Y-man coming again to the USA in early 2014!

Well hello. Y-man here again. Hope y’all doing well.

I will be coming to the US again in early 2014, yay! I am meant to attend a work-related seminar, conference kind of thing in the USA in late January, early February, and I look forward to adding on a few days of my overdue vacation time.

A LOT of shopping needs to get done, and now that I have discovered the miracle of Amazon, wow, filled suitcases here I come! When I was in Atlanta in February this year, it was such a great time with being able to purchase many, many things I had always dreamt of owning. I “raided” Amazon, practically “lived” in Wal-Mart for a few days, and was very regular in Best Buy almost every day.

It is not as bad here as it might seem, my country is opening up more and more, but definitely NOT for firearms. We have several websites operating here now that we can buy things online, we have several companies now here where we can pay (On delivery only!) for items they bring in from the USA, Britain and of course China. And we can make online purchases on Amazon, (Banks here have been able to link our local currency; the Naira, directly with the almighty Dollar now! I can buy apps, books, iTunes music, software, etc. directly online, using out of my Naira funds in my bank account via a MasterCard Debit card! It’s all GOOD!)

In the US, I plan to get myself a few tools, a DeWalt 18v Drill Driver (My Bosch stopped working) a few SHTF items (Camping stove, camping cutlery, rough weather wear etc.) and of course, clothes and books for my growing kids.

A “friend” needed some advice, and I told him I know the perfect group of the best people on earth to tell “him” what he needed. “He” might be in the US soon, I have no idea where “he” is coming from, but he hopes to get some items when over there. He plans to visit Bass Pro shop, and indulge a little on Amazon and possibly get himself a holographic sight and MAYBE a Black Aces Full Length Quad Rail for a Mossberg 500 12 ga Shotgun (Coincidence!)

Black Aces Rail

As well as a Mako UAS 500 Folding stock …

Mako Stock

So, what do you guys think of these or what do you suggest “he” gets instead?

So, back to my upcoming trip. What do you guys suggest? I hope to enjoy myself, visit a few ranges, and have fun. What do you suggest? Any pointers? I have been in Orlando and Atlanta before, very nice, but if you guys have any ideas, I would appreciate! Let’s just say I am quite flexible with my time, and can get to any suggested/ invited place that is not too far…It is possible that I hear the call of Las Vegas!

Who knows, I may get to visit the SHOT Show then, what do you think?

No new Shotgun updates at the moment, but

1. I have improved my Lyman slugs a bit more, glue-filled cavities instead of the plastic balls (I was getting shredded wads.)
2. I have now started putting over-slug plastic disks to help open up the roll-crimp properly.

Once I have the chance, I will do some more testing and share with all.

But if I may, let me leave you with a crazy DIY trick I completed a few days ago. I needed to file something fast and evenly, and I do not have a “dremel” type tool. So I did this 5-minute DIY hack. And it works!

DIY (1)

DIY (14)

DIY (15)

DIY (3)

DIY (4)

DIY (5)

DIY (6)

DIY (8)

DIY (9)

DIY (10)

DIY (11)

DIY 12


Y-man is based in a firearms restricted environment in West Africa, he is really interested in shotguns [Which is all he can legally get], and he makes the best of whatever he is able to lay his hands on.

Y-man had some training at an early age in the “Gentleman” forces of the Air Force in his country, including some weapon training…

He also appreciates your advice, comments and feedback almost as much as the air he breathes…


  • Kav

    Hi Y-Man!
    I’ve enjoyed your posts here, I’m glad to hear you’re coming back to the US.
    The next time you’re here, if you can find one, I’d recommend checking out a Harbor Freight Tools store. You’ll be tempted to ship back a lathe, or at least a dremel.

    • FLdeepdiver

      There is one in Douglasville, GA…Just sayin

      • Y-man


  • the_duck

    Never been a fan of MAKO products, but for my Mossberg I have the first gen Blackhawk Knoxx stock that supposedly absorbs recoil. It does, and also likes to slap me in the face when I use it. I’m told the Gen2 performs much better and comes with a Limbsaver pad…I’d try that one out. Magpul has their stocks out too, but they’re a bit ugly.

    Also, grab a low cost RDS or two from Primary Arms. I’ve got a micro dots on my shotgun and it’s pretty darn fun to have on it.

