Last Remaining Lead Smelter In The USA Closing After 120 Years

Suddenly the US Army’s obsession with lead-free ammunition makes perfect sense, it was about security not the environment. A reader writes …

The last remaining lead smelter, in Herculaneum MO, is closing down.  This will undoubtedly affect the price of lead, since the lead that is mined in Viburnum MO will now be sent out of the US for smelting.

Missouri’s Lead Belt has been the primary source of lead for the US since 1700.  A lead smelter has been in operation in Herculaneum since 1892.  This is why Lake City, Federal, and other ammunition companies have been located in the region.  The recent articles on shot towers don’t really apply to the ammunition industry that existed on the bluffs of the Mississippi river, since no tower was needed.  The top of the ‘shot tower’ was simply an overhang by the river.

The EPA’s new clean air rules would require a $100 million dollar investment in new equipment.  As such, the Doe Run Company has decided to close the site.

According to STL Today reports that the 145 jobs will be lost and the company will terminate 73 contractors. My understanding is that most, if not all, mines that produce lead ore in the USA also produce a number of other minerals, so this does not necessarily mean job losses in the mining sector.

With the USA no longer producing lead, almost all of the worlds lead will come from China, Australia and Peru.

lead production

Worldwide Lead Production (Truncated) (2007)


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  • Frank Castle

    Fuck you EPA.

    • Max

      This is a screw you equivalent to the one above. Stop shitting all over our country you damn government agencies.

      • One more business and people put out of work.

        • big daddy

          I think if you lived in a highly polluted area that has a cancer cluster you would feel differently. I did and I watched many friends die of cancer. I watched the air have brown and green shades that looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. I worked in Manhattan and would come home and clean my ears out from black grime every day. It’s terrible to loose jobs and industry. The real culprit is the corporations that do not invest in high technology, they just send the jobs overseas.

          • DaveP.

            Gosh darn those bad ol’ corporations, how dare they make money for their stockholders?

          • tts

            Making money is fine.

            Doing it by hurting others, particularly when you know you’re hurting others and you could avoid doing so by profiting a bit less for a while, is unacceptable.

          • PD MacGuire

            Corporations have a certain responsibility to their shareholders – many of whom are retired schoolteachers in New York – but they also have a certain responsibility to their employees and the communities they operate in. It’s not impossible to balance.

          • Warbler

            It’s funny to see how many people talk about corporations hurting people (which is totally true); but then eat GMO, pesticides and antibiotic meats; are on pharma, drink fluoridated water, sleep in fire retardants, etc., etc. Maybe if the individual actually knew what was good for him, he would stop being a sucker.

          • Cornelius Carroll

            Exactly. Nothing wrong with making a profit but current practices are egregious. A company like KKR will come in and buy a company, not invest a dime in it… they might even change the actuarial assumptions for said company’s pension and take money out of it…. milk it until it’s dry, shut it down, and then move what they can overseas.

    • /k/ommando

      Personally I /like/ not being struck dumb, impotent, and insane from lead exposure.

      (Wanna see something interesting? Find a graph of crime in the US and chart how it trends from 1973 onwards, the year lead gasoline started being removed from the market)

      • sturm44

        Uh, it continued on its upward trajectory until peaking in 1991 & has now dropped by ~50-60% (for violent crime). The Freakonomics boys claimed that abortion was partly responsible due to the lack of new criminals in the 18-35 age range who commit most crimes. Perhaps both had some influence, though its hard to measure.

        • Ron Fox

          Maybe it took until 1991 for all of the lead fume induced poisoned psychopaths to die off. Then his comment makes perfect sense.

          • tts

            The lead particulates are persistent, staying around long after leaded gasoline has become nearly nonexistent in the soil and dirt. The constant traffic on the roads keeps putting these particulates back into the air. Gradually the amount of lead is going down in the cities but it is taking far longer than originally thought.

            The reason why the EPA is anal retentive about lead is because its a bio-accumulative heavy metal that stays in your body for many years and because it effects child development heavily.

          • jack

            you mean it accumulates in your body and affects your learning like flouride ?? EPA isn’t anal retentive about that crap.

          • PD MacGuire

            Lead paint is still pretty darned tasty. Of course you really have to look for it now.

