the P227 by the ISP indicate the gun will have a bright future?  Perhaps.

The P227 is a double-stack, .45 ACP pistol in essentially the same size as the P226.  In fact, the P227 will fit many, if not most, of the holsters designed for the P226.  For a department that currently carries the P226, and is looking to replace older guns, moving to the .45 ACP without having to replace holsters and accessories may be appealing.  Only time will tell.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Yojimbo556

    Nice choice but I really have no love for the Indiana State Police. Next time one is writing me a ticket for 62 in a 60 ill talk to him about the P227

    • ZaXtOr

      Because you’re an outlaw.
      You deserve the ticket hated one.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    The NYPD should adopt this pistol. We sure as shoot can’t trust them with magazines exceeding a ten round capacity.

    • insertjjs

      the NYPD should be reduced to British style “Baton and whistle” style police equipment since they have shown that they can’t be trusted with handguns of any capacity.

      • wunskroolooz

        maybe even replace the whistle with a rattle like in the days before 1829. that should be cool.

      • Clint Notestine

        sadly its a national problem

      • anon

        They should be reduced to the Other Guys style rape whistles until they get their shit together.

      • Aaron E

        Not that I disagree with the woeful handling of handguns by NYPD, but in their defense NYPD modified their Glocks with the NYPD trigger spring, and connector – specifically made by Glock at NYPD request.

        Standard Glock trigger pull – 5.5 lbs.
        NY1 trigger pull – 8 lbs. (not used anymore)
        NY2 trigger pull – 12 lbs. (currently used – Incredible!)

        In a stress filled shootout NYPD cops are having to pull twice as hard as originally designed attributing to trigger jerking.

        Crazy thing is it is the exact opposite of what NYPD intended. Talking to an NYPD ESU member the general belief is that NYPD is more concerned about an officer having an ND because of improperly placing their finger on a lighter trigger, than having an officer killed or wounded in the line of duty because of a trigger that is too stout. The result is cops are jerking the gun to overcome a heavy trigger pull, and therefore sending more errant rounds down range – go figure!

        Some bean counter figured a couple hundred grand to compensate a dead cop’s family was better than millions to an unintentionally injured citizen. Makes perfect money sense, but I wouldn’t want to be a NYPD cop. The 8 lb. trigger might have worked, but the 12 is way too much.

        • mig1nc

          Yeah, and many of those errant rounds are hitting innocent citizens.

        • Burst

          Almost as if you need some sort of weapon that’s hard to discharge accidentally, but easy to fire for accuracy…

          A kind of police revolver, if you will. How unprecidented!

  • Lance

    SIG fans don’t get your hopes up Glock is stil the national LE pistol of Choice. Most LE is going and staying with striker fire pistols and the SiG is not one. You ever see a national LE pistol many will still use Glocks and other use Berettas some still use SiGs some new S&Ws are popular. Its a patch work of what gun policy a department local county and state has. Clackamas Co SD has some who use 1911s still.

    • Anonymoose

      My local PD carries a mix of .40 P226s and .45 P220s. Most departments use Glocks because they are cheap, simple, and light, not because they are better-shooting guns.

      • Esh325

        I guess one could argue it’s easier to shoot well with a consistent trigger like the glock versus most Sig pistols that are DA/SA.

        • Anonymoose

          It’s a consistently heavy trigger though (compared to SA triggers, anyway).

        • Anonymoose

          Apparently the ISP is buying these SIGs to replace their Glock 21s.

    • tfb lurker

      As usual, I have no idea what you just said, Lance…

    • Tucson_Jim

      People who use SIGs are professional killers.
      People who use Glocks have their weapons dictated by politicians.
      McDonald’s sells the most hamburgers in the world, and, they are the biggest and most profitable restaurant company in the world… so they MUST make the best hamburger in the world?

      Glock sold to the L/E community by using banquets, dinners, and prostitutes for the politicians, and accepting trade-ins for their Glocks from the municipalities and turning around and selling them at a profit (illegal use of public property in some states). If interested, you can read all about it in – Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun, by Paul Barrett.

      If popularity equated to “best” then the 100 year old 1911 has sold more than any other pistol design… it has limited capacity, is inaccurate without significant expense, and was outperformed by both SIG and Beretta in the pistol trials. Fewer police departments use 1911’s than virtually any other pistol.

      If resistance to abuse, durability, accuracy, capacity, trigger quality/feel, safety, and serviceability are the criteria for “best”… then, follow the lead of the elite killers of our society… buy a SIG. Sorry, the experts have spoken with their budgets, money talks, Glock fan-boy b/s walks.


  • Paul O.

    My Sig 220 (single stack version of same gun) is a real shooter and a long time LE favorite. Once you get used to the DA/SA trigger it’s no big deal.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Has anyone ever done cost effectiveness studies of Police Pistols including injuries and Unintentional Discharge expenses, including legal expenses. Geoff Who is a curious fellow.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    Meh, they should’ve bought Glocks. Let the flaming begin!

    • Shootin’ Buddy

      They already have Glocks. The SIGs are replacing the current issue Glock 17.

      • PatrickHenry1789

        I’ve never shot a Sig and only one glock. So I can’t comment one way or the other. I just figured I’d get a small war started. I started off with a P89 Ruger. Just sold it last week so I can get a SR9C 🙂

        • Tucson_Jim

          Step up to a real gun, a SIG… when the course of human history hangs in the balance and the price is no object, real men who make a difference choose SIGs… SOCOM, Seals, Secret Service, CIA, NCIS, FBI… The P226 Mk 25, or the M11… still waiting for that service arms designation for any Glock… (crickets chirping).

          On the other hand, politicians choose Glocks for their minions.

          How’s that? Meh?

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Nah, I’ll stick with my ruger, thanks. But I did see a youboob vid of a D8 running over a Glock 17. They picked it up and emptied the mag. Tore the bullseye completely out. This has all been confirmed by snopes.

          • Tucson_Jim

            What’s a D8 run at, 25 – 45 psi?
            Ever seen someone get their foot accidentally run over? I’ve seen it happen twice. Unless it’s over the arch, there’s usually not a problem. A peanut butter and jelly sammich should be able to handle that (WARNING: Grossly exaggerated hyperbole intended as sarcastic humor… do not try this at home, this website nor poster cannot be held liable for squashed sandwiches or feet.) – J

          • PatrickHenry1789

    I can’t confirm this info. Is there a press-release from the ISP? What’s the original source? –TTR

  • anon

    ISP was issuing G17s and turning to G21 Gen4s, then decided on the FNP. Literally the same week they decided on the FNP, it becomes the sig p227. I’m sure Sig whored themselves to ISP when they heard ISP was doing trials to replace their 9mms. I personally think it is a mistake to field a weapon that isn’t even in production. Sig has a pretty strong presence in Indiana with LE.

    • FinallyFree

      I checked out the 227 last year at a Houston gun show. What do you mean they are not in production??

  • Tucson John

    Been a sport shooter and hunter for years and an Army veteran and have fired and owned many makes and models of revolvers and semi-auto pistols but became a die hard Sig fan a number of years ago. I bought a P-227 about 6 months ago and it is without a doubt the finest pistol I’ve ever owned or fired. It fits my hand perfectly, is a great sport shooter and totally fits my needs for home and personal defense. When small and concealable are needed, I opt for a Springfield XDS but the P-227 carries well also and can be concealed, it’s just a bit bigger. My only complaint at all with this pistol is the lack of availability of spare magazines but that will be corrected in the future.