    Oh, scabbard. You need a scabbard 🙂

    • Y-man

      Will get a scabbard, thanks for the suggestion/ reminder! About the Blackhawk! Knoxx. You are RIGHT about the cheek slap. I had a folder Knoxx stock, the recoil reducing type. It slapped me all the way back to the stone ages!

    • Y-man

      Got the Magpul SGA stock! Great one… Ugly as hell: but I LOVE IT!

  • Mike Kelly

    If you are going to be in Atlanta, you should definitely go visit the Georgia Aquarium. It’s one of the largest in the world.

    • Sam Cadle (TFB)

      Just visited there a week or so ago. I can second this one. Was as great aquarium. Oh, and leave anything that they deem a weapon at the hotel, or in the car… Took my flashlight and a pen when I was there. Thankfully they will check them until you come back though.

  • Patrick

    Hey Y-Man, would love to show you around San Diego if you make it that far west! I also would like to recommend the MSR Pocket Rocket for a camp stove, weighs next to nothing, can burn a whole to the center of the Earth, and is a great price. Enjoy the USA my friend!

  • Alex C.

    Y Man, as a writer for this blog and long time fan of your postings, let me just say that you will be welcome in Texas any time. If your work ever brings you to my state, I would make damn sure that you got some trigger time on all the firearms at my disposal! Best wishes, Alex.

    • Y-man

      Many thanks Alex.

  • George H Hill

    There should be a YMan Kickstarter to help this guy out… get him some tooling and a Brownell’s Gift Card.

    • FLdeepdiver

      He really is a nice guy…

      • Y-man

        Much appreciated!

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    The UAS-500 buttstock is actually manufactured by FAB Defense ; the Mako Group is simply the U.S. distributor for their products . I have used many different FAB Defense products on weapons as diverse as an M4 5.56mm carbine, a CSA / D-Technik vz.58 7.62mm assault rifle, and a MOLOT VEPR 7.62mm x54R Tactical Sniper Rifle, and I will definitely vouch for them. They are some of the very best after-market accessories available, provided you match them correctly to your needs. The UAS-500 is ideal as a folding tactical buttstock for the Mossberg 500, but does not have recoil-reducing features like the Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom Generation I and II recoil-reducing buttstock systems. If you, or your “friend”, prefer a straightforward buttstock with direct, linear feedback and no recoil reduction, the UAS-500 is an excellent, sturdy and well-made choice. However, if you do contemplate a recoil-reducing option, there are many to choose from. The Knoxx Axiom adjustable buttstocks work very well with the Mossberg 500 ( they are also available in a non-recoil reducing version, if you prefer ). In fact, they ( the recoil-reducing versions ) are my preferred choice for both my Mossberg 500 and Maverick 12-gauge tactical shotguns.

    Should you want an alternative multi-postion adjustable buttstock, FAB Defense also manufactures a specially-adapted version of their well-known GLR-16 buttstock specifically for the Mossberg 500. It is available in non-recoil reducing, recoil reducing, non-folding and folding versions, or any combination thereof. All versions also have provision for adding an adjustable cheek rest plus QD sling swivel as options, and have waterproof storage for batteries and other small items and accessories under the hinged butt pad. For the Mossberg shotgun, the FAB ergonomic pistol grip ( easily one of the best I’ve tried ), complete with in-grip storage, is furnished not as a separate item but as an integral part of the buttstock system. The pricing is also very reasonable considering the high quality of the product you’ll be getting.

    Hope this helps out a bit.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Hi, Y-Man :

    Regarding the DeWalt 18V drill/driver, you would probably be best served by opting for the new-generation lithium-ion hammer drill version. It costs a few dollars more, but you’ll get a high-performance tool with the ability to work for extended periods in different materials as a hammer drill, standard drill and driver ; also, if you buy this hammer-drill in a kit, the charger will accept both lithium-ion batteries as well as the highly-capable but less-expensive DeWalt XRP heavy-duty NiCad batteries. Another excellent choice would be the 18V hammer drill in the XRP kit version. This will come with XRP batteries, and the charger will only accept XRP batteries. However, it does enable you to get high-end performance at a lower initial cost, with the option to buy a lithium-ion charger and batteries at a later date as upgrades without having to change out the tool ( the tool itself is designed to use both types of batteries ). If you have a little more to spare, DeWalt also makes a 20V lithium-ion version of the same, and — if you have a lot more to spare — also a 36V lithium-ion industrial-grade cordless hammer drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and impact wrench designed specifically to compete with the Hilti 36V cordless tool system.