          • Ron Fox

            Buy a die-cast car from china, they have lead paint

        • Cornelius Carroll

          I did very similar regressions to Levitt’s and, fwiw, abortion appears to have had a fairly strong influence on the reduction in crime rates.

        • Adam Weisshaupt

          Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc is a Fallacy folks.
          It doesn’t mean there is no causation, but correlation is not proof till all other possibilities have been eliminated.

        • musicologist

          So the violent crime rate peaked at the same time as Hair Metal, and has dropped 50-60% since the introduction of Grunge, which coincidentally began the near overnight evaporation of “hair bands”…..hmmmm…very interesting, indeed!

      • perlhaqr

        Yes, but this reply seems to presume that the plant in question had *no* environmental controls prior to this. Which seems improbable. I take your point about tetraethyl lead in gasoline, but just as the EPA has been doing to coal fired power plants through the years, this is very likely just an incremental increase in required scrubbing percentage.

        Going from scrubbing 10% of the lead from your smoke to 50% costs a certain amount. Going from 50% to 90%, even though it’s the same 40% jump, costs more. Going from 90% to 99% probably costs more than the previous 90% all together. And going from 99% to 99.9% costs that much again, and the net improvement is small.

        But the EPA has no good reason to even consider the cost, because they aren’t paying it. They get graded on how clean the smoke coming out of the plant is. They don’t get graded down for shutting off jobs.

        • M.M.D.C.

          “But the EPA has no good reason to even consider the cost…”

          Exactly, they have all the power, none of the accountability and we pay for it on both ends.

          Imagine the difference accountability would make.

        • tts

          Jobs are important but if you don’t have your health or if you have to hurt many other people as a consequence of keep your job it doesn’t matter.

          It should be noted too that many of these plant operators are well aware of what regs they’ll have to meet years before they’re required to do so. If they were responsible they’d have set aside some of their profits for the upgrade beforehand and probably been OK.

          The “EPA destroys jobs ’cause they don’t care” is a meme that was originally spread by the effected businesses as political cover…unfortunately it seems to have taken hold in many people’s minds.

          • Yellow Devil

            “It should be noted too that many of these plant operators are well aware of what regs they’ll have to meet years before they’re required to do so.”

            Really? So if you set up your own business, you are expected to know in the future what unelected bureacrat or clueless politican is going to pass in the next five, ten years?

          • noob

            they announce the regs with a roadmap and a rolling phase in plan, to avoid this sort of situation. it’s not perfect and spans presidential terms, but it is an effort to give business time to adapt.

          • DiscipleofYahushua

            You can’t adapt when mobsters finally start asking for more than you can give and stay in business. That is exactly what the EPA and every Federal Bureaucratic agency has been turned into a enforcement agency for insider globalist monopolists who use the power of centralized agencies/government to stifle and eventually eliminate competition from their Corporations.

          • Fried Crispy

            I would think the US government would be more interested in keeping the last of any Industry in the US open and just pay the cost themselves. We don’t have that kind of government obviously.
            Soon, we’ll see a tariff put on imported lead and an import ban on foreign produced ammunition.

          • FoxFirearms

            I agree. The Gov should help out with, or pay the cost of upgrading our US based plants, especially considering how much money we GIVE away in foreign aid every year.

          • tts

            I’m not even vaguely suggesting plant operators can or will tell the future.

            The regs are usually passed with the stipulation that plant operators be informed of their passage and effect years before they’re required to comply.

          • Paul Wesley Miracle

            Uh, did you not just read the article? Our last Lead smelter is closing down. Just as our coal plants are closing down. This is not going to help pollution ANY, it’s just going to send it to other countries that pollute more. If the EPA wants more environmental regulations they should help pay for such regulations and be concerned with keeping American jobs that are needed. We could easily be oil independent and we would pollute the planet a lot less then we do now. But no, then the muslim extremists won’t keep getting money so we can keep selling guns to them. Then our government won’t have an excuse to keep violating our rights.

            If this was really for the good of Americans, they’d be helping, not hurting. They’d be cleaning up the environment, not outsourcing it to pollute more.

          • LiveWithTwoEyesOpen

            This is not the last lead smelter in the US. At least, there are three secondary smelters in the US that i work for. The regulations do not come out all of a sudden although they become harder and harder to meet. It takes at least 4-5 years for a reg to be enforced and even when you are not in compliance you get a certain time to fight the claim or make running adjustments to yor facility.

          • Savage99

            No one’s talking about recycling. The gov’t doesn’t have a dog in the fight yet they dictate regardless of the consequences. It’s stupid.

          • Savage99

            You are so blind, you need to go soak your head. The regulations are B.S. For example, those “dangerous” cars from the 1990s that you drove and “survived” in, could not be built and sold today due to increasing regulatory requirements by the DOT and EPA which in turn adds thousands of dollars to the costs of production and ultimately the sticker price that we are stuck with. Like the other writer stated, going after that last 1% improvement is so stupid, yet we act like we’re doing something good. Where’s the value now? WTF good are we doing when the business is gone? Honestly?

        • wpjokari

          “Which seems improbable.”

          yes, understatement of the year, they’d already spent $30M on a fine system, but EPA envirowhackos wanted it gone.

        • crmitchell

          The Environmental Protection Act begins …….”Without regard to cost……”

          So why are we surprised?

      • Billca

        There’s no correlation there. Unless you maintain it took 20 years for the lead contamination to be reduced to “sane” levels.

        US Murder rate:
        1971 : 8.6
        1972 : 9.0
        1973 : 9.4
        1974 : 9.8
        1975 : 9.6
        Murder peaked at 10.2 in 1980, dropped down into the 8’s in the latter half of the 1980’s but climbed back through 1993, peaking at 9.5. Since 1993, murder and violent crime have been decreasing. Violent crime follows a similar pattern.

        • KM

          If I had to put anything on the jump in crime in the 70’s and 80’s, I would gravitate toward the feelgood generation of the era having millions of unwanted childen and those children having troubled and anti-social lives in gangs or petty crime. Or the tolls of the prior wars.

          • Billca

            So two theories are offered… lead toxicity in the environment and unwanted children. There are other theories for the spike in crime – from a surge in refugee immigrants (Vietnam, Cambodia, etc) to the rise in popularity of cocaine/crack cocaine with the drug gangs to the median population age. Proponents of each can show some interesting stats & graphs for support.

            But the one thing we know it isn’t is “easy availability” of firearms. Between 1968 and the 1990’s, they became heavily regulated (despite propaganda to the contrary), harder to buy, harder to own and much harder to use than at anytime in our history. Yet crime skyrocketed. That’s one reason “gun control” hasn’t worked to reduce crime.

            It’s not the guns, it’s the people.
            The ones prone to acting in unlawful, immoral, unethical and/or antisocial ways. It’s a lack of respect towards the person next to you (or walking down the street).

      • tincankilla

        its not just the US in the 70s, either, but crime drops about 20 years after govts start reducing lead exposure to the general population. St. Louis is near Herculaneum, btw.

    • Zapp Brannigan

      Go consume and breathe some truly toxic materials if you think the EPA is doing a bad job and should be eliminated. Show your support for poisoning the environment.

      Personally I don’t want to be poisoned on the job nor do I want Bhopal-type accident here in the US. Go find someone who worked in the chemical industry prior to the EPA. They will tell you horror stories about how dangerous working practices were as corporations didn’t care one bit about the harm they were doing to their workers.

      • alvin691

        Drop the strawman and logic flaws.

      • Paul Wesley Miracle

        We are merely outsourcing our polution to other countries that care even less about the environment. It doesn’t make sense for the EPA to be screwing our industries, just so some 3rd world country can do it with even more harm to the environment. Most the harm is put into the atmosphere so if it is done here, or in Saudia Arabia, it still affects us! We can do it safer, better, and more efficient if the EPA wasn’t making it impossible. This is not about clean air, it’s about ruining our economy. If it was they would be promoting bringing more mining/drilling in America so we could pollute less, not more.

      • Savage99

        Hey stop and think. Each nation’s government in this world today have no power, no control whatsoever over corporations. And it’s our own fault for giving them so much allowance. Corporations are global and can go anywhere they want to avoid your “punishment”. So who are the idiots when they pick up and move elsewhere? Enjoy your “super clean environment” while standing in line at the grocery store with your EBT card.