    • Y-man

      Thanks for the advice. I will definitely be checking out the DeWalt 20v XRP version. Many items come now with dual or universal voltage (110 to 240 volts). I’m sure the chargers would be same.
      Many, many thanks!

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        You’re very welcome! I think we are all looking forward to your visit Stateside. In the meantime, take care and be safe.

        • Y-man

          Got ALL the DeWalt XRP series: Drill, Impact Driver, Screwdriver, Workshop lights, and they are WONDERFUL!

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            I’m really happy that the DeWalt XRP cordless tools worked out so well for you, my friend — and thank you for remembering to let me know since we last discussed the topic all those months ago! In today’s world, it is increasingly rare to find people who understand the small but significant things about life, humanity, connection and remembrance as we know it, and I am grateful that they are still out there.

  • Andrey Martim

    I read your Moss Saga over and over again Y-man, and liked lot of your inventions, good luck in your next visit to america!

  • Lance

    Find a friend and rent a AR-15 have fun at the range.

  • James In Australia

    As you are obviously good at making things I suggest making yourself a simple alcohol stove like this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverage-can_stove

    Why buy something you can make out of scrap?

  • Cymond

    A full length quad rail? WHY? What is he planning to mount? A dot sight, magnifier, night vision adapter, folding sights, flashlight, laser, and vertical grip??

    A shotgun needs sights and a flashlight. A quad rail is a lot of extra weight & bulk for very little advantage.

    I would recommend a simple flashlight mount, like the CDM barrel clamp or BeamLokr. If your friend wants an optical sight, a standard receiver-mounted rail is fine. If your friend really wants a laser, he can use an offset laser (like the LaserLyte CM-15) on the top rail.

    Also, think about buying a Dremel.

    And if you buy a camp stove, make sure you get a multi-fuel stove. Someone suggested the MSR Pocket Rocket, but it relies on compressed gas canisters like butane or propane. Liquid fuel is far cheaper & easier to find in most places. For example, I have a Coleman Dual-Fuel stove 533. It isn’t as small or lightweight as the MSR, but it can run on unleaded gasoline. Gasoline will eventually “gum up” so you need the skill to disassemble & clean it occasionally (which probably isn’t a problem for you). On the other hand, gasoline eventually gets old/expires, but gas canisters never go bad (important if you stockpile fuel for emergencies).

    CDM Gear flashlight mounts here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_sporting-goods?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=CDM&node=3375251

    Shotgun sights here: http://xssights.com/index.php?nID=sights&cID=Sights&pID=sights&sID=shotgun

    LaserLyte CM-15 article: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2012/11/30/laserlyte-cm-15-center-mass-shotgunrifle-laser/

    • Y-man

      Okay, okay… No more quad rail… Especially if a holographic or Red Dot sight is going on the Mossberg. Many receiver saddles available… Thanks.
      About the camp stove, you are right, I will research a bit more to make sure it will work in whatever SHTF situation. It might not make sense to have to be looking for butane or propane at that kind of time… Thanks.

  • avconsumer2

    Pretty pricey, but I had a great experience at Machine Guns Vegas. My only full auto experience thus far – & worth it. M240B, MP5, M4. Also fun – SPAS-12, H&K P30, Sig P226. I could have purchased a nice semi-auto pistol for the price, but it was quite the experience. (the M60 was down for maintenance sadly)
    Tons of other crap to do in Vegas as well – amazing food everywhere – rent a car & make a trip to the Hoover Dam as well – highly underrated – gorgeous drive past Lake Mead.

  • BryanS

    If you are ever in the area of Pittsburgh PA, I will have to buy you a frosty beverage and take you to the range. We have some pretty nice outdoor stuff here, and I have a friend who is into FA and we might be able to get some time on that gear.

  • 2-22

    Hey Yman, if you are in South Florida – Miami to be precise- I have access to a range where we could do some after-hours shooting. No rentals but I would be more than happy to lend you my guns.