      • pgb412

        i am with you Zapp, this country needs to stop producing poisonous materials and make more effort to recycle what is already out there. i often hear about new inventions that will do exactly that, but then they drop off the radar. why is that? i am beginning to think the powers that be do not want us to be able to reclaim what we use. now why would that be?

    • GunTotingLib

      And fuck clean water and clean air. I like my water chunky and my air chewy.

    • woodgrain

      I say that all the time. My stains, sealers, and thinners are all turning into water from the EPA. If you want a nice piece of furniture, you can’t get that anymore since the stuff they sell now in Calif. to finish them with is crap!!!

  • flyingburgers

    The chart only tells part of the story because a huge amount of lead in the US comes from recycling, specifically from lead-acid batteries. According to the International Lead and Zinc Study Group, only 53% of worldwide lead production is mined.

    Anyway, the primary factor that drives the price of lead up isn’t environmental concerns, but demand. The demand for lead is the highest it’s ever been, thanks to demand for car batteries but also backup batteries for cell sites and data centers.

    • noob

      so was 444,000 metric tonnes of new lead per year from just one facility? since the recycled amount is 3 times that number?

      • flyingburgers

        The chart shows they dug up 444,000 mt of lead from the ground in the US. That does not correlate with how much lead was smelted in the US, nor does it show how much was recycled either.

    • ExAKMiner

      I used to work at Red Dog Mine in Alaska, which produces ~30% of the total US lead concentrate, about 120,000 metric tons per year. None of it has ever been smelted in the US. The part that China didn’t buy was sent to Trail, British Columbia or South Korea and smelted, then brought back into the US (after paying the smelting costs of course).

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Very interesting.

    • Drrock

      With 100 million gun owners, at one dollar apiece, crowd sourcing could easily cover these costs. Ammunition companies could add a voluntary tax of one-half cent per round for .22 or one cent per round for center-fire cartridges. Or make their own investment in the plant. Gun shows, shooting matches, and gun shops could collect voluntary contributions. Why? because this would spell the deathnell for casters and handloaders. Plus it would remove the last strategic source for lead in the US. Note that the cost of rare-earth metals was dictated by the Chinese. We don’t learn do we.

      • sixpack

        I’ll bet that’s exactly the intention with this—to further crunch the ammo possession by taking away the lead resources. Stopping local production and raising the prices for the materials are both effective ways to curb usage.

        This isn’t about the environment, is it?

        • Sir TuberKopf

          No it’s not about the environment……… OK, you all talked me into it, just ordered 40 more pounds of Rotometals “Hardball Casting Alloy”. It seemed like the thing to do!

      • Rick Smitz

        not about the environment , not about the cost of ammo, its about the taking over of the world and the US by a small percentage of the super rich federal reserve owners … take over a superpower without firing a single shot

  • Martin M

    It’s worse than you think. Doe Run Co. built a new smelter (called Glover) at Annapolis Mo. It was situated closer to the mine in Viburnum and electricity from Tom Sauk. It was shuttered in 2003. They have been exporting much of the lead concentrate to China and Peru (where Doe Run has operations) to be smelted into pure lead.

    There is a recycling smelter in Boss Mo., but they are limited by the EPA to only 150,000t a year. Lead is easy to recycle, but the EPA’s regulations are the real hurdle.

    • Bill Jarett

      Look up what the EPA regulations did to the led acid battery recycling business- transferred it to Mexico.

      • Adam Weisshaupt

        How long will it take for the Lefties to figure out the voted in an America-hating anti-white racist hell bent on destroying American institutions, the American Economy, and the American way of life? Then how long will it take for them to figure out that was a BAD idea? My guess is when they are starving in the streets and the people they voted to hold at govt so they could morally masturbate about what good people they are with other people’s stuff refuse to help them. But maybe not even then…

      • Timothy

        Following the governmental logic of “protecting” the world,why is the production allowed to move offshore If it’s so toxic to the “environment”? I’ve also wondered about the ban on lead paint.It seems to me that it would make a good barrier on our walls that could have protected us from all the toxic energy beaming through our homes from cellphone towers etc..The whole excuse behind the ban was that babies were chewing on crib railings and getting lead poisoning. So why didn’t they simply ban lead in paint used on baby furniture? The more we find out,the more we realize the extent of the grand plan over the past two hundred years. Murder,intimidation,collusion,conspiracy…you name it.

        • Bill Jarett

          They have done the same thing with the led battery recycling business by recently raising EPA standards while Mexico still has the previous US standards and now the battery recycling business.

  • MattTX

    Only the EPA would think *one* smelter could ruin our air from sea to shining freakin’ sea.

  • Aaron E

    We’re America, we’re too nice to have dirty jobs. We’d prefer to have more cell phone, social media, and computer jobs. We’ll just let our enemies do all that manufacturing and other dirty stuff. That makes sense, right?!

    • Ron Fox

      Exactly! The sooner we can make the jump from a manufacturing based to service based economy the better. Than our manicures won’t get ruined as quickly

    • bbmg

      You give women the vote, and BAM! After a few decades…

      • Adam Weisshaupt

        Yep. As a group, they want security above all else. All of these so called-feminists immediately voted to turn the Govt into a surrogate husband responsible for providing for them, up to and including free condoms. I am woman! Hear me roar as I cash my govt check. Hear me whine as I am too weak minded to handle an offensive joke or ask for a raise in the office. Hear me demand special benefits and treatment because I am inherently inferior to men and can’t compete on a even playing field. Easy fodder for the Left’s Victim-slave mentality.

  • Stormridercx4

    Well there goes the Pious, oops I mean Prius down the rathole.

  • Edgar Castelo

    You’re governed by TRAITORS.

  • Axbent

    Sandy Hook got a grant for 49 million to tear down a school, but this place can’t get a grant to stay in business!?

  • perlhaqr

    Prediction: A Chinese company will purchase the plant lock, stock, and barrel, and ship everything but the environmental scrubbers to China to be reassembled and put into production.

    Net result: Lost jobs here, more pollution worldwide.

    • Diane

      This is exactly what happened in Wales. Brymbo steel made the steel for components in the Saturn 5 launchers. Under Thatcher, it was closed 500 workers were laid off and the whole factory was shipped to China (along with the technology) Where we live now about 15 years ago General Semiconductor had a plant here near Macroom with 1000 people employed, within six months the factory was closed and the whole production floor moved to Taiwan. Do not think that this is only happening in the US, it is a global phenomenon.

    • P3warrior

      There is and was no evidence of pollution from this facility. This was a clear back door way to eliminate ammo supply chain.
      Wake up you fools that up voted this insipid post. This was a reputable producer of lead. You think ammo is in short supply now?
      Watch the next move of EPA when they BLOCK the import of lead from off shore producers.

  • Matt Ware

    Yeah, so much better to ship all the lead overseas to be smelted where it’s just as dirty.

    • Suburban

      Plus, the lead is now being transported hundreds of miles, and then back. Good thing that those ships are powered by magic and lead isn’t very heavy.

  • zeos

    how will we ever transmute lead into gold if we are outsourcing all of our lead smelting?

  • smartacus

    Lithium Ion Bullets charge faster and don’t have memory

    • garyolson

      But they will catch on fire at 22,000 ft; or a hot Texas summer.

  • BryanS

    I wonder how much GE or another big lobbyist has in Chinese lead smelting? They are fond of shutting down plants here to move over to China where the environmental restrictions are very lax.

  • smartacus

    news flash
    Once the EPA succeeds in its mission to shut down private industries; the state run industries will not be held to the same sanctimonious standards:

  • B.J.D

    This is insane.

  • Rob Edwards

    This will lead to the same supply shortages seen in WW2 with rubber. A lot of things we use contain lead.

    • Element90

      Yeah watch the cost of car batteries go up to $200.

  • Steve Rogers

    More EPA socialism, we need to take back America from the socialist commie bastards in DC, don’t vote’em out, blow’em out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ratcraft

    Gee golly greentards, I wonder what the carbon footprint is to export that lead and then reimport it? It must still be smelted, so all you dong nosed fools did was create more use of fossil fuel… Ididots

    • JimmyMackChicago

      This comment explains liberal thinking
      and government interference perfectly. I have said for years that, if
      you take the stated goal of most liberal, do-gooder, government policies
      or programs, and envision the opposite outcome, invariably, that is
      what you will get. “War on poverty”, gun control, etc., etc. The
      government has the Midas Touch in reverse; everything they touch turns
      to s#%t.

      • Ratcraft

        Yep, it’s all that education.

    • circadia

      It’s classic liberal NIMBY mentality. As long as they don’t have to see it, it doesn’t exist.

    • bob

      So what is the alternative here? Should we match the environmental “standards” of places like China so that we can turn our country into a shithole to match theirs? Or maybe their people should take a stand and demand a clean environment, too?

      • Ratcraft

        Pollution is pollution, is this smelter a shithole now? No. It is just more EPA over reach killing our better paying jobs for shits sake. We will get the lead back, cheaper than we can smelt it here, same shit they did with steel. Know any steel workers? Not anymore you don’t!

      • Very Conservative

        What the tree huggers fail to realize that if they buy into this whole Global warming and saving the earth crap that it would take the cooperation of every country. By only making america shut things down and regulate it to death they are not even making a dent in their fictional problem. There is still a need so the manufacturing or drill or mining or making only gets moved to another part of the world. It’s still on the planet!! They act like they made them move to the moon or some crap. So they are destroying America for no good reason. Its insane!

        • Adam Weisshaupt

          Leftists are unconcerned with results., They got what they wanted when they got to impose their ideas on others. It makes them feel all warm inside. The actual outcome is irrelevant. What they feel is important are their “good” intentions- its what makes them better than you you see, and there is nothing more important than being superior and forcing your enlightenment on others as govt gun point.

  • James Elliott

    Mining has been declining for years in the U.S. and the radical environmentalists never ever come up with solutions to the “problems” we face in our evolution. Sadly, these people who have depended on these jobs will have to find other avenues. The debate about lead in ammo is still raging with no immediate resolution. As for the EPA, accountability is an issue, and one that should be addressed.

  • PatrickHenry1789


  • Freedomnomics

    For those commenting on how abortion decreased US crime rates (perpetuated via the book “Freakanomics”), take a look at John Lott’s book “Freedomnomics”, which completely obliterated their argument, and showed (with statistical significance) that concealed carry led (no pun) to the decrease in crime in the 90’s. Plus a bunch of other great stuff…highly recommend it.

  • Limonata

    Coming to something near you or that you use……higher prices! There is a fallacy of safety because countries like China do not care. The democrats may be all about being green but zero regard for jobs or the cost of manufacturing or living. BS like this only raises costs and moves jobs offshore. The tree huggers will blame corporate greed, but you can only chew on profits from regulation and mandates so much and then companies will move. Companies do not pay taxes, the taxes and regulations are pass onto us every single day. We will pay, and pay and pay all in the name of safety with no result or benefit.

    • Very Conservative

      Agreed! Not to mention the tree huggers fail to realize that if they buy into this whole Global warming and saving the earth crap that it would take the cooperation of every country. By only making america shut things down and regulate it to death they are not even making a dent in their fictional problem. There is still a need so the manufacturing or drill or mining or making only gets moved to another part of the world. It’s still on the planet!! They act like they made them move to the moon or some crap. So they are destroying America for no good reason. Its insane!

  • keith

    Notice Mexico at number 4? Not as long a haul as Oz or China. Check the list again in two years, Mexico will be at 300000 metric tons

  • buzzman1

    This was just another exaple of the EPA trying to destroy america. I go to a gunsmith whose family own a very large quarry until the early 80’s. The quarry had to shut down because the EPA said it needed a $1,000,000’s of environmental upgrades to protect the watershed. This was dispite the fact that the quarry already had the things the EPA wanted and had never had any kind of accident or discharge of run off water in theover 40 years of operations. The EPA said that the safeguards werent adequate. He told me his dad looked at the inspectors and said “This has nothing to do with environmental protection does it”. The EPA inspectors just grinned and walked off. Closing this plant has nothing to do with saving the environment.

    • Bill Jarett

      His competition sent them to shut him down.

    • William556

      This how the EPA operates. They’ll give an industry or even a specific site a certain target to meet. As the outfit nears the goal, the EPA moves the goalposts further away with more regulations. Then they do it again and again until the outfit folds as happened here. They’ve already killed a number of wood pellet burning power plants which only a few years before where the darlings of the greens, until they were ready to go online when suddenly they were more evil than coal.

      Lots of industry has been lost due to the EPA and they are even targeting farms and other agriculture as well.

      • buzzman1

        Try finding a steel plant in America now. Even the cleanest iron smelters in the world can’t meet standards. The Chinese bought up all of our steel mills and sent them to china. The parts they couldn’t use they sent to china also to melt down.
        For years the EPA has tried to shut down the poultry industry by frequent heavy handed standard changes for everything from facility hygiene to chicken fecal waste disposal. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Cntry Grt Gvt sks

    Did anyone notice this plant has been in business for 120yrs. If this plant is so much of an environmental hazard with the regulations they currently have, wouldn’t we have already known about it. With the media today if people were getting sick it would have been reported already. Closing this plant is just more Government control that we do not need.

  • 1crazymf

    Just another loss of manufacturing for the dying America

  • Bill Jarett

    Another victim of the fraud of “free” trade that gives America a yearly -$788 BILLION trade deficit, driving down the standard of living and threatening our national security in the process.

    • squareWave

      Yep. That’s because there’s nothing “free” about competing with what is essentially a slave economy (China).

      Same with the illegal aliens. How are you supposed to compete with people who are content to live with 10 people in a 1 BR apartment?

  • Bon still has 3 lead smeltering facilities in the U.S.

    • E Morgan Schuster

      Yes. They call themselves a secondary smelter. I assume that means they do not process ore – only recycle.

  • Bill Jarett

    Why aren’t the new regulations deemed an illegal “takings” and thus require the Federal Government to buy the company out our grandfather them? These regulations are nothing more than thinly disguised eminent domain.

    • Adam Weisshaupt

      Because the Republic and Government that would protect your rights no longer exists. The Constitution and the Bill of rights are dead. The rule of law is dead. The principle of the Separation of Powers is not even understood by 1/2 of the populace. 1/2 of the people think they live in a Democracy, where the mob can freely persecute, steal from and violate the rights of the minority, and freely and openly state that they see other people as property of the state run by this Mob- to be used, sacrificed, indentured, enslaved or killed for the State’s agenda and as the State sees fit. Only its not fascism, because they don’t like to call it that. “Gemeinnutz geht vor eigennutz”

  • jay6

    The EPA is a big part of the communist takeover. The “greens” are really reds…

    • Douglas R. Dexter

      thus the term “watermelons”

      • William556

        Haven’t heard that one in ages but it is more true now than ever before.

  • crossbow

    So tell me EPA supporters what are doing about Chemtrail pollution of the air?

    • E Morgan Schuster

      They changed the name to Geo-engineering….which makes it all good…NOT!

    • Tony R.

      There is no “chemtrail” pollution. This ridiculous conspiracy theory can be demonstrated to be false six ways from Sunday, except to people who are ignorant of physics.

  • sixpack

    Miners should stop producing lead ore in protest. ALL mining should come to a halt until the plants and jobs are restored. People need to remember that most of production work is inter-twined with other labor. WE ALL need to stand up.

  • E Morgan Schuster

    Make a list of every Green Communist you know and steal the balancing weights on their wheels. Great source of lead for casting bullets and very irritating as a bonus. While riding in their cars, make an effort to comment on the vibration and prompt them to get their wheels balanced – so you can steal them again.

    • Very Conservative

      I do not believe they still use lead weights on tires. At least it is very rare. Almost all states have adopted the EPA’s National Lead Free Wheel Weight Initiative and most vedors no longer sale them as well.

      • E Morgan Schuster

        Global Industrial sells them. The tire stores in my area still use them. However, most auto manufacturers ship their cars with steel weights from the factory for the last several years.
        The reality is the government does not care about the environment or our safety. If they did, we would not be using depleted uranium munitions.
        How about depleted uranium wheel weights? Don’t think they won’t.

  • Dumb ND Plowboy

    Makes sense to me. ATF starts the ban on monolithic copper bullets (Look up ban on Barnes Banded Solids), ya know for the governments safety. The EPA shuts down our only lead plant for making bullets cost effectively. So their strategy is to say the only bullets you can get are solid copper, which they are deeming some illegal now, or purchase ammo components from china. So we are going to rely on a Communist country to provide ammo components. Boy, I bet the chinese quality is going to be awesome and the availability is going to be flowing off the shelves. And I bet the price will come falling down, sure. This is the problem when China gets too strong, they steer our regulation agencies to de-industrialize their US competitors and now, they get the bonus of helping disarm the American public.

    • Adam Weisshaupt

      Well, they did buy the US Government via treasuries. We do what they say or the Dollar is done tomorrow, as they dump their holding on the market all at once. But don’t worry about that debt. The government can go one spending forever, because its “money we owe ourselves!” – the implication being its fine if we never pay it back. Its fine if China gets screwed right? Nothing bad will come of that? Oh, don’t want a dollar crash. I guess we won’t be paying SSI or Medicare/Medicaid ( which combined current account for 2/3 of govt spending and the Boomers are just now retiring.) All told, we need 200 TRILLION over the next 50-60 years to keep those programs solvent. Anyone think we can get it? Govt just collected a record 2.77 Trillion in taxes this year and govt spending is the largest component of GDP, the entire economy is on life support ( or being supplied with crack cocaine to keep it happy if you prefer) so no, you can’t cut it ( quickly) without disastrous effects on the economy. There is only one possible outcome folks, but I will leave the math exercise to the reader.

  • jjwashere

    Where’s the bail out money for this? Why are GM and Ford so privilaged?

    • For God And Country

      Obviously has to do with ammunition production and pricing. DHS and other Goobermint agencies have purchased 2.5 BILLION rounds of ammunition already, and have ordered more ontop of that, to suck up the supply. In california, you now need a license or permit and a background check to buy ammo. Land of The Coward. Home of The Slave.

  • b-rad!

    I wish the people in this country would get there head out of there butts! there raping use an taking everything that made this country great an selling it to other countrys. they work for less an they get to put more money in ther pockets! thats all its about!

  • Winghunter

    What Is Obama’s Gun Control Agenda?
    “I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

  • Adam Weisshaupt

    Gee, its not like this administration would have purposely made up these regulations to make ammo more expensive. That is like thinking they would change regulations on coal to make electricity more expensive. I can’t wait till they collapse the dollar and the morons who voted for this stuff are starving in the streets like the dogs they are.

  • Baal


  • ericpearson

    If Americans would stop voting with their pen and pc and start voting with their money none of the current problems would exist, period. It? amazes me that so many people talk about how it’s obvious our votes don’t count for anything with our current system of corruption in our govt, yet they bother to see how what they spend money on and where they place their money is the EXACT reason we’re in this mess.
    You can read more about this at:

  • Clay Cooper

    Obama will use his Arms importation ban to include the use of lead for ammunition, you watch!

  • aerostar

    I get a lot from people that we (the immigrants) stole all your jobs here in the United States, and my answer is always like “No, I didn’t steal your job, you give up yours!”, as shown in this story.

  • tallgrass05

    The EPA standards were finalized and published in the Federal Register in 2008. Who was the president back then, and during the long time it took for such a ruling to be formulated and finalized?

  • Lloydl333

    No ammo, No resistance when Obama declares he is King.

  • Mazryonh

    I don’t get it; if fossil fuel independence is a goal worth pursuing for America, why not “important mineral” independence too? What happens if China flips America the bird (perhaps in a wartime or embargo situation) and the cheapest supply of tungsten, lead, and rare earth metals is cut off?

    I hope some forward-thinking minds mothballed this facility in case it proves of “strategic” use some day.

    What about TMJ lead ammunition? Do those help keep lead out of the environment better than conventional lead ammo?


    This is what happen to Geneva Steel in Utah. We actually saw train cars coming in with China written on them and they carried off all the steel plants stuff and shipped it to China.

  • truthseeker53

    And the sheeple keep electing dimocrats.

  • mattmo79

    Progressives want Americans unarmed, as they continue to setup their take over of our country.

  • pissed

    Yeah lets worry bout lead and not chemtrails or Fugashima radiation…. Very fishy timing wise too !!! Yeah Fuck the EPA!